5 Tips To Survive The Hiatus

how to survive the hiatusToday’s post is brought to you as an after effect of Shadowhunters going on hiatus for three months and me thinking of ways to pass the time without losing my mind – there is nothing I dislike more than having to wait for new episodes!

Obviously, these tips can be applied to books too! Did you just finish a great book and the next one doesn’t come out for a few more months? Or do you even have to wait until 2018 to get more? Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered!

Embrace your feelings

I always think it’s important to let yourself feel all the emotions when it comes to the things you love. Are you angry at the way things ended for your favorite characters? Are you worried like no one’s business about what is going to happen to happen next? Are you happy about something that happened towards the end? Feel all of those things! Express them whichever way you want to! Twitter is always great. Instagram works for long ramblings or rants! Blog your little hearts out and let your readers know how you’re feeling!


Once you have embraced all of those feelings and have come to a place of content, it’s time for all the fun! Are you part of the Tumblr fandom of your book or TV show/movie? Explore those tags! Reblog all of the fun and heartwarming moments! And if you’re ready to deal with the sad moments talk about them at great length in your tags or text posts! Make new friends with the people who love the same thing as you and fangirl some more! There is honestly nothing more fun than talking about the things you love with someone else who loves them as much! Isn’t that why we’re all blogging anyway?

Explore similar worlds

If we’re lucky, there are more books or TV shows set in the same or similar worlds to what we’ve just watched or read about. Explore them and see if maybe you end up falling in love with the stories set there too!

I am a big fan of most of the shows that came out of the Arrow-verse and I am so happy when I get to watch a new episode each week! They also differ in tone which is great! The Flash and Supergirl are usually more light-hearted and fun where Arrow is more on the darker side.

I know that Cassandra Clare, Leigh Bardugo and Sarah J. Maas have different stories set in similar worlds so if you’re a fan of one of their works, maybe pick up their other works and see if you enjoy them too!

Watch Interviews/Panels

This is a tip from my earlier fandom days when I would watch interviews from cons, press days (every major network has them twice a year, I think) and promos to help myself get excited for new seasons or simply to hear the cast and producers talk about the show I loved! It’s always so much fun – especially when you re-watch older interviews and pick up on little hints the actors have dropped during interviews; Matthew Daddario is a big fan of doing this!

Comic-Con panels are also always so much fun to watch! I haven’t watched too many author panels yet but the ones I have seen were great and gave awesome insight into the writing process!


If everything else fails (or you’ve run through everything else already) pick up that book again and re-read it or watch the show/season a second time! It’s not going to make you love the material any less (hopefully) and you will pick up on so many things you might have missed the first time around!

In January I discovered Netflix’ One Day At A Time and watched it in a day and I loved it so, so much! And whenever I find myself missing the characters or need to just laugh and feel joy, I will rewatch the show! I am currently watching the show for the third time and it’s still as amazing as the first time around!

I hope if you find yourself in a situation of having to wait for the sequel of a book or the remainder of a season of your favorite TV show, that you think of these tips and that they will help you pass the time in a more fun way!

Do you have any more tips on how to deal with the wait for the next book in a series or new episodes? Let me know in the comments below – I am always grateful for more ways to pass time in a fun way!

6 thoughts on “5 Tips To Survive The Hiatus

    1. That’s why you gotta walk into a hiatus with a plan of action! I actually have a ton of shows I need to catch up on right now, so hopefully that’ll help me get through those 3 months of waiting! And you know, rewatching is always a good thing too!

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        1. That’s also a great idea! I did that towards the end of the hiatus between season 1 and 2! I just couldn’t wait anymore and needed more from the Shadowhunters universe!


  1. I’ll be spending the hiatus focusing more on school/life etc bc you know I got my big exam coming up in May. Catching up on shows I’ve neglected will definitely be one more thing I’ll be doing. We talked about these points already but I really like how it turned out! this is late but i’m catching up on our blog rn haha

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