New Releases: June 2017

june releasesWhen I sat down to write this blog post I quickly realized that I didn’t have that many books on my Goodreads shelf for this upcoming month and I was worried that this post would be really short and not much fun to write or read. Luckily for all of us (or mostly me) The Broke And The Bookish’s theme for yesterday’s Top 10 Tuesday was Most Anticipated Release For The Rest Of 2017 and I was reminded of a few books that I had seen here and there and found a few new ones to add to my list for June releases! Let’s get right into them!

Release Date: June 6th

song of the currentSong Of The Current by Sarah Tolcser

To be completely honest with you guys, the first thing that drew me to Song Of The Current was hands down that cover! The colors and the way the moon is reflected in the water just really spoke to me and demanded that I look at it longer! But the cover isn’t the only interesting aspect of this book, don’t you worry! The story sounds really awesome too! I’m really bad at summarizing books I haven’t read, so please click on the link above for the Goodreads page to find out more. But this books features a headstrong and determined heroine, pirates, politics and waterways of a magical land and that just sounds really interesting to me!

Once And For All by Sarah Dessenonce and for all

I just finished my first ever Sarah Dessen book this past weekend (I will be talking more about it in my wrap up this Friday!) and I’ve obviously heard about the author as she is really beloved by a lot of people and the promotional campaign for Once And For All was just so cute! This book is all about weddings and wedding planning and everything that goes along with it and I feel like summer is the perfect time for this kind of book and I really hope I can get to it sometime soon! Though maybe I shouldn’t read the author’s most recent book before I read her previous books? I expect her to have gotten better over the years and I don’t want to be disappointed if her previous books aren’t as good as this book can be. Have you guys read any Sarah Dessen books and have tips on how to read them? Let me know!

Release Date: June 13th

our dark duetOur Dark Duet

If you’ve been reading our blog for a little while you probably know that I read my first Victoria Schwab books this year and that I have fallen in love with her writing, so obviously Our Dark Duet is on my list of releases for this month! I was actually hoping to read This Savage Song in May so I can jump right into this one, but I haven’t had the time yet. But none the less, this book is still very high on my list and I can’t wait to jump into Victoria Schwab’s Young Adult books! I do love the concept of acts of violence manifesting in different kinds of monsters and what I’ve heard about this book from Victoria herself in various interviews sounds so awesome!

Down Among Sticks And Bones by Seanan McGuiredown among the sticks and bones

I haven’t heard too many people talk about Every Heart A Doorway (the first book in the Wayward Children trilogy) but the people that have talked about the book have spoken really highly of it, which has me excited to read it and its sequel Down Among The Sticks And Bones soon! And can we just talk about the cover, please? It looks stunning. I have some serious heart-eyes going on! You should check out the cover for the final book too! So pretty. This trilogy is about children who disappear to magical lands and try to find their ways back once they return. Many of these children live at this Home for children like them and when our main character Nancy shows up at the Home things start changing and Nancy and her schoolmates have to figure out what is going on.

bad romanceBad Romance by Heather Demetrios

While looking for books for this list I definitely saw this cover pop up on various lists but it never compelled me enough to click through and read the synopsis. But then I read Jackie’s T10T post in which she featured Bad Romance and I was hooked. One Goodreads user added that there should be a trigger warning for both suicide and abuse, so please be aware of those if you are thinking about reading this book! Bad Romance is about Grace who wants to get out of her home and away from her parents and small town life and start the life she wants to live. She meets Gavin who seems to be right for her, but he’s controlling and dangerous. This relationship might be a prison Grace is unable to escape.

Release Date: June 27th

Now I Rise by Kiersten Whitenow i rise

I’m currently in the middle of my audiobook of And I Darken to get ready to finally read Now I Rise (and slightly worrying about the deadline that has been staring at me these past few days) and I am loving it! I love Lada who is ruthless and a fighter and not afraid to show her toughness and Radu who is the opposite of Lada but has his own ways to deal with people. Then we have Mehmet, the son of the Sultan heir to the throne. These three form such an interesting triangle that is becoming more and more toxic as time goes on and characters grow up. I love the diversity and setting in this story! I haven’t read anything set in the Ottoman Empire before and it’s really interesting to see this side of history! I am really excited to see where the rest of And I Darken goes and where Now I Rise picks up after!

There we have it, six books I am really excited about for the next month! Are any of these books on you guys’ TBR too? Or have added any of them after reading this post? Let’s talk in the comments below!


10 thoughts on “New Releases: June 2017

  1. The Song of the Current sounds like a great book. Who can resist pirates, I mean really? I picked up And I Darken from the library this morning, hopefully it is a great book because the blurb for Now I Rise really grabs at me.

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    1. After I finished reading And I Darken and looked at the synopsis for Now I Rise I got SUPER excited to read that one! I can’t wait to get to it hopefully later today!


  2. Ooo great list! I have all of these on my TBR except the Sara Dessen book because contemporaries aren’t my favorite. But I’m rrally interested to see what Bad Romance will be like and Every Heart a Doorway is a fantastic book i really hope you get to read it soon! 😁

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  3. I only read one Sarah Dessen book so far – The Truth About Forever – and I really enjoyed it, I’m eager to read that one just as well! I don’t know if there is an order to follow to read her books, to be honest I don’t think so, they all seem to be cute contemporaries you can devour anytime and in any order 🙂

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