Top Ten Tuesday: Books I want to read this Spring

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted and created by the lovely people over at The Broke and the Bookish. Each week you’re supposed to compile a list of things or books for a certain topic! So here we go!



I’ve been making my way through my TBR and Cress is next on my list. Diving back into this world is going to be awesome because I do really love it but I wanted to get to other books first before I start Cress. A lot of people said this is their favorite one so I’m even more excited to read it soon!

Marissa certainly didn’t dissapoint with her writing of this series so far!


Swetlana already read this book and her review totally sold me and I just had to add it to my TBR and buy it. It sounds really magical and fun. The premise with these two sisters going to Caraval and then ending up in a game so dangerous it might tear them apart forever. Needless to say the cover is absolutely gorgeous! I cannot wait to read it.


Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix


I mentioned that I have read the first 4 books in this series in August last year & this year I want to continue and finish it all. Knowing what happens in the movie, I’m half dreading to read it because reading about it all is different from watching it because in the movie it all happens so fast and in the books you get more detail, you get to see what a character is feeling more clearly.

However this magical series sure will bring me to tears again. Maybe more than the movies.

History Is All You Left Me

30139283So far this list has quite a few Fantasy/Sci-Fi books in it but I also want to read more contemporaries and expand on the genres I read so that maybe I discover a new one that I’m gonna love.

History Is All You Left Me has been getting a lot of praise and attention. I have heard great things about Adam’s writing so this only solidifies my decision to add this here. The premise of lgbt+ characters and relationships already sold me.

I think it sounds like a beautiful, heartbreaking story about love, loss and relationships.

The Inexplicable Logic of my Life


I have already read a book from this Author. (i.e. Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe) so this one sounds like a great one as well. I love his writing because it flows together so easily, with it’s metaphors, humor and impactful relationships that he writes about.

Another major selling point is that the family in this book is Mexican-American with a gay character. What more could I want?

The Darkest Minds

I have been eyeing this Trilogy for so long because I have wanted to read a dsytopi10576365an novel
for quite some time and this one has been mentioned a lot on booktube, so I had to jump on that bandwagon.

We follow the main character who survived a disease that has killed a lot of people around her and the government (and her parents) think she’s dangerous. She has to try and find ways to safety and survival. Which are all things that sound really interesting to me.


Shadow and Bone

10194157Six of Crows has made me fall in love with Leigh Bardugo’s writing and I want to read more of her books and the world of Grisha. It only seemed right to get this trilogy.

The Story follows one of the most powerful Grisha who has ever lived (which has been mentioned in Crooked Kingdom) which immediately sparked my interest in the main character.

I heard mixed things about it but I want to see it all for myself when I actually get to reading it.


A Darker Shade Of Magic

22055262This Trilogy has been on my radar ever since I heard about it and that it contains time travel which is a concept that I really haven’t read about yet as much and wanted to see more of.

Swetlana already read the first two books (here & here are her reviews)and she seemed to really love them which only made me want to read them even more – but first things first.

I’ve heard great things about the author and the writing so it’s all a great match!


29236299Gemina is the second book in the Iluminae Files Trilogy, so, it’s only a given that this would be on my list this week! I have gone halfway through Illuminae until I didn’t pick it back up which is something that I intend on doing in the next couple of months depending on how far I get with the other books I want to read.

I really love the way these books are written it makes the reading experience so much fun and the physical copies of these books are awesome!


The Unexpected Everything17838528

Since summer is coming up it only seems appropriate to me to choose a contemporary that reminds me of summer, ice cream, walks in the park and just having fun with family and friends out in the sunshine.

It has a pretty solid rating on Goodreads and Booktubers that I watch have been loving this book a lot so I’m looking forward to discovering it too.


That is all for today! Let me know if you have read any of these books and what you thought of them, I’d love to know.



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