Get To Know Me: 15 Facts About Me

15 facts about meI really felt like posting something on the blog today and I figured after yesterday’s rather long review of A Gathering Of Shadows, we’d do something fun and light hearted! And since I’m still relatively new to the blogging community I figured I’d share some more facts about myself! I’ve done the Get To Know Me Tag before so you can check that one for a few facts too if you like! But now let’s get started on today’s facts!


I wish my Spotify album library was more varied, but I am not someone who ventures out too much from what they typically listen to. My most listened to artists are One Direction, Little Mix, Ed Sheeran and Fifth Harmony. Bruno Mars should be on that list too, but I recently deleted Unorthodox Jukebox off my Spotify library.

jojo-mad-love-1My teenage self never would’ve thought that I would be listening to Jojo by the age of 27 but her newest album was so great! I listened to it on repeat for weeks!

I am addicted to James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke feature! I have watched Bruno’s soo many times now! Him and James were so great together! One Direction’s was pretty hilarious too – especially the No Control ‘music video’ part of it. I am keeping my fingers crossed that James gets Little Mix to do it while they are in the states! I need that in my life!

My music is always playing. Literally. The moment I wake up, I turn on my Spotify and only turn it off when I’m going to bed. I also don’t like the silence, so there is that.

The first CD I ever owned (it was a birthday present) was Kyle Minogue’s Can’t Get You Out Of My Head. 

TV And Movies

UnbenanntI am a complete tv junkie! I don’t watch as many shows as I once did but compared to what most people watch – it’s still a lot. But I don’t actually watch TV much. Since I mainly watch US shows I watch all of my shows on my laptop!

I am currently trying to collect all the movies featuring the Avengers! I obviously have all my Captain America movies because Steve Rogers is my absolutely favorite, but I am still missing one Thor and all the Iron Man movies!

As a child, my dad would often be working away from home during the week and when he got home on the weekends he would usually have bought us a new Disney movie on VHS so we ended up with a rather large collection that we had to throw away once we moved out because there was no way to watch them anymore.

My nephews (3 and 2 years old) are obsessed with Cars at the moment and watch parts of it most days. I think I’ve seen the entire movie at least 3 times in the past few weeks and on top of that seen parts of it countless more times.

I really want to watch the movie Anastasia but Netflix doesn’t have it and that makes me really sad. It’s been too long since I last watched it.


I have never played sports in a team and have never really felt comfortable in PE because I’ve pretty much been on at least the chubbier side my entire life.

Unbenannt2I do love watching sports though! I watch football/soccer, Formula 1 and usually the Olympic Games too. And I don’t care what sport is happening at that particular moment, I’ll watch whatever!

No matter what sport I am watching, I am always #TeamGermany. During World Cups and European Cups I will be wearing knockoff jerseys (I am not paying 80€ for an official one) and have our flag painted on my face. Sometimes I’ll add flags to my car too. I take team support seriously. 

I got so angry when Sebastian Vettel switched from Red Bull Racing to Ferrari because I don’t like the team (or maybe I didn’t like what the team had become since Fernando Alonso joined them, I don’t know) and now my favorite driver was racing for them! But like I said, I am always #TeamGermany so I did support Ferrari simply because Vettel was driving for them. Luckily, I also had Nico Rosberg racing for Mercedes (and he finally won that driver’s championship!) so that was always fun!

I know exactly where I was when Germany won the World Cup and I still rewatch the last minutes of the game from time to time and get just as excited about that winning goal! I also know exactly where I was and who I was with when Germany kicked some serious ass against Brazil (let’s be real, no one saw that coming!)! It was a great night!

This post is already turning out to be longer than I anticipated so I’ll stop here and save some more random facts for a different time!

I’ve said it multiple times before: I really enjoy getting to know the person behind a blog so I want to post more of these types of posts in the future! Let me know what you think about that! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Get To Know Me: 15 Facts About Me

  1. I hope you don’t mind if I join in on that 🙂 I can relate on the Team Germany. Although I don’t watch formula 1 I really enjoy the world cup/european cup.

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    1. Oh yeah, definitely! And I didn’t even get into all of that until AFTER I had watched the Iron Man movies (I think), so I got introduced that way but then Steve stole my heart – and even more so Chris Evans! The guy is a gift!

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