February: Book Haul

I have acquired a few books last month that I have been wanting to read for a while and 1 graphic novel because I never read one before and I thought it would be a good idea to get around that! So here we go!

edit_2_book_haul_1The first book that I got this month was History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera. I have been hearing lots of positive things about him as an Author but especially about this book. The premise seems really sad but also very touching and memorable. I’m all for those things tbh!

Next I have Wires And Nerve by Marissa Meyer (a graphic novel) which is something I’ve never read before but really want to try out to see if I like it! This one’s about Iko from The Lunar Chronicles who is Cinder’s closest friend. It’s a really cool way to explore more of her character.



I just had to get Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo since I was planning on finally reading this Duology this month, because I tend to buy all of the books in a series so that I can pick up each one as I go. The red pages look so great on this one! I don’t know if Leigh made that decision or if her publishers did but it certainly was a good one! Crooked Kingdom picks up after Six Of Crows and continues to get more dangerous, exciting and thrilling which I’m sure I’ll really enjoy!

When ordering this I also got a little discount on it so I saved a bit of money and got this lovely book – seems like a great bargain to me!


heartlessLast but not least I have Heartless by Marissa Meyer which is just a really beautiful book! I adore the detail that was put into the Hardcover of this!

This is a re-telling of Catherine the Queen of Hearts from the Alice in Wonderland universe, before she became Queen, following along her life and what she’s been through. Swetlana already read this one. You can check out her review for it, right here!

+Bonus: Here’s a picture of them all together because I love the way they look!

What books have you bought this month? Or what books are you planning to buy next? Feel free to link us to your posts!




2 thoughts on “February: Book Haul

  1. I’ve got History Is All You Left Me on my TBR. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get it/read it soon. I’ve heard so many great things about that book and about Silvera’s writing in general. I read Heartless awhile ago and really enjoyed it. I was surprised by how successful Meyer was in making me actually like one of the literary world’s most hated villains, haha. Hope you enjoy the books you’ve gotten this month!

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  2. I’m currently reading crooked kingdom and it’s really good so far. I can’t wait to share the review with everyone. πŸ™‚


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