Following Back – Is It Necessary?

following backI’m sure we have all read various posts regarding tips and tricks when it comes to blogging and what to do to have a great time while doing it. I thought I would talk a little bit more about a topic that came up recently and actually, Reg posted about what she looks for in blogs and the comments were really interesting and actually inspired me to write this post!

We probably all have a list of things we look at when we visit a new-to-us blog and are trying to decide if we want to follow them or not. I know I do. And Reg’s list is actually almost exactly what I have on my list. The only thing missing is blog design. I love a nice and clean look with bright colors and a pop of color to accentuate links.

But what do we do when someone follows us first? Do we click ‘Follow’ immediately? Is that the right thing to do? Do you consider it unfair if someone doesn’t follow you back?

I think some of you know that I have been part of various forms of blogging for many years now (if we count Piczo, it’s been a decade already!) and have learned a thing or two about various aspects of it.

The biggest is probably about following people back. Whether it be by clicking a button (which is the easiest and quickest thing to do) or subscribing via different methods. I think the biggest mistake I ever made was blindly following everyone back who would follow me on Tumblr when I first started on there.

At some point, I was seeing so many posts that just didn’t interest me at all and I wouldn’t enjoy my time on Tumblr anymore. I ended up spending hours going through all the blogs I was following and cleaning out my list to make sure I saw exactly the content I wanted to see.

That mistake is exactly why I don’t just follow everyone back who is so nice and follows our blog! I visit blogs and have a look around to see if I’m interested in their content and follow if I am. But sometimes I am worried that you guys might think I am not appreciating the love you give our little corner of the book blogging community. But I really do appreciate it a lot!

What do you guys think is the right thing to do? Do you follow everyone back who follows you? Do you think it’s important that we follow back?

20 thoughts on “Following Back – Is It Necessary?

  1. I agree I was blindly following people for a while, then one day was scrolling through my reader like… what the heck are these posts? I had to go back and unfollow people because they were scammers, or just posted about things I had absolutely no interest in. I have to admit I always get a little butt hurt when I find a blog that I enjoy and is relevant to me and they don’t follow me back, but oh well it’s better to be reading about things that actually interest you!!!

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    1. I definitely understand being hurt by people not following back, but I’ve learned over a lot of years on different platforms that people’s interests are all different and everyone looks for something else when they want to follow someone. 🙂


  2. When I first made this blog I used to follow back everyone, and it got to a point where reading everyone’s posts and trying to comment on them just got too much (it still is, honestly), so nowadays I don’t follow everyone back. The main thing I look for in a blog is what kind of posts they make and how often they post. Also if we have completely different tastes in books then I probably won’t follow back just because I’d have nothing to comment on their posts, you know?

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    1. Oh yeah, definitely! I can’t even imagine how much time it would take to read and comment on so many different posts each day! So far, the amount of blogs I follow has worked really well for me though I do sometimes find myself wishing I would be following more blogs – but I haven’t found new ones recently.

      I think how often people post is definitely one of the main things I look at too. I like people who post regularly and multiple times a week.

      Even with the blogs I follow I sometimes don’t know what to comment because it’s a short meme post and there isn’t really anything I can say to that, which sucks because I do want to interact with the people I follow!

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  3. Okay, so my policy is that if someone comments on my blogs, I will make sure to comment on theirs. If I happen to like the content I see there, I will follow. However, and this is me being a bad, selfish blogger, when the blogger NEVER comments on my blog at all again, and I continue to comment on theirs, I sometimes get annoyed. SOMETIMES. But I’m trying not to be that way because that’s so bad of me. XD

    I’m now learning that it’s okay to not comment on every post in my Reader — I’m a busy little gal! But I used to do that when I started blogging, which made me suuuuuuper stressed. But I think I’m actually lucky that I didn’t follow for follow (as a newbie) — I just was like, “I don’t want their content showing up in my Reader, so why would I follow?” But it was funny because I expected that when I followed their blog (and commented a lot), THEY would follow MY blog and comment. But that didn’t happen sometimes! And I’m learning that it’s okay. 🙂

    Great post, Swetlana! And sorry for this super long comment that was basically about me. XD

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    1. I definitely understand getting annoyed about someone never commenting on your blog ONCE when you interact with them often! I feel like leaving at least a comment here and there is the nice thing to do. But we never know how many people someone follows and how many comments they respond to other than the ones they’ve gotten on their posts – which can be a lot sometimes!

      Oh yeah, I used to do that too – comment on every post. But then I quickly started feeling like my comments were just superficial and just to comment and less because I had something to share. And I’d rather get meaningful comments than superficial ones. 🙂

      Isn’t that a funny thing? Understanding that YOU might not follow someone back for whatever reasons but in a way expecting people to follow you back? I know I’ve been there before too!

      Thank you! I’m so glad you enjyoed it and don’t ever apologize for leaving super long comments! I love them! 🙂

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  4. Great post! I try to go through my new followers every few days or so and check out their blogs. If I see something I like, I follow! I’ll usually do the same thing for comments, very rarely for likes. I’ll definitely give blogs a second chance if I’ve previously chosen not to follow but they’re supportive and kind. Usually a second glance will result in a follow as well!

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    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed the post! 🙂

      Yeah, I do that too! I’ll also check people who liked posts that I haven’t noticed before – I feel like you get to know who reads your posts quickly and that’s when new people start standing out a bit.

      I’ve found that to be true too! Especially if a bit of time has passed and people have posted more (or more regularly)! Sometimes it really does take a second glance!

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  5. I sometimes don’t follow everyone who’s followed me if they aren’t writing about things that interest me. I only really tend to comment on other people’s posts if I relate to what they’re saying or have an opinion on something they’ve mentioned. So if someone makes an effort to comment on my posts I’m definitely more likely to follow them back – if only because they’re likely to have something in common with me.

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  6. I don’t follow everyone who follows me, and I tend to check out blogs that comments on my blog rather than just give a follow. If they leave a meaningful comment on one of my post, I will check out their blogs for sure and if I like their posts and everything, I will follow them for sure. Or remember them and keep them on my mind whenever I blog-hop 🙂 Lovely post! 🙂

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    1. Yeah, that’s usually how I go about it too! And you obviously recognize names and pictures of people who regularly leave some kind of feedback on your posts too. Thank you! Glad to hear you enjoyed it. 🙂

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  7. I’m with you. When I first joined Book Twitter I was so desperate to make friends. Everyone seemed to have someone to talk to except me, and when I would reply to someone’s tweet I often only received a fav/like in return. So I followed anyone and everyone. As time went on I realized I needed to really look at someone’s profile and what they’re tweeting before I decide to follow them. I also sometimes look through my followers and unfollow some people who I never see tweets from; there’s no point in following them if I’m not going to see their tweets.

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    1. Oh yeah, same! I am even more strict with who I follow on Twitter! I like it when people tweet regularly and a variety of things! I do want to stay up to date with politics and stuff like that, but I also dont want to see JUST that.


    2. Oh yeyah, same! I am even more strict with who I follow on Twitter! I like it when people tweet regularly and a variety of things! I do want to stay up to date with politics and stuff like that, but I also dont want to see JUST that.

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  8. Great discussion! 🙂
    This is something I usually have mixed feelings on because while I do appreciate everyone who follows me I don’t feel that it’s right to follow people back if their blog doesn’t have things that interest me. Like you said, I’ll go check them out and see if their content is interesting to me before I follow them back. I really don’t like cluttering up my feed on WordPress with blog posts that aren’t what I enjoy reading about.

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    1. Thank you! I’m so happy to read hat you enjoyed it!

      I also feel like if I were to follow everyone back, I would miss out on so many great posts because there is just no way that I could read them all as they pop up! I think I currently follow close to 50 people and even that’s difficult to keep up with at times – especially when a lot of us do weekly memes!


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