Wrap Up: February 2017

february wrap upAfter starting the year off rather nicely and reading a total of four books last month, this month was quite different. I just haven’t really felt like picking up a book for most of the month and even when I did, I would usually read about a hundred pages (if that) and then put it back down. Which I am kind of sad about but I am also trying not to let it get to me and just look forward to this month and all the reading I will hopefully do!

The first book I read this month was Caraval by Stephanie Garber! After getting my copy four days early it weirdly still took me a few days to actually start reading the book. But then I ended up reading it in just two days and I really, really enjoyed the journey this book took me on! I did write a more in depth review for Caraval earlier this month, so you can read it for more thoughts! All I know is that I can’t belive Stephanie Garber is making me wait until next year for book two!cof

Up next (and last) I read A Darker Shade Of Magic by VE Schwab! I had talked about how I wanted to give this series a try on the blog before and I finally started and finished the first book and I truly loved it! The characters are awesome and I feel like I’m already way too attached to Prince Rhy. On an unrelated note: my brain kept wanting to read ‘Rhysand’ or ‘Rhys’ rather than Rhy for the most part. It was kind of hilarious and kind of annoying at the same time. I actually wrote a review for A Darker Shade Of Magic too if you’re interested in more!

That’s one thing I am really happy about this month: I managed to write and publish reviews for both of the books I read!

cofI am currently slowly making my way through A Gathering of Shadows and I really hope that I can get myself out of this weird slump that I seem to be in and start reading more again soon!

How has your reading month been? Are you happy with the books that you read this month? Or did school/work/life keep you far away from your books? Let’s discuss in the comments below! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Wrap Up: February 2017

  1. I’m feeling the way you felt back then! I’ve started like… 3 books but didn’t finish any of them. I’m slumping hahaha I try not to let it bother me either because now that I’m not reading I have more time for blogging and other things haha however my copy of A Conjuring of Light just arrived and I hope this book will get me out of this slump 😛 I enjoyed Caraval as well! I want book 2 but luckily the first book didn’t end in cliffhanger so the wait is bearable hahaha have a great March! ❤

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    1. I did pick A Gathering Of Shadows up again yesterday but only managed to read a couple of pages before I went over to my parents’ to hang out and have dinner. Seeing how I am awake at this early hour (it’s only 7:36AM over here), I might as well try and get some more reading done!

      I didn’t even realize how much more we/I blogged this month until I just read your comment! Maybe that is another great thing to come out of this slumpy reading month! 😀

      I feel like with books that don’t end in cliffhangers I’m kind of like ‘Um, why isn’t there more of a cliffhanger?’ and with books that DO have cliffhangers I’m over here yelling ‘Why would you do this to me????’. Authors just can’t do it right with me.

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        1. That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking all morning while reading! I have read 300 pages and the promised games STILL haven’t started, but I feel like things are about to get started so I hope the rest of the book really draws me in !

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