Spin-Off Series: 5 Reasons Why They Are Great

spin-off seriesThis post is being brought to you guys by my somewhat sleep deprived brain and the fact that all five members of One Direction have finally released their first solo material which has me super excited – but still wanting more! I need those solo albums, boys! Like, yesterday!

And if you’re reading this and asking yourself if I have lost it entirely due to my lack of sleep – don’t worry! I haven’t. I was just thinking about what benefits fans get out of all of the boys releasing solo music and that turned into me thinking about why spin-off series are a great thing. It all made perfect sense to me in my sleep deprived brain. Don’t worry, I am not going to bore you guys with One Direction comparisons though, that’s not what you’re here for after all!

Reason #1: You Get To Explore Different Parts Of The World

Any book or series we read is set in a world – be it our real world (in whatever shape or form) or a fantasy world; which we explore in the first series and hopefully fall in love with. If we’re lucky, the story of the first series is set in just a small part of the world and we get to venture out and see different parts in a spin-off. For example, Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha Trilogy was set in Ravka while her Six Of Crows Duology was set in Ketterdam – both places exist within the same world but in different parts with their own unique elements and characters and I loved being in Ketterdam! I wouldn’t be angry with Leigh if she decided to travel further in her own world and show us even more places! I’m here for it!

Reason #2: You Get To Explore A Different Set Of Characters

I don’t know how many of you guys know about my love for Vampire Academy and the characters Rose, Dimitri and Adrian because I don’t really talk about this series on my blog but know that I love them a lot. But in a series with a good amount of characters and things happening, there is only so much time you can spend with a character or inside their heads so it’s always nice when you get an entire series from a beloved character’s POV – which is what happened with Adrian and Bloodlines! I loved getting six books featuring him as one of the main characters!

Reason #3: You Get To Explore A Different Time Period

Usually, I tend to be a little bit worried about stories that are set in a time period centuries ago. It’s probably because I don’t read many books set in the past – the only one I can think off at the top of my head is The Bronze Horseman. What I have discovered though is that if it’s a spin-off series that is set in the past in a world that I am familiar with, I don’t have those worries at all. That’s what happened with The Infernal Devices which is set in 1878. But since I already knew about the rules of the Shadow World, I had no problem reading a story set more than a century ago!

Reason #4: You Get To See Set Rules Be Broken And/Or Further Explored

Since we’re already talking about Cassandra Clare, let’s use one of her books as an example for this argument! Cassie has created this rule/law in her Shadow World where parabatai aren’t allowed to be in love with each other as that kind of love corrupts their powers and can have horrible consequences. And with her most recent spin-off trilogy, The Dark Artifices Cassie explores that particular rule and shows the reader why it was created and set in motion.

I feel like this might also potentially be something Sarah J. Maas is going to dive into in her upcoming releases in her A Court Of Thorns And Roses series but instead of parabatai relationships, she’s going to explore the mating bond and how different couples live with it.

Reason #5: You Get To Dive Straight Into The Story

You would think that as a person who enjoys reading fantasy novels and loves exploring new facets of a world I would enjoy reading about world building. But I hate it. There aren’t many things I dislike more than reading about world building – sometimes I even find it quite boring. But I’ve accepted that it is part of starting a new series and I live with having to read about it.

The great thing about a spin-off series is that you usually don’t have to ‘suffer’ through as much world building as you did that very first time and I love it. You’re also familiar with the set rules in any given world and you might also already know a few characters as you’re starting onto that new series and isn’t that just freaking awesome? It definitely makes me want to yell ‘Give me all the spin-offs out there!’ from the rooftops!

Are you someone who enjoys a good spin-off series or do you usually shy away from it? Why do or don’t you love them? Let’s discuss in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “Spin-Off Series: 5 Reasons Why They Are Great

  1. Great post! I absolutely love Vampire Academy and the Bloodlines spin off was really good too. Sydney and Rose were both wonderful characters and yet extremely different. Plus, more time with Adrian so no arguments here.
    I enjoyed the Infernal Devices. I started The Dark Artifices last year and only got about 200 pages in before I got distracted. I’ll go back at some point, I think.
    Another spin off you mentioned, Six of Crows. It’s funny, I adored Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom but when I tried Shadow and Bone, I wasn’t impressed and didn’t bother to read past book one. It’s interesting how spin offs work out.

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    1. I still very much love Rose, but I’m honestly afraid to go back to Vampire Academy because I’m afraid I might not like it as much as I did the first time around and I don’t want to taint my memory and love for these characters by that. Have you re-read the series?

      You should absolutely get back to it at some point and with Lord Of Shadows out now too, you could read both books back to back! I feel like Lady Midnight is definitely Cassandra Clare’s best work to date (but so far I still love The Infernal Devices most – I haven’t read Lord Of Shadows yet though)!

      I don’t know if I would’ve finished the Grisha Trilogy if I’d read them after Six Of Crows either, to be honest. I don’t remember loving them a TON when I did read them, so I feel like I might’ve stopped too. Leigh’s writing and storytelling definitely improved quite a bit by the time she got to Six Of Crows & Crooked Kingdom!

      By the way, thank you for reading through multiple posts and leaving a comment on each of them! I really appreciate it! 🙂

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      1. I’ve re-read VA quite a few times actually and it’s still just as good as when I read it the first time. So I say, be brave!
        Okay, I’ll definitely have to go back to it then and hopefully I’ll make it on to Lord of Shadows afterwards.
        No worries! I’m endeavouring to be more social on wordpress but really, thanks for publishing such awesome posts for me to read!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh that makes me really happy to read, actually! Maybe I will get back to Vampire Academy at some point this year – but I have plans to re-read other books first (The Mortal Instruments 4-6 and The Infernal Devices) but hopefully once I’m done with them I’ll feel like picking up Vampire Academy again!

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