Top Ten Tuesday: Book Turn-Offs

book turn offsTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the people over at The Broke And The Bookish! You should head on over and check out their link up for many more posts all about book turn-offs!

I haven’t participated in Top Ten Tuesday in a little while, mainly because I couldn’t come up with enough books/things or because I didn’t have the time! But I definitely wanted to join in with today’s topic, so let’s get started!

#1: An Unappealing Cover

Obviously, we all have different covers we consider to be ‘bad’ so this varies for all of us, but I know that if I see a cover that is ‘bad’ or unappealing to me I am less likely to check out the synopsis for the book! I obviously know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover but it happens all the time – especially with new-to-me authors!

#2: Mainly Negative Reviews

I’m sure we’ve all stumbled upon a book that had negative review upon negative review and that usually results in me losing any kind of interest I might have initially had. I do find that my want to read a book gets influenced by mainly negative reviews. But I don’t read entire reviews before going into a book – I look at the ratings and read the first little bit of a review to get people’s overall thoughts and that’s it.

#3: Problematic Representation

This wouldn’t have stopped me from reading a problematic book years ago, but since I’ve gotten more involved in the book community and started following book lovers and reviewers on Twitter, I’ve definitely been paying more attention to good representation in the books I pick up! Which resulted in me making sure to not pick up books that have gotten lots of negative reviews because of their representation issues. And no, I don’t have to read a book to make sure it’s actually problematic.

#4: Small Books

I often find myself gravitating towards books that are at the very least 350+ pages long. Anything below that I usually won’t read. I feel like the author needs more room to build their world and characters – especially fantasy or sci-fi novels! If it’s a contemporary novel, I might make an exception if the synopsis is appealing!

#5: Possibility Of A Love Triangle

A couple of years ago, this wouldn’t have been something that would bother me in a book, but nowadays I just don’t have the time to deal with love triangles. Honestly, the only love triangle I will ever deal with again is Will, Jem and Tessa from The Infernal Devices (look at me bringing up TID again!). If your synopsis has the tiniest hint of there being a triangle in the book, I am going to pass your book right along!

#6: Standalones

I don’t know what it is about standalones that usually leaves me uninterested in a story, but that’s a thing with me apparently. Unless of course it’s a contemporary novel! Then I’ll read it-  but if it’s a fantasy or sci-fi standalone I’ll probably pass the book along too. I love me a good series!

#7: Really Long Completed Series

This might be a bit of a weird one, but hear me out! I am currently in the middle of a few series (I might have to look at all of them soon) and while I absolutely don’t mind starting a new series – I do kind of mind if it’s a six or seven book series that is completely published already. It feels like too big a commitment! Once I start a series that is complete, I like to read it in is enirety. And if that’s six or seven books? That’s a lot of time spend in just one world/story that I could be spending in multiple different ones!

#8: Author Has Gotten Negative Attention

I feel like this goes along with #3, but I still wanted to mention it. If I hear about an author handling criticm poorly or anything along those lines, it’ll usually make me not want to read their books anymore. I remember there being something about Colleen Hoover a couple of months ago and I’ve since decided to not touch her books ever (I haven’t read any of them yet).

#9: Too Much Hype

Don’t we all know of books that are so hyped that we’re just turned off from them? And it doesn’t even have to be a recent release. I feel like the Harry Potter series is one of those books for me. It is so beloved by so many people of all ages that I am worried I won’t enjoy it as much and what do I do then? But sometimes the hype is also what gets me interested in a series (see: Shades Of Magic!), so this isn’t a strict no for me when it comes to a book.

#10: Unappealing Synopsis

You won’t believe how much trouble I had thinking of a tenth aspect when I hadn’t even included the most obvious on yet: the story just doesn’t sound appealing to me! I mean, obviously, right? But it’s still true and I wanted to include it here. Because even if the book has the prettiest cover, I have heard nothing but good things about the book and author, if the story doesn’t sound like something I will end up enjoying I won’t be reading that book. End of story.

There we have it! Ten things that are going to turn me away from one book and towards a book that sounds like it’s more up my alley! What are your turn offs? Do we share some of them? Let’s discuss in the comments and feel free to leave your links too! 🙂

17 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Book Turn-Offs

  1. The author behaving badly thing is one that I know I do. It is sad because it has the potential to ruin books that I already love but if I know that they are jerks I just cannot read any more of their work.

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  2. I’m always wary of too much hype! I’ve read a few recently that everyone else seemed to love and which I really didn’t enjoy – so I think I’ll be avoiding over-hyped books for a while! Also on the flip side, negative reviews definitely put me off – there has to be a reason for them and there are so many books out there that it’s hard to commit time to something other people have pointed out major flaws with.

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  3. I’m completely on board with usually avoiding hyped books. Every now and then they turn out to be real gems but more often than not they are regrettable trash. Although, I admit, I have completely hopped on board that Maas train. Toot toot!

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    1. Yeah, hyped books can be pretty hit or miss! Im so glad you got in board the Maas train! Its usually pretty fun on here! And we are THIS CLOSE to the release of ACOWAR!


  4. I’m notorious for not picking up books if the cover is unappealing. I really try not to do that, but I can’t help it! Love Triangles = Most Frustrating Thing Ever. Also…just so you know, I nominated you for the Mystery Blog Award 🙂 If you don’t do tags, no worries! If you are interested, here is the link to the post I did! Have a great day! Link:

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  5. Definitely agree with 1, 3, 5, and 10! Ugly covers are the worst, as are love triangles, and you gotta #represent but #represent correctly, and if you have a boring blurb — I’M NOT INTERESTED. I also really hate insta-love and… darn it I forgot. XD #greatatthis

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    1. How did I not think of insta-love??? I remember being totally on board the main ship in Caraval and then days later realizing how insta-lovey it was! I didn’t even register that all of the events basically happened over just five days!

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        1. I think I definitely enjoyed it a lot more right after finishing it, but my excitement has definitely lessened quite a bit since! It was still a good story though and I’m probably going to pick up the second book too!

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  6. Great list! I have unappealing covers on my list as well and I’ve seen it on many others, but to be fair who would want an ugly cover? (haha) I also included love triangles too, I find that I don’t have the patience for them anymore. 🙂

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