Get To Know Me Tag (Part 2)

Say it loud! (15)Since Swetlana has already done this tag I figured I’d join in on the fun especially since I am co-owner of this blog and I also want you guys to get to know more about me other than what books I like to read. Which is just one thing out of many that I love spending my time with.


Name: Sandra4womtkqh
 Everyone just calls me Sandra tbh
Birthday: September 25th
Star Sign: Libra
Occupation: I’m doing an apprenticeship (where I go to school and also go to work) and I really enjoy it. It’s a lot of work but my coworkers and I get along so well.


Hair Color: I died my hair dark brown a few years ago and it stayed that way ever since.
Hair Length: Past shoulder-length
Eye Color: Green (Although some people think that I have blue eyes)
Best Feature: This is gonna sound weird but I love my hands?
Braces: I used to wear braces years ago
Piercings: Don’t have any
Tattoos: Maybe someday if the right idea comes to mind. I actually like the idea of just one small tattoo that has a lot of meaning.


Real Holiday: The trip me and my family went on a couple of years ago to Romania (My mom is from there) is something I will always remember
Best Friend: From like elementary school but we drifted apart ever since I then went to a different school than her.
Award: None.
Sport: I used to love swimming a lot but since I work most of the time it got kind of pushed aside. It wasn’t anything proffesional just for fun tho.


TV Show(s): Shadowhunters (DUH!), Criminal Minds, Suits, Lucifer, One Day At A Time, Black Mirror, Mr Robot and so on. But those are the main shows that come to my mind.
Color: purple
Song: I’m constantly jumping between favorite songs but Castle On The Hill by Ed Sheeran is one of my many current favorites
Restaurant: There’s a greek Restaurant we’ve been going to for years now. Always a favorite. I just loove greek food!
Shop: Media and Book Stores
Books: Harry Potter series, Throne of glass series, The Fault In Our Stars
Shoes: The boots I’m wearing all the time atm. It’s not a popular brand tho.


Feeling: Really good about everything
Single or Taken: single
Eating: Had breakfast 3 hours ago.
Thinking About: Reading some more of Six Of Crows that I’m currently reading and will be reviewing it on here too! So stay tuned for that.
Watching: I’ve been having a youtube catch up on PointlessBlog and Zoella. Been watching their videos for years now.


Want Children: At the moment: No.
Want To Be Married: Someday.
Careers In Mind: Honestly I just wanna stay in the place I work at right now


God: No
Miracles: I believe things happen for a reason. Wether they are miracles is left to imagination.
Love At First Sight: I think you can be infatuated with someone based on their looks or something but no I don’t think you can love someone without knowing them
Ghosts: No. Although there are creepy things that have happened but still.
Aliens: Humans and Animals can’t be the only species in this Universe right? I do think that there is something out there. Wether they’re Aliens – I don’t know but.
Soul Mates: In fictional stories yes.
Heaven: I don’t know
Hell: No
Kissing On The First Date: If it feels right – why not?!
Yourself: I’m trying to do that more

I’m tagging YOU who is reading this! You can leave a link to your post in the comments below because I would love to read it and interact with you guys more!

P.S: I’m really flattered with all of the likes and comments you guys have been leaving on our posts. It really means a lot. I’m doing this sort of thing for the first time so it’s great to get positive feedback!

You can find me on Twitter over at @rattlingstar and on Tumblr @magnusalecss

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