Top 5 Wednesday: Fictional Jobs You’d Want to Have

This week’s topic is quite interesting! You can find the topic’s for March right here. So without further ado let’s get into it.

A teacher at Hogwarts. 

I would teach Defense against the Dark Arts because it’s my favorite subject in the Harry Potter Universe. It would be fun to teach the students about the dark magic that is out there and how they can defend themselves because – contrary to Umbridges’ beliefs – it is important to know what’s out there and you never know when you might need it.

High Lady of the Night Court/Any Court in the ACOTAR!Universe.

I just love the concept of living in a place that is focused on a season/time of day (summer, winter, autmn, spring, night, day and dawn etc), that even the weather is always the same every day. I would definitely love to be the leader of any court in that universe. While reading the books I was so fascinated by that concept. Just living among different people, creatures and a different kind of nature. Being my own boss would be cool as well.


They basically investigate if there are any crimes done in relation to dark magic practise or misuse. It would be cool interrogating people, setting up trials and helping decide what their verdict would be.


I like the concept of having runes and being able to use them for pretty much anything. Although I don’t like the slightly racist, homophobic tendencies of the society of Shadowhunters – I would love to just fight demons with those awesome seraph blades! (The ones they use on the show in s2 look insane!) and also live in an Institute amongst other Shadowhunters.

Merchant (Six Of Crows).

I would make all kinds of deals with people in the barrel and make money and profit but without exploiting people’s lifes or using them to gain more power. I would support anyone that needed help. Just the idea of living in Ketterdam and experiencing that city is awesome to me!

What are 5 fictional Jobs you would love to do? Feel free to link me to your post! I love seeing what other people would love to do.

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