A Couple Of Thoughts On The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

review the hate u giveIf you have been reading our blog for a while and have talked to me via comments on different posts, you probably know how excited I was to get my hands on a copy of The Hate U Give – you might even have heard me talk about how amazon kept messing up and that my copy just wouldn’t come.

Well, luckily for those of you who were annoyed by all that talk ( πŸ˜‰ ), my copy finally arrived and I started reading it as soon as possible. There was no way I was going to leave this book just staring at me from my bed. Nope. I have been talking about it too long. I was going to read it right away. And I did. I read it in a single day too. Would’ve done it in one sitting if my parents hadn’t stopped by to fix some things around my apartment.

To be completely honest with you guys, I don’t know how to review this book.

I know that I loved the way Angie Thomas wrote the story. The characters were real people and they each had their own backstories and reasons for feeling the way they did. I liked that Angie Thomas explored different viewpoints in this too.

I hadn’t expected it to be as educational but at the same time, it was actually exactly what I needed this book to be. I had tried to keep up with things as they were happening and tried to educate myself at the same time and I realized that I really hadn’t thought about quite a few things.

Honestly, this is the type of book I think everyone would benefit from. This is a real story – or more accurately: these are real stories. We have seen them play out on the news too many times. And maybe not everyone wants to (or can) deal with this type of thing because it gets too much – I remember it feeling like we were getting news about young black men and women getting killed almost weekly and it was heartbreaking. It truly was.

Remembering these stories and their victims is important. So, so important. And this book makes sure that you do. It has been spoken about so much. I feel like a lot of people know about the existence of this book and a lot of people are buying this book. Angie Thomas is #1 on the New York Times bestselling list the second week in a row.

I can’t wait to pick this book up many more times and discover things about the story I might have missed this time around. It’s definitely already one of my favorite reads of this year and so deserving of the 5-star rating it got from me on Goodreads!

If you guys would like to read a much more in-depth review of this book, please check out this review over at ReadingASIAM.They have done a much, much better job at talking about this book than I could do at this point in time.

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