Get To Know Me: 10 (More) Facts About Me

10 more factsGood afternoon, you guys! I hope your weekend has been fun so far and that those of you currently participating in Camp NaNoWriMo have gotten off to a great start! Are any of you guys participating this year? For today’s post, I thought I would share a few more facts about myself because I really love doing them! I’ve shared 15 facts about me before too! Check them out if you would like to know even more! 😉


I was born in a small town in Russia and spent the first almost six years of my life living there before my parents followed their families to Germany in 1995.

I don’t technically have a middle name (at least not in a way that is typical), instead, I have a form of my dad’s name with a female add-on. According to my Russian birth certificate, my name is Swetlana Alexandrovna [insert lastname].

davI am the oldest of four children and I think it definitely shows in many ways. I am always the motherly friend who looks after everyone. I am also very affectionate and motherly and I love children. I have had family members comment on how much I love children and how much they love me for years and years now!

Even though my youngest sibling, my brother, is more than 12 years younger than me we still get along really well! I remember being afraid that the age difference would be too much and that we wouldn’t have as good of a relationship as he grew up!

My brother is probably also the one sibling who has had me terrified because of something I did! Once, we were at the playground in the neighborhood we used to live in and I was supposed to watch my brother. Next thing I know, he started walking right into the swing as someone was on it. He was bleeding pretty badly and I was terrified and ran home with him in my arms! That is to this day one of my more horrifying memories of being the oldest sibling!


I have been a fan for as long as I can remember! It started with Sailor Moon back in probably 1997 or so. I remember always walking to the store in our village and getting the newest issues of Sailor Moon magazines each week! My aunt even recorded one of the Sailor Moon movies for me because I had speech therapy and would’ve missed it otherwise! That’s how much of a fan I was even at eight years old!

The first pairing that ever had me sobbing were Ryan and Marissa from The OC! They were probably also the first pairing I really shipped and wanted to get together – even more than Seth and Summer. And I loved them a lot! Also, Jess and Rory came into my picture later! I don’t think they aired both shows at the same time in Germany back then.

It actually took me quite a while to get involved in fandoms online! I didn’t even know they were a thing for the longest time! Can you imagine how much fun I could’ve had years ago? And I think the first fandom I was actively involved in was The Vampire Diaries and more so Damon and Elena! I even made a separate blog on Tumblr dedicated to them – though the focus often switched. At some point, it was about all the kickass females on the show!

davWe all know I love reading. I mean, would this blog exist otherwise? But I am even more particular about the fanfiction I read than I am with books. I also tend to heavily focus on one pairing at a time and read nothing else. One of my all time favorites fanfictions is A Change In The Weather by cacophonylights on LiveJournal. It’s about Kurt and Sebastian from Glee and it’s only halfway done. I am still hoping the author finishes it one day. Until then, I will re-read this masterpiece again and again.

I have no problem shipping real life people, but I do have a problem with people going too far and taking their shipping TO the people involved. I’ve been in many different fandoms and have seen quite some things were people went too far and tweeted actors, musicians, etc about who they were being shipped with and that’s just not okay under any circumstances. But I think the fandom that has taken it so, so far is definitely a certain part of the Harry and Louis fandom. I was part of that fandom for many years too but I never took it anywhere other than my Tumblr blog. People need to show some respect.

And look, I am once again being super rambly! I was going to do more facts but this post is already over 800 words and I think that’s more than enough for today!

In the comments, share three random facts about yourself too! I would love getting to know you guys a bit more!

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    1. No, unfortunately not! I had to really quickly learn to speak German because I was just a year away from first grade. I do understand it when my family speaks it tho, but thats it.

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