Review: A Darker Shade Of Magic by VE Schwab

review a darker shade of magicRemember, how a few weeks ago I posted about three popular series I wanted to give a try this year? Guess what, (I mean, you’ve read the title, so you already know)? I finished the first book in VE Schwab’s Shades Of Magic trilogy: A Darker Shade Of Magic! So, let’s jump into this review!

When I first started reading A Darker Shade Of Magic, I was a bit confused when things would start happening, because the first 100 pages are used to introduce us to the characters and the world before the story starts developing further. I wasn’t used to these kinds of character introductions, but then I learned that it’s typical for Victoria Schwab and it makes sense, actually. I finished those 100 pages and was already too attached to some of the characters and really curious about others. One of my earliest notes to myself was ‘Am I supposed to be this attached to Rhy??’. That thought popped up over and over again for the entirety of the book.cof

I feel like the way we were introduced to Kell, Rhy, Lila, Holland and even the Dane Twins made sure that we would care about them (for the most part) and want to know what happens to them. I found myself rooting for people I probably shouldn’t be rooting for and worried for others.

What really drove the story in A Darker Shade Of Magic was the characters and their relationships with each other. Kell and Rhy were such a great dynamic to read about and then we have Lila and Kell who worked off each other so well. There wasn’t much of a romance, but I think we might be heading in that direction in the next two books. Which I won’t mind, I quite enjoy their back and forth (because Lila isn’t one to take shit and I love it) and I can’t wait to see where this goes!

Now that I’m thinking about characters and relationships, can we please have more females introduced soon? I feel like apart from the Queen, Astrid Dane and Lila there are no other females and it’s weird.

Also, talking about relationships, are we going to put actual words to the little hints that we’ve been given about one of our characters? Because I would really like that!

cofI was honestly a bit worried if I would enjoy the traveling between different worlds aspect because I don’t have much experience with it, but I ended up really liking it! Schwab did a really great job of explaining how the magic worked, so that definitely helped a lot too! The magic was really interesting and at times dark and dangerous and it made for such great character moments towards the last third of the book!

Living in a world where magic isn’t distributed equally, you start wondering and questioning and making all these notes to yourself about things and then you get to say ‘YES!’ for picking up on things (I tend to miss a lot of hints while reading) and the pay off is so great. I can’t wait to see how we’ll deal with all of that in the next book!

Victoria Schwab did a great job of answering my questions while at the same time giving me more things to wonder about for the next book! I really liked the balance of that! I don’t feel like I got out of A Darker Shade Of Magic with more questions than I had before.

cofOne thing I didn’t expect was for the story to wrap up so nicely at the end? I kept wondering when Victoria would end the book and if it would be on this huge cliffhanger (which we had a good few of in chapters towards the end), but in the end it felt like the story could have been done at the end of A Darker Shade Of Magic, but it isn’t. And the synopsis for A Gathering Of Shadows sounds so exciting!

I ended up giving A Darker Shade Of Magic a 4-star rating on Goodreads (you can read my updates while reading here) and I would highly recommend you pick this book up! You’ll be able to marathon the entire trilogy too! A Conjuring Of Lights just came out!

4 thoughts on “Review: A Darker Shade Of Magic by VE Schwab

  1. I am so glad you liked this book! I usually despise the lengthy world introductions at the beginning of books but Schwab did it so well. She managed to describe the layered worlds and quirky characters and make you really invested in them before the real action even got started. It was amazing. Right now I have about 150 pages left of the third book and while I am desperate to find out how it concludes I don’t want to finish it because then, well, it will be over. I don’t want it to be over. =(

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    1. I remember being SO ATTACHED to the characters so early on, especially Rhy! Her world building was done SO well and I really enjoyed getting to experience the different Londons – I almost wish we had maps that showed where what was, because my sense of orientation SUCKS.

      Oh no! But I do know the feeling of wanting to finish the final book to know what happens, while at the same time not wanting to finish it, because what are you supposed to do after?

      Have you read the books as they were released? I won’t have been a part of the world for long by the time I finish book three (once amazon finally comes through with that preorder…), so I probably haven’t felt the pain as much (according to what I’ve read, there is supposed to be quite the cliffhanger at the end of AGOS and I can’t wait to get to it and find out what all this talk was about – but I still have about 300 pages to go) as readers who have been along the ride from day one! I hope the ending is everything you want it to be though!

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      1. I actually just discovered the series this January. The cover caught my attention and I find myself unable to not buy a book with an eye catching cover. I was very lucky to be able to plow through the first two books during one week in January. If I would have had to wait a year in between I may have lost it. Let me know what you think about the ending of AGOS…and Alucard. 😉

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        1. The US covers are quite the sight! I had seen them around a ton, seeing how so many people like the trilogy but never actually pulled the plug on buying them until this month – but for some reason, I got them in the UK edition.

          He is definitely growing on me and I have my suspicions about his past with a certain young royal. For both of them my first note seems to be about their sexuality and as the story unfolds, I am getting more and more curious to see if they have a shared history!

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