Struggling To Find My Blogging Voice

struggling to find blogging voiceThe month of May marks my fifth month of blogging and I am honestly still struggling to find my voice. I feel like one of the most popular tips when it comes to blogging is to find your voice. I know I’ve read it on multiple posts I read regarding blogging advice. And I feel like I should know what I want to come across like by now. Am I the always happy and fun blogger? Am I the ALL CAPS and BIG TEXTS blogger? am i the kind of blogger who doesn’t use capitalization and pisses off her grammar checking program? What kind of blogger am I?

I honestly don’t know what kind of blogger I am or what kind of blogger I want to be.

What I do know is that I love bloggers who have a distinguishable voice within the community. One example that I keep going back to is Cait over at paperfury! I love the way she formats her posts and just the way she writes in general! Her love of cake and dragons is everything! I find her blog to be one I visit when I want a bit of a boost to my mood. And her bookshelves are to die for. Seriously. Just look at her Instagram!

Another blogger that stands out to me is Reg over at shelatitude! The amount of time I have spent on her blog reading through a ton of her advice posts, her reviews and everything else has gotten a bit out of hand, but I just really love the way she writes – and her GIF game is on point. Seriously! Have you seen it? If you haven’t, here’s just one example.

To me, those are two of the bloggers that I think have a distinguishable writing style and make me wonder what mine should be like.

I often find myself thinking that it would be super fun to have a similar style to Cait’s but then I don’t want to copy it. Because then I wouldn’t be me anymore and rather a copy of what somewhat else is already doing and that’s no fun for anyone involved, right? Or I will wonder if I should include GIFs in my posts the way Reg does – but I would have to look for all of the GIFs first. I haven’t had any saved to my laptop in years. Oh, the good old days of my folders and folders full of Supernatural reaction GIFs!

And just thinking about Supernatural and myself back in probably the very beginning of the 2010s makes me wonder if maybe I should be a fangirl? Like, yes I am obviously still a fangirl but I don’t think that part of me really comes across on the blog (apart from the many, many times I talk about The Infernal Devices) as much. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably witnessed my fangirl tendencies at one point or another. The same goes for Goodreads to some extent.

But does anyone really want to see a 27 year old losing their mind over a book or series? Or see me go on and on and on about how much I love certain characters (most recent example: Cassian from ACOMAF & ACOWAR)? I know I enjoy watching people share their love for their favorite books on Booktube! And I love seeing them go on the longest rants about how a series did them wrong (I recently watched a thirty-minute video about how Maximum Ride didn’t live up to fan expectations and more by Piera FordeΒ and I haven’t read or heard about that series before).Β I feel like Piera has quite her own voice too in the community and I’ve come to really enjoy her videos!

How many people have said to do what you love? So maybe I should be more of a fangirl on here and let that side of myself come through more often. Would you guys mind that? I don’t know exactly how that’s going to work without sounding too much like someone else – which is honestly the last thing I want to do. People have earned their spots in the community for being exactly who they are and for their unique style and I don’t want to ever piggy-back off of that.

How did you guys find your blogging voices? Or are you still struggling with that yourselves? Let’s talk about it in the comments and help each other out a bit!

PS: Does anyone else get the most random blogging ideas while in the shower? Because that’s exactly where this idea came from.

29 thoughts on “Struggling To Find My Blogging Voice

  1. Hi. Great post, very informative, appreciative and offers an opportunity to think and interact. I checked out both bloggers you mentioned, will peruse your pages and wanted to reply to you. So you’re doing something right here! πŸ˜› I felt the same way when I started 6 to 7 months ago… even in my writing. I have a habit of using a lot of punctuation and graphics in my posts. When I took a step back, I realized… I write exactly like I speak. It’s punctuated… jumps back and forth a little, but in the end… ties it all back together. And that’s my personality. Some days, I’m very organized in my approach, but others, I wing it and let the creativity come out. I think they only / best advice I can offer is not to try to figure it out. Just let it come out of you… check your stats, check your feedback. See when you’re getting follows and likes… when you’re not. Then maybe spend a little time focusing on going towards that direction. I’m by no means experienced in this and only offering some initial thoughts. My blog has everything from tags to book reviews to the 365 challenge to film/tv and vacation ideas. It’s super organized but also so broad, it might not appeal to all. Trial and error, I suppose. But I’ll look more on your site this weekend and see if anything comes to mind. But your post today caught my attention! -j

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time and leaving this comment! It’s nice hearing that the post got your attention enough to want to leave a comment! That’s some really great advice, actually! I always thought I had to make a conscious decision to write and blog a certain way and go from there – so hearing that it’s best to just let it happen naturally gives me something to think about for future posts, thank you!

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  2. Personally, as a fellow 27 year old fangirl, I would love to read about someone (my age/my age-ish) losing their mind over a book (or whatever). I was thinking about almost this same thing about a week ago, and I don’t think I’ve found my voice yet, either. Good luck finding yours πŸ™‚ (Also, yes, random blog ideas come to me in the shower, but I usually forget by the time I’m back at my computer πŸ˜› )

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    1. Oh, hey fellow 27-year-old fangirl! It’s always great coming across who is the same age and still a fangirl too! Thank you! I hope you find your’s soon too!

      Haha, I was worried that I would forget about the idea by the time I left the shower too especially since I tend to forget about a thing while I walk from one room to the other! xD

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  3. I have struggled with this as well. My writing background has been very academic or professional so I tend to try and write like that but lately, I’ve been showing a bit more of my personality. I mean, I recently started a blog post with “let me show you my trash”! (Also known as product empties.) I think it is different for everyone and you will figure it out as you go, just don’t be afraid to try something new! πŸ™‚

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    1. I often find myself wanting to sound ‘smart’ whenever I write whether that’s in English or my native German. I never speak the way I write – which is probably most noticeable on my Twitter.

      Oh my god. That is honestly the best way to start a blog post because it grabs the reader’s attention right away! I would be like ‘WHAT THE HELL?’ and click over to read the rest of a post like that for sure!

      Haha, not being afraid of something new is exactly the thing I would be! I’m not the biggest fan of change, to be honest! But I’m willing to let things develop and see where they take me in the future! Thanks for sharing your tips and experiences with me!

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  4. WAIT YOUR BLOG IS ONLY FIVE MONTHS OLD??? We’re pretty much the same age (okay so I’m a month younger but still) blog-wise! I THOUGHT YOU’D BEEN BLOGGING FOR AGES, GIRL. XD Second, YAS Cait has an awesome blogging voice! I remember reading her blog back in early January before I started my blog and thinking: “I want to ‘speak’ just like she does.” Which is how my blogging voice came to be??? I mean, it was born from wanting to be similar to another voice, but it has grown into its own voicw, which I’m grateful for! Haha I’m TOTALLY an all caps blogger! Along with (parentheses) and question marks??? XD And GIRLLLLL you can do whatever you want on your blog! You fangirl and people hate on you, well that’s their problem! πŸ˜›

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    1. Yep! I started blogging the first week of January on an absolute whim! I’ve had a blog a couple of years ago but it was entirely different from what I’m doing these days and I went into it already knowing a bunch of other bloggers from a different platform we had all been on. πŸ™‚

      I can definitely see the similarities between the way you write your posts and how Cait has been writing her blog! And I’m really glad that you were able to develop it into something that is more your own! πŸ™‚

      I am an ALL CAPS Twitter user quite often! And I tend to curse a lot on there too. xD

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      1. I started blogging at the end of January… so basically the same time. XD

        *gasp* Language, Swetlana, language! XD Just kiddddddding, say whatever you want. #freedomofspeech But you should definitely start using caps if it’s WHO YOU ARE! πŸ˜›

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  5. As most of the comments said, I would say that there’s no right or wrong way to blog. I think the best appeal of blogging in general comes from different people coming together to share thoughts, content and interaction. For me the important thing is that remember that you love to write posts and you love sharing them with people. In the end its just being yourself. Sometimes more or less of a fan girl but that’s okay because we all have different sides and aspects of our personality. πŸ™‚

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    1. Oh yeah, I definitely keep in mind that I’m doing this because I really enjoy it but I just can’t stop my brain from worrying if I’m doing this the ‘right’ way and looking for ways to improve and make sure I have more of an identifiable voice in the community.

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      1. Well I think you already do, but I understand that that’s where your mind goes but I think people really appreciate and enjoy what you write πŸ˜‰

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  6. Same!! It’s tough because I think most bloggers look to others for inspiration whether it be blog design or content, but of course you don’t want to copy other people and lose ur voice or originality! I think maybe it comes with time? Perhaps the longer you have a blog the more you become accustomed to writing blog posts and becoming more confident about posting your thoughts. If it’s worth anything, I think you’re doing just fine πŸ™‚

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    1. Yeah, it’s definitely a very fine line between taking inspiration from someone and coming very close to copying someone to whatever extent. I keep wanting to use those pretty dividers for my blog posts that tend to be on the longer side of things but I feel like quite a few people are already doing it and I would feel like I’m just simply copying them – which is the last thing I want. I’m still trying to think of a way to do it in a way that is at least to an extent original.

      I have to agree that it probably relates to how long you have been blogging and writing posts to find your own voice. I sometimes find that I am a lot more informal on Twitter than I’m ever on my own blog – even in the comments.

      Thank you, it means a lot to hear that!

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  7. Ahhh, thank you so much for the shoutout! I’ve been so inactive lately that I feel just super touched that anyone even remembers me, haha. I’m honoured that you’ve enjoyed my blog so far. ❀

    And hey, I'm actually much likelier to follow a blogger if I find out that they're around my age (which you are, haha). The community is SO BIG but I've found that I connect more easily with bloggers who are going through the same things as I do (i.e. adulthood) – not saying that teens can't 'get' me or anything like that; it's just kind of different.

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  8. I can relate to a lot of what you said in this post. I’ve been blogging for 2.5 years and I still don’t know what makes me distinct from other bloggers or if I am at all. (I love that you chose Cait and Reg though since they’re both perfect examples of bloggers that have created a unique flavor with how they blog.)

    Anyway, when I had thoughts about this subject in the past I was always tempted to create an open discussion thing to ask others what they thought my style/voice was if they could identify one, but I don’t know how that would work out and it’d be pitiful if I didn’t get any responses, lol.

    Fantastic post, Swetlana!

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    1. It’s really nice hearing that most people have struggled with the same thing at some point during their blogging – makes you not feel quite as alone!

      I think Reg is probably one of the people I started following pretty early in my blogging days and while Cait is a really recent follow, but they are both great in their ways of blogging!

      Oh yeah, that’s probably my general fear with any kind of post or discussion! But people usually seem more than happy to share their experiences with others! πŸ™‚

      Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it!


  9. This is such an interesting post, and I think it’s something SO MANY bloggers can relate to. I still question my blogging voice all the time. Sometimes I want to be wonderfully eloquent and sometimes I just want to say HOLY FRICK ON FRICKIN STICK. Usually, in blogging, I lean more toward the latter because it reflects my IRL personality more, but my actual writing leans more toward the poetic and eloquent, so it’s tough. I’ve learned to just kind of let my mood dictate my voice nowadays. Wonderful discussion post! It’s nice to know that other bloggers struggle with this one as well.

    ~ Lefty @ The Left-Handed Book Lover

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    1. I feel like my Twitter self is a lot more chill when it comes to how I come across (I go from talking about my grocery shopping and how excited I am about all of those fresh fruits! to going full on fangirl over an actor/artist or a thing) and on here I am more worried about coming across as a Serious Blogger who takes this thing Very Serious. It’s such a contrast most of the times! But I’m really happy to hear that it’s a thing so many other bloggers think about too! Thanks for sharing your input! πŸ˜€


    1. I think this makes me feel a bit better! It’s kind of nice knowing that people who have been at it for longer are sometimes still struggling with the same things as a newer blogger!


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