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us vs uk coverI was visiting my sister earlier today and we had been talking about books and my blog and I asked if she wanted to do a quick tag and decide between the US and UK covers of different books – and she agreed! I had originally planned on doing this tag myself, but I think it’s more fun to get her in on this too!




Round 1: The Mortal Instruments US vs. UK Covers


The winner for this was the UK Edition of The Mortal Instruments! And to be completely honest, I probably wouldn’t have been able to choose between these two editions – they are both stunning! I love the character portrayals on the US editions and adore the bright colors and simplistic design of the UK editions!

Round 2: Throne Of Glass US vs UK Cover


My sister’s favorite for this one was also the UK Edition of Throne of Glass! Unlike my sister, I don’t have a clear favorite for this one. I actually own Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight and Heir of Fire in the US editions and then everything up from Queen of Shadows in the UK editions (I own the series in paperback and didn’t want to wait ages for the US edition paperbacks to come out)!

Round 3: A Darker Shade of Magic US vs UK Cover


And again, my sister picked the UK Edition, this time of A Darker Shade of Magic! This is the first time my sister and I disagreed when it comes to cover design as the US edition is my favorite for sure!

Round 4: Heartless US vs UK Cover


My sister’s first reaction when she saw this cover was ‘Hey! That’s the book I gave you for Christmas!’ and then she picked the US Edition of Heartless as her favorite! And I think I have to disagree with her on this one too, actually. I adore the US copy of Heartless so, so much but there is just something about the white background of the UK edition that appeals to me a little bit more!

Round 5: Caraval US vs UK Cover


Again, my sister went with the US Edition of the Caraval cover and I couldn’t agree more with her on this one. I have spent so much time just staring lovingly at this cover (I have finished this book already but it’s still in my bed, next to me, right now. That’s how deep my love goes with this one)! BUT. The UK edition is the one with the split spine color and GOOD LORD is that a gorgeous spine. AND then once you take the dust jacket off? There are four different designs on the naked book  (that’s an Amazon link). And you get ONE out of FOUR. I am very, very tempted to order the UK edition, not gonna lie.

Round 6: Divergent US vs UK Cover


For this one, my sister went the UK Edition of Divergent! And I have to disagree with my sister on this one. I’m not really a fan of the UK editions choice of colors and the feel of the cover – I prefer the US edition. Maybe it’s because I am so used to that cover for the book.

Round 7: The Hunger Games US vs UK Cover


My sister first reaction when she saw the covers for this book was: ‘I don’t like either cover!’ but then she said the US Edition of The Hunger Games was the one she would choose if she had to. And I agree with her 100% on that one. I love the really simplistic style of the US covers a lot!

Final Round: Delirium US vs UK Cover


Once again, my sister decided on the US Edition of a cover, this time of Delirium! And I have to agree with her! I definitely prefer the US covers of the trilogy over the UK covers. I almost feel like the UK editions make it seem like this might be a cute contemporary rather than a dystopian on first glance and that is quite misleading. Not that the US covers screams ‘I am a dystopian novel!’ either, but it also doesn’t feel like a contemporary to me.

Okay, let’s see how my sister decided in the battle between US and UK covers! My sister gave 4 points to the US covers and 4 points to the UK covers. It’s a tie!

I actually had a bit of a difficult time coming up with ‘enough’ covers for this post, because I didn’t know which books were sold with different covers in the UK. But that actually made researching for this post fun!

Which covers would you choose to give the points to? Are there some great covers I missed that my sister should take a look at? Please let me know in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Tag: US vs. UK Cover

  1. I have the Delirium series (UK version) in paperback and they look so pretty on my shelf! (I kinda agree that they slightly don’t match the story though – the first novel’s cover especially)


    1. I would definitely pick a pretty looking cover/spine for my shelves too! I’m actually tempted to get the UK edition of Caraval for the spine alone (and then the beautiful design under the dust jacket!)!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I really loved these comparisons! My personal favorite is that white Heartless cover. There’s just something about it, right?!

    Also I’m glad your sister seems to enjoy our blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I love that cover! I also let her see the Owlcrate exclusive which has the white background with the same design as the US cover otherwise, but she didn’t seem to like that one.

      My sister actually reads most posts I think and she’ll send me screenshots of how horrible Google translates things. xD


    1. Right? and with VE Schwab I’ve noticed that they all go together so nicely (at least the ones she publishes as VE Schwab, rather than Victoria)! Being a part of the community always makes me wanna buy multiple editions of books – especially if they have beautiful covers!

      Liked by 1 person

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