New Releases: January 2017

january releasesI’m sure many of us readers have set ourselves some bookish resolutions for the upcoming year and I’m sure a good amount of us want to read more – hopefully more diverse too (I know that is one of my resolutions for 2017). I figured it would be a good idea to start off each month this year with a list of releases for that particular month. Here is this month’s list, including two diverse books! 

Up first on my list is Alexandra Bracken’s conclusion to her Passenger duology Wayfarer which comes out today, 3rd January 2017! I haven’t read a book by Alexandra Bracken so far but I have heard so, so many great things about her books from many different people in the community and I figured I would include it for that reason. Hopefully this is going to motivate me to pick up one of her books sooner rather than later!

25613472Next on my list with a release date of 10th January 2017 is Robin Roe’s A List Of Cages which is the first diverse book on my list.

A quick synopsis: Adam, a senior in High School, serves as an aide to the school psychologist and gets tasked to track down a junior student who keeps dodging the psychologist. Turns out, said student is Julian – Adam’s foster brother who he hasn’t seen in five years.

That is about all I want to know about this book, to be honest. I am really excited for this one and can’t wait to read it when it comes out next week!

30139283The second diverse book is Adam Silvera’s second novel History Is All You Left Me, featuring gay characters. I have seen so many different people praise this book but also Adam Silvera in general, that I decided to check out what this book is all about and was intrigued by the idea, so I am including it on here. History Is All You Left Me is being released 17th January 2017!

This book follows Griffin who has lost his first love in a drowning accident in the past and at the same time follows Griffin and his boyfriend Jackson in the present as Griffin deals with the events of his past in order to rebuild his future.

As with A List Of Cages, that is about all I want to know about the plot of this book – I’ve also heard from booktubers who have reviewed Adam’s previous books that it is best to go into them as blind as possible, so that’s what I am going to do.

27883214I feel like this month is giving us some really, really beautiful covers with it’s releases! And Stephanie Garber’s Caraval – the first book in the Caraval duology– sure doesn’t disappoint! Honestly, look at that cover design! This book comes out at the very end of the month on 31st January 2017!

Goodreads has a short and sweet synopsis for this book, that I am going to include here because I once again feel like that should be all we know going into this book:

“Welcome, welcome to Caraval—Stephanie Garber’s sweeping tale of two sisters who escape their ruthless father when they enter the dangerous intrigue of a legendary game.” 

There is more detail in the synopsis after this paragraph, but I think it might take away from the nature of the story knowing more.

29772863Last but not least, we have a new release by Marissa Meyer: her first graphic novel! Wires and Nerve follows my beloved Iko on an adventure as she hunts down the leader of a rogue wolf-hybrid pack who are threatening the peace between Earth and Luna. Sounds like one hell of an adventure to me, I can’t wait. And to make things even better: we are also reunited with members of the Rampion Crew in this graphic novel that is being released on 31st January 2017 too.

I am a big fan of The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer and one of her books also made it onto my Top 5 Books of 2016 list (coming your way tomorrow!), so to get to revisit these characters again in this graphic novel is going to be so much fun and a new reading experience for me – this will be my first graphic novel! I can’t wait to see if I end up liking this form of reading and what comes after in terms of me persuing more graphic novels!

What are some of your most anticipated releases of January 2017? Let us know!

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