Discussion: Social Media And Blogging

social media bloggingI was recently having a look around different posts Molly over at Molly’s Book Nook had written about social media and blogging (which is a three part series and you can read part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 here) and it got me thinking about how I use social media – or if I use it – related to this blog. I figured talking about this with you guys and getting you guys’ opinion on this would be really helpful!

Which platforms do I use?


I have been on Twitter since 2009 and while it took me a while to get the hang of it, in the beginning, I have come to really love Twitter. It’s definitely the fastest way to connect with people who love the same things as you. It’s also a great way to stay informed on what your favorites are doing – this goes from actors, authors to YouTubers.

I’ve actually learned a lot since I followed some of the booktubers I watch on Twitter too. There are always so many discussions happening about books and diversity in books and why that’s important.

Usually, you’ll just find me tweeting about the newest shows I am watching (I just recently finished Stitchers and now I don’t know what to do with myself. I already miss the show and characters so much!) or lose my shit over Matthew Daddario. That happens way more often than I would like to admit. But it’s always a lot of fun.

For a short while, I would also use Twitter to tweet about newest blog posts, but that didn’t really seem to bring any people to my posts. I just don’t know how this promoting your posts via Twitter works. Are there specific hashtags people use? Someone let me know.


I actually touched on this topic before in a previous discussion post about professional vs. personal accounts, so I won’t go into too much detail here and repeat myself.

For a little while, I found myself often posting pictures to promote new blog posts and somehow that became the only thing I would post. I would look at my own feed and get annoyed with it, because what the hell? When did my personal Instagram account turn into a promotional tool? That’s not what it’s supposed to be.

Things have changed again since then and I use Instagram for what I wanted it again: to document my life. I feel like people who followed for the book pictures might not like it, but it’s my account and I get to change things if I want to.


The only time I really use Goodreads is when I want to update my reading progress or if I’m participating in Top 5 Wednesday and I go to post my link and check out what everyone else has written. I don’t really spend too much time over there. I also don’t really interact much with people on there. Usually, I’ll just like status updates or comment on a review every now and then. That’s it.

But, Goodreads is in the top five of referrals for blog traffic, so what I do might be enough. I don’t know. I’m sure I would enjoy using Goodreads even more if I actively participated instead of just liking posts.

 Do you use social media to promote your blog content?

I follow a handful of bloggers on Twitter too and I see them link to their newest posts and also tweet about other things or about exciting deals they’ve discovered. I couldn’t tell you how many of the bookstagrammers I follow have blogs of their own that I could read too, I have never really looked into it.

I know a lot of people have also been talking about joining Bloglovin’ but I honestly have no idea how that platform works and I feel like if I have to visit a different platform just to read new posts, I won’t do it as often.  I check WordPress fairly regularly and at different times throughout the day and also take that opportunity to check for new blog posts.

And I don’t want to necessarily ‘push’ people to read my blog posts by posting about them outside of WordPress – is that weird? I mean, I always get excited when new people stop by and read our content and leave feedback, but I don’t want to be like ‘I posted a new blog post today! Please come by and have a look.’ – even though that’s exactly what I do when I post on social media. It’s one big contradiction.

Is social media relevant in today’s day and age?

I think we can all agree that yes, social media is relevant (and important) in today’s day and age. There is no denying it. We get a lot of news this way and usually a lot quicker too. Movements are started and organized using social media and hashtags. I feel like everyone is using social media these days!

And given that fact, I think it’s clear that you (and me) should be using social media to reach out to more people and get our content out there. But where is that line between promoting your content just enough and overdoing it? I think this might be the point I struggle with the most.

While I want to get mine and Sandra’s content out there, I don’t want to overdo it and possibly turn people away from it. How does one handle that fine line? Do you guys have any tips on that?

What is your favorite social media platform to use?

If you are using multiple social media platforms, which one do you prefer to use? Do you gravitate towards Twitter? Instagram? Or do you use multiple platforms to get the most out of them? Please let me know in the comments because I’m really curious!

Do any of you guys use Bloglovin’ to keep up to date with your favorite bloggers? Or to promote your own posts? If yes, do you have any tips for a newbie like myself? I am taking any and all kinds of tips and links you might be able to share!

6 thoughts on “Discussion: Social Media And Blogging

  1. Oh I love bloglovin’! It’s not really a social media outlet though?? Like you don’t promote posts, it just is like a reader….like a wordpress or blogger feed. So it’s really handy for people who want to use it to read and collect/organise posts. I don’t actually use it to read blogs very often myself but I’m absolutely signed up because hundreds of my followers use it!! I tend to sign up to everything so people can follow me the most convenient way possible, but I don’t necessarily upkeep everything.🙈🙊😜 I reeeally like twitter and that’s my #1 source of promotion. I should do more promo on insta and tumblr but I just generally hang out there for fun. hhahaha.

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  2. My numbers on my blog went up when I started to use Twitter. I occasionally use my personal Facebook page for some of my posts, and I put my book review posts up on Goodreads. I have avoided Bloglovin’- it just seems like more work and stress for me to keep up with it.

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    1. Do you use Twitter to post tweets about new posts or to interact with people too? Oh yeah, I usually put up my newest review on goodreads too and link to my blog in the first sentence.

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  3. I put every post up on Twitter, and also interact with others. I have been lucky enough to be included in some #FF (Follow Friday) tweets with others, and have had running jokes with some of them.

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