Book Haul: March 2017

march book haulI left February feeling like I wasn’t really in the mood to do much (or any, really) reading and March continued the same way for the most part. And because of that, I also didn’t really feel like getting any new books. What is the point if I am not going to read them, right? But I also couldn’t not get any books, so I got a total of three – though I only bought two of those! Let me tell you what they were!

Unbenannt2I had been staring at the price for the Lord Of Shadows hardcover for a couple of months now and it just wouldn’t go any lower than 23€ and if you ask me, that is a lot of money for a single book. I don’t remember what I paid for my hardcover of Lady Midnight last year – might have been about the same.

Anyways, I finally decided that I would just get a paperback copy of Lady Midnight and then pre-order a paperback of Lord Of Shadows too. And actually? Both books combined come out cheaper than just the LOS hardcover. On a related note: reading almost 700 pages in hardcover is HARD. So glad I will have a paperback for LOS this time around!

And then we come to the almost never ending saga of me waiting for my copy of The Hate U Give! I had preordered it months ago, super excited to get my hands on it as soon as humanly possible. Didn’t happen. UnbenanntFirst, my order was supposed to be delivered by March 10th, but that didn’t happen. So I canceled my order and placed a new one. I was supposed to wait 2-4 weeks originally, but then amazon finally came through and delivered this beauty to my doorstep! 

I couldn’t have been more excited to finally receive this book, to be honest! I had been waiting for it and thinking about it for months at that point! But it was definitely worth the wait! You can read some of my thoughts on the book in this post.

And the last book to land on my doorstep – or more accurately in my mailbox, was Fairest by Marissa Meyer which Sandra sent me! She accidently ordered two copies of the book and offered to send me her extra copy! So now my The Lunar Chronicles collection is almost complete!

Have you gotten any new books this month? Any exciting March releases? Let me know in the comments below – I always need new books to buy! 😉

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