Top Ten Tuesday: Book Turn-Ons

book turn onsUnfortunately, I had missed out on doing this particular topic when it was done by The Broke And The Bookish a couple of weeks ago, but I still wanted to talk about what makes me want to read a book – especially since I shared ten things that are book turn-offs for me!

#1: A Pretty Cover

I feel like this is such a given, but it is still very true for me! Especially if it’s a book that I have heard little to nothing about. The cover is the first thing my eyes land on and if it’s appealing to me, I am definitely more likely to click through and read the synopsis! I am a sucker for a pretty cover! If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you might remember me constantly raving about the Caraval cover!

#2: Interesting Magical System

If you’re going to create a world with magic in it – please make it interesting. And don’t have it be the same thing over and over again! I really liked the way magic worked in the Shades Of Magic trilogy and what I’ve heard of the magic in the Mistborn trilogy is also really intriguing to me!

#3: Strong Female Friendships

A couple of years ago, I would have been all about girls getting into stupid arguments over unimportant things – luckily I have outgrown that phase! Nowadays, I am much more interested in seeing women being nice to each other, supporting each other and understanding each other! I am tired of petty arguments and judging girls for what or who they are doing or not doing (*cough* Clary in The Mortal Instruments *cough*).

#4: Kickass Female Characters

I think one of the main things that had me really interested in the Shades Of Magic trilogy was that people kept talking so highly of Lila and I just needed to know what she was all about! I love when a book features a female character that can kick some serious ass, has her own motivations and isn’t just reduced to a love interest! And Lila most definitely delivered!

#5: Diversity

And by diversity, I don’t mean the token Person Of Color that is featured in a story or the token LGBT+ Character. You can keep that kind of representation! What I want are characters that are so much more than what marks them as diverse. I feel like a good example for this is Rhy from, again, the Shades Of Magic trilogy! He wasn’t just a Person Of Color or an LGBT+ Character. He was both of those things but more importantly: he was so much more than that! He cared deeply about his family, he worried about his ability to be a good leader for his people and more. His character had many different facets!

#6: Praising Reviews

Whenever I keep seeing a book pop up over and over again and many different people seem to really love it, I’ll usually check it out and add it to my TBR too! I mean, who doesn’t want more great books in their lives, right? Examples for this would be the Shades Of Magic trilogy (sorry for constantly mentioning this, but it just fits!), Caraval and then a recent TBR addition: The Foxhole Court.

#7: Author I Love

If an author I already know I enjoy brings out a new book, I am definitely going to at least add it to my TBR if not buy the book straight away – especially if it’s a story that is set in a world I already know! I will read any book by Leigh Bardugo, Sarah J. Maas, Marissa Meyer and my most recent addition Victoria Schwab who luckily has quite a few books released already!

#8: By A Beloved Author

Actually, Victoria Schwab would’ve originally been talked about in this part of today’s post, because her being loved by many people was another factor that played into me finally picking up SOM! But yeah, I definitely let myself be influenced by how much an author is loved by the community! If I keep hearing nothing but great things about someone, I am definitely more likely to check out their books. That’s actually how Red Rising ended up on my TBR: I kept hearing people fangirl over Pierce Brown!

#9: Tons Of Recommendations

This kind of goes along with #6, but I also wanted to mention this separately. Because I don’t always read reviews in full (I’ll usually just read the first part to get an overall idea) but I will watch tons of different recommendations videos and if a book keeps popping up in those, I will definitely check it out too! I mean, if people keep recommending it the book has to be good, right?

#10: Appealing Synopsis

And lastly, I pretty obvious one: an appealing synopsis! Because when it comes down to it, this is the thing that will make me pick up the book – or not! Pretty cover, great reviews and great author aside, if the storyline doesn’t sound interesting to me, there’s no way I’m going to pick up the book!

There we go! Ten things that will make it more likely for me to pick up a book! What are some of your book turn-ons? Do we share some of them? Let’s talk in the comments below!

14 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Book Turn-Ons

    1. Oh, that sounds great! I feel like almost anyone who enjoys fantasy also loves Sanderson so he’s definitely been on my radar for a while! But his books are HUGE.


  1. Ohhh the Shades of Magic series is just absolutely amazing, my praises are endless and it fits for so many things haha I don’t blame you for mentioning it. The cover is definitely an important part to me as well! And female friendships, YES PLEASE. ❤ Lovely list, Swetlana!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I completely agree with all of this! Strong female friendships, kickass characters, and lots of positive reviews definitely make me want to read a book. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous choices! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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