3 Series I Haven’t Finished (Yet)

3 series i havent finishedUPDATE: Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that I might not be as active with commenting on posts and writing posts for the next few days as I ended up with a cut across my middle finger and I need to have it bandaged up for a few days a least!

I recently shared my Top 10 Series I’ve Finished Part 1 and Part 2 with you and as I was looking at all the series I had finished over the years, I realized that there are three series (for the aesthics of this post: lets ignore that Red Queen has a forth book coming out in 2018) that are complete(ish) but I haven’t finished, yet. I thought I would share those with you today!


Sara Raasch‘s Snow Like Ashes Trilogy thrusts us into a world in which the Kingdom of Winter was conquered and enslaved. It’s people? Left without magic in world full of it and without a monarch. All hope isn’t lost quite yet though! A group of eight survivors managed to escape and has been biding their time, waiting for the perfect moment to  steal back Winter’s magic and rebuild it’s kingdom. Well, the time has come and Meira makes it her mission to find the ancient locket that will bring back Winter’s magic.

I’ve read Snow Like Ashes and Ice Like Fire and absolutely loved both books! Frost Like Night was one of my most anticipated releases of 2016, but then school, life and other books got in the way and I still haven’t picked this book up! Which is a shame, really! I promise to actually finish this trilogy within the next couple of months. I need to know how things play out!


In her Red Queen series Victoria Aveyard created a world in which people are divided by the color of their blood: Reds and Silvers. Mare is a Red who has powers she shouldn’t have. Powers only the Silver blooded population has. When her powers are discovered, the palace introduces Mare as a long-lost Silver princess who is engaged to the prince.

I have once again read the first two books and enjoyed them quite a bit, but I have also seen a good amount of people say that the Red Queen series is filled to the brim with YA tropes which surely dampens the reading experience. That luckily hasn’t happened for me, because I haven’t read too many YA fantasies just yet, so I am excited to pick up King’s Cage (which I have mentioned in my February Releases post, btw) and see how things develop in the story and if my hatred for a certain someone continues to grow!


In A Thousand Pieces Of You, book one in Claudia Gray‘s Firebird Trilogy, we are introduced into a world where a group of brilliant physicists (our protagonist Marguerite’s parents and their assistant Paul) have developed a device – the Firebird – that makes traveling between multiple universes reality. Marguerite’s father gets killed and his killer – assistant Paul – manages to disappear into a different universe before he can be taken into custody for his crime. Marguerite, unable to let her father’s killer leave, starts a race through the multiverses to catch him.

I read Ten Thousand Skies Above You really close to the release of A Million Worlds With You and actually thought I would pick up the final book shortly after it’s release in early November 2016, but again life, school and other books happened and I just never got around to it and now I am a bit worried I don’t remember much of TTSAY anymore which doesn’t make for a great reading experience, but this series did pick up for me with book two and I definitely want to know how Claudia Gray wraps her story up, so this book is on my TBR for the next couple of months for sure!

There we have it, three completed series I unfortunately haven’t finished quite yet but most definitely plan on! Have you read any of these books? Did you enjoy them? Please let me know and maybe share some much needed motivation to get me going!

PS: this post could’ve also easily been an ‘OMG! Look at these covers! They are so pretty!’ type of post (those words were basically jumping around my head the entire time), but can you blame me? Look at those covers!

7 thoughts on “3 Series I Haven’t Finished (Yet)

  1. At least you only own one! Imagine if you had the entire series? I usually don’t buy books in series unless I read the previous one and enjoyed it a lot. I am worried that I won’t like the book and then I’ll have thrown out my money! The only book I ever bought and ended up disliking was Thirteen Reasons Why which I actually ended up sending to Sandra because she hadn’t read it yet at the time.

    If I were to recommend you to start any of those series right now, it would definitely be Snow Like Ashes!

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    1. I feel like with the Firebird series it’s almost gotten to a point where I just wanna finish it? Because I don’t like leaving series unfinished (for the most part). You should definitely read Snow Like Ashes! I remember really enjoying both of the books I did read!

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