Review: The Assasin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas

Say it loud! (8)Hey Everyone, here we are with another review! My first one on here so it’s kind of a special thing, don’t you think?

So, since I’ve been reading this book for a while now I decided to write an extensive review for it. This will not be entirely spoiler free. I really want to go in depth with this one because I want to talk about the content and the story. How everything that happened before the first book affects what happens later on.

Before I really start.. these are just my overall thoughts. I won’t be discussing actual events too much just briefly talking about characters we meet and certain events without giving too much away if you haven’t read this book yet.

The reason I decided to read this book before going into Empire of Storms is that there’s content in TAB that comes into play in EOS and I wanted to be prepared for that knowing everything before getting started with the latest book.

We meet new characters in this novella, at least they’re new to me because I didn’t know going into the Throne Of Glass series that there were novellas so I started reading this one after I finished Queen of Shadows. So for me it’s really cool getting to know what happened before Celaena started out in the first book of the series and also meeting the new characters.

From reading Throne Of Glass we know that Sam Cortland is a very important person in Celaena’s life and plays a lot into the kind of person she is and how the events of The Assasin’s Blade changed her. Particularly in this book we get to know more about their relationship and how they know each other. Obviously both of them work for Arobynn, their master. Them growing closer and slowly connecting in a way that they haven’t before really foreshadows their impending relationship. I really enjoyed their dynamic in this book. As I said knowing what happens further down the line makes me really feel and understand what Celaena is going through in the other books.

I also enjoyed getting to know Arobynn and the sort of person he is and how exactly Celaena ended up working for him and ultimately being indepted to him. Arobynn is a very interesting character. It’s this thing where you don’t know if you trust him or not. He’s quite unpredictable in that way.

Another highlight for me is Celaena’s and Ansel’s friendship. I really enjoyed reading their chapters – even when later on Ansel makes a decision that threatens to tear their friendship apart, Celaena doesn’t give up on her and gives her a second chance.

Last but not least Yrene also plays a big part in this book. I really enjoyed it when Celaena helped her in a tough situation and it’s this thing where these two women aren’t pitted against each other or put into competition with one another because nowadays that sadly does happen quite often. It shows that women don’t have to resent each other but instead can be encouraging and supportive. They have a really great moment in their chapters. I think people who haven’t read this book might really enjoy that.

Rating: 5 Stars. My overall thoughts about this book are fairly positive. I really enjoy Sarah’s writing in particular because the way she crafts a story is just so good.

Let me know your thoughts about this book! (If you read it). And if you haven’t read it yet tell me what you’re currently reading below in the comments. I’d love to find new books to read for my never ending TBR, haha. You know how it is.


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