Introduction Nr. 2

Say it loud! (10)I’m the other person on here running it alongside Swetlana. How I actually came to reading is a funny but kind of ironic story, because I wasn’t much into reading during my teenage years but since 2014 I found my love for books. But back when I was younger, like Swetlana mentioned in her post, there wasn’t much of a book community out there as much as it is now. Nowadays there is a community about pretty much anything you can think of.

Then I found my way through discovering which kind of books I like to read and then I kinda went from there. From contemporary to fantasy(sci-fi). What I love about reading is that you have your own imagination which means if someone else reads the same book they see it in a completely different way and I think that’s beautiful. It creates this sense of fantasy in our minds in which we create the worlds, the characters and the structure of the story in our minds. That’s probably my favorite thing about reading.

Later on after I also found the booktube community I learned about the different genres, authors and books that are out there and that made me want to read even more books and most importantly more diverse stories and characters because we live in a diverse world why shouldn’t books/authors follow suit in some way or another? I think that’s really important and something I hope will become more popular amongst authors and writers out there.

You can find me on twitter and goodreads as well.

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