An Introduction

an introductionFor the past couple of days I’ve been thinking about creating a blog to document my reading moving into 2017 that goes beyond quick updates on either my Twitter or Goodreads  I have always really enjoyed reading and for a couple of years I was a regular visitor at my local library and read my way through any and all of the books that sparked my interest. Back then I didn’t know about the book community that exists today (I am not sure if there was a community about ten years ago) and so I just read whatever sparked my interest without being influenced by the hype surrounding a book.

Then I slowly found myself discovering that there is a place for book lovers like myself and I created my Goodreads account in August of 2012. I’ve participated in every reading challenge since I joined the website with some years ending up being more successful than others. Sometimes things just get in the way and you can’t read as much as you would like. I am still learning to be okay with this – it might just take me longer than I want it to though. And I still need to learn to deal with that too. My impatience is one of my bad habbits I need to work on.

After Goodreads I somehow found my way to the booktube community and a few months or maybe a year later I found my way to the bookstagram community and I have been pretty hooked on the social media aspect of reading ever since. I guess me creating this website and the connecting Instagram account is my way of coming full circle with my love for reading and participating in the community.

I am going to end this very first entry with a bit of information about myself. My name is Swetlana, I was born in Russia but raised in Germany. I am 27 years old and I absolutely love the English language. I made an active effort to continue using the English language even after I was first done with school and have been using English as my primary language on every social media website I have used since 2006. I read all of my books in English and watch tv shows or movies in English too – that’s how much I love the language!

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