4 Ways To Deal With Your Ever-Growing TBR

4 ways to deal with tbrI feel like almost every reader has a list of books they want to read either soon or during their lifetime. I’ve seen so many lists of 100 Books To Read Before You Die and those are exactly the kind of thing that will get us readers into quite the difficult situation. Because while looking through those lists we discover all of these awesome books that we just have to add to our TBR.

And these lists just keep on popping up and you keep on adding books and one day you look at your TBR shelf or list and realize that there is simply no way that you will ever get to read all of these amazing books. But what do you do? Do you just close your eyes and hope for the best? Maybe science will advance far enough for us to live forever? And we’ll still be our super awesome selves who love to read and have the time and energy to do it when we’re much, much older!

But what if science doesn’t advance as quickly and sooner rather than later we have to admit to ourselves that there is honestly no way we’ll ever read all of those books? So, what do we do? Well, let me give you some tips!

Tip #1: Don’t Add Entire Series To Your TBR

This was the biggest mistake I made when I first started using Goodreads to keep track of my reading and the books I wanted to read in the future. This makes sense, right? Why would you want to add all the books of a series/trilogy to your TBR (be it physical or digital) if you haven’t even read the first book yet? What if you end up hating the first book and you give up on the rest of the series? You’ll still have all of the other books on your TBR and you’ll have to remove them. Why not just add the first book and once you’ve read and enjoyed it, you can add the next one!

I actually kind of recently decided to take all the books that were sequels off my TBR! I was quite shocked to see my TBR going from being three digits to just two! A two digit number seems much more manageable!

Tip #2: Evaluate Your TBR Regularly

This was the second best thing I did for my TBR. I joined Lia’s weekly meme called Down The TBR Hole where you are supposed to look at a number of books a week (I do five) and decide whether they get to stay on your TBR or not. I’ve already removed quite a few books off my TBR in the past two months! And it’s really nice knowing that my TBR consists of books I am actually still interested in! I’ve had books on there since as early as 2013 and I have absolutely no interest in reading them anymore!

Tip #3: Divide Your Shelves Into More Categories

Whenever I am browsing Goodreads I often see people sort books onto many different shelves – be it shelves for not yet released books, books they are considering or books they want to read as soon as possible. I feel like this is a great way to make sure your TBR doesn’t seem too intimidating and it’s also a technique I use personally!

I have a ‘Want To Read’ shelf that has all of the books I want to read at some point (that I am looking at weekly) and a ‘Not Yet Released’ shelf that holds upcoming releases. Once those are published, I move them to my ‘Want To Read’ shelf – if I’m still interested in reading them.

Tip #4: Close Your Eyes And Hope For The Best (Science Has To Make Immortality Possible At Some Point, Right?)

If everything else fails (or you just don’t feel like dealing with editing your TBR) just close your eyes, cross your fingers and hope that science gets us to a point where we can live forever! Because that’ll give you enough time to read all those books – as long as you don’t continue to add new ones regularly.

This tip is actually partly inspired by Cait over at paperfury‘s regular tweets about her ever growing TBR and her ways of dealing with it! Seriously, if you aren’t reading her blog (and tweets) yet, you should definitely change that! She’s quite funny!

Okay, so to summarize: you can either deal with your TBR properly and invest time into organizing it (if that’s something you enjoy) or you can ignore it and hope for the best! 😉

Do you have any more tips on how to stay on top of your TBR game? Are you the kind of person who has a super organized TBR or are you the polar opposite? Are you currently on top of your TBR game? Let’s discuss in the comments – but no blaming, guys! TBRs can be quite intimidating and not everyone wants to deal with them! 😉

12 thoughts on “4 Ways To Deal With Your Ever-Growing TBR

  1. Thanks for the mention! Sometimes I stare at my tbr on goodreads and think “who am I even kidding, I’m never going to read all these books” and then I remove a bunch. These are great tips, I do 1 and 2, but I have to work on 3 because my tbr is just one big list. I really like the idea of having a lot of shelves so it’s easy to find things but organizing it all would take a lot of work and time.


    1. You’re very welcome! If it hadn’t been for your meme I probably wouldn’t have looked at my TBR for a good while! And even with just 70 books on it at the moment, I’m sure I won’t read all of hem any time soon! xD

      I used to have a lot more shelves but I didn’t end up liking it. But I do love having my ‘not yet released’ shelf and the way I organized upcoming releases. 🙂

      Yeah, that’s probably the one thing about having many shelves! Especially when you create new ones!

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  2. Tip #4 sound kind of like a never-ending story… 😀 Good advice, though. Some of the books I have on my TBR are part of a series I’m no longer interested in, so in the future, I hope I’m more careful of what I add to it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, it definitely is! I thought I’d throw in a bit of humour. 🙂

      I recently saw that I had missed removing a few sequels from my TBR while I was doing my weekly ‘clean out’! It’s probably something that happens quite easily – especially if you have a long TBR!

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  3. My Goodreads TBR is absolutely ridiculous. I literally have over 1000 books on there, hahaha. I’ve just kind of accepted at this point that there’s no way I’ll read them all 😛 Over the past few days I have been trying to go through and get rid of at least a few of them though because I know for a fact there are quite a few books that I have on there that I’m not interested in any more.

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    1. Oh my god?? I couldn’t even come up with around 200 books the first time around! I need to check out your TBR and see if I can find more books to read! 😀

      Maybe this post will give you a bit of a motivational push! 😉

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      1. Hahaha I’m seriously so out of control when it comes to adding books on Goodreads. To be fair, I use it more to keep track of books that I *might* want to read and not necessarily as a list of books that I definitely want to read, but yeah. No control whatsoever, haha.

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  4. WAIT. If we can live forever doesn’t that means AUTHORS can live forever and therefore they’ll just keep writing books and we’ll keep adding them to our TBR and then it’ll forever be an endless cycle??? JUST FACE IT, SWETLANA. WE’RE DOOMED. *cries*

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    1. I actually hadn’t thought about that when I wrote that fourth tip! In my head we would just have the piles and piles of unread books and an eternity of time to read them – not considering authors had an eternity to write new books. xD We’re definiely doomed!

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  5. I should really remove series from my TBR because I always add the entire thing rather than the first book! Great idea. I also need to work on adding more shelves, but I never find time for it.

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