Get to know me: 15 facts About Me

Hey Guys! Little update: I haven’t had a lot of time due to work and school to really share more than our usual posts with you guys but I’m working on managing my time. It just doesn’t always work out tho. Swetlana already shared 15 facts about her today and since I’m doing this with her I really wanted to get on board!


I have mentioned a few facts and what I do for a living in general before, but I thought I would give you more insight.

  • I’m quite close with my family, especially my mom and my brother. We have bonded a lot over the years throughout certain events that happened. I feel like it brought us closer together. Family is massively important to me so it’s great that we get along so well. I truly cherish that.
  • This is something I don’t usually talk about online as much bc I don’t want it to be something that is made into anything other than what it is, but I’ve really struggled with my sexuality over the years, always thinking I was straight, thinking that my attraction to women was something I might have imagined or I wasn’t really sure what I was feeling, due to not having any experience but I realized that I don’t need any experience to feel that way because there’s nothing wrong with that. Now I feel comfortable identifying as bisexual. i.e. why I love a character like Magnus Bane so much who represents the bisexual community. (not only that)


First of all I love a huge variety of artists and music although I mostly listen to Pop if we’re talking Genres. Let’s talk about some of my favorite artists! You can follow me on Spotify right here!

es-divide-final-artwork-lo-resEd Sheeran recently released another Album which I was highly anticipating since his last Album before that, Multiply, was released in 2014 so I was really looking forward to more of his amazing music! It’s been on repeat for me ever since.

He’s been one of my all time favorites for such a long time I can’t imagine not listening to his music anymore.

Current favorite songs of Divide are: Eraser, New Man, Barcelona, What do I know? and Galway Girl. The more I listen the more I find a new favorite and I’m loving every second of it. I highly recommend checking out his music.

Of course I have to mention One Direction because I became a huOne_Direction_-_Made_in_the_AM_(Official_Album_Cover)ge fan of them in 2013 through Tumblr. I never thought I would before because I knew about them long before I decided to check out more of their music. But now I can’t not have their music on my phone/spotify library. Besides, those boys are such sweethearts, it’s hard not to love them. I think Swetlana agrees with that a lot.

Their latest album Made In The A.M. is definitely their best so far. You can tell they found their sound and are really comfortable playing with that.

Daughtry_leave_this_townLast but not least Daughtry have been one of my favorites ever for such a long time. I’ve been listening to them for probably over 8 years now and it never gets old. Their album “Leave this Town” means so much to me because it helped me through so many difficult times in my life it was like a security blanket shielding me.

I have gushed about them so many times over the years but my love for them will never end.


I actually watch more TV Shows than Movies because my attention span is not very long, haha! but there are Movies that just never get old no matter how many times I watched them like Harry Potter, Home Alone, Love Actually and Iron Man (I love all three).

As for TV Shows;


The first TV Show I ever really loved was The Vampire Diaries which has recently ended. It makes me feel kinda nostalgic to the days where I used to stay up all night watching new episodes on the Livestream! I got so excited for anything new or even remotely related to the show and the cast! I have started watching in 2009 which seems like such a long time ago now.


Criminal Minds has become one of my favorites since I basically binge-watched the entire show up until now. These characters go through so many horrible and tragic events it brought me to tears so many times I stopped counting. I’ve always been into crime/mystery shows so this is right up my alley!


Last one is Shadowhunters! both Swetlana and me read the books prior to watching the show so we knew who everybody is and what their story is in general. But I love what the show has done with these characters, aging them up i.e. making them more of adults rather than in their late teens. In season 2 they have really focused on the relationships which I love because there is this war that’s threatening to destroy what they hold dear – and at the end of the day – relationships is what they have left. I could gush more and more about why I love this show but I think if you go through my tag on tumblr you’ll see more. (Spoilers alert).

Also: Season 2a (being the first part of season 2 with 10 episodes) just finished so if you want to start this show you can totally binge it now on Netflix or Freeform/Hulu depending on where you live! The show is back on June 5th.


  • I get so lost in my own head I imagine myself in situations that will never happen but I do it all the time nonetheless.
  • We’ve had dogs pretty much all my life so I can’t imagine a life without them.
  • I’ve never been much into watching sports but I do watch the world cup/european cup when it’s on. Always #TeamGermany tho. 
  • Music is such a big part of my life. It relaxes me, cheers me up and soothes me when I’m sad about something. I don’t think I could live without it.
  • I’m a little game nerd. I love all pokemon games and I have been such a huge fan of any kind of Mario games ever. My brother and I used to play them together when we were younger.

That’s it from me for now. I’ll be sharing more about myself in the future. Swetlana and I really want to give you guys an idea of what we love, what we’re like and why we love to read. I hope these posts help give you more insight into us and our lifes!

5 thoughts on “Get to know me: 15 facts About Me

  1. Oh do I ever agree with you about One Direction! And to think I used to be one of those people who were like ‘It’s a boyband – I don’t listen to that!’ (which is utter nonsense! I was the biggest boyband fan back in the day!) and then I slowly started falling down the One Direction shaped hole because of Zayn and didn’t find my way back out for a LONG time! Still love the boys but the fandom drama got too much so I’m mostly out of that part of being a fan.

    What I really appreciate about the show is that they changed some of the more problematic things that were a thing in the books! I got so annoyed with Clary and her attitude towards the women around her when I re-read the books recently! So glad show!Clary is different!

    I am really happy that you’ve come to a place where you’re comfortable putting a label to how you feel! And you’re absolutely right: what you feel is valid!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree with everything you said about the boys and shadowhunters. I’m glad we have this show that really turned the books around in a way that works for TV. and I really appreciate your support! 🤗

      Liked by 1 person

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