Review: Twilight of a Saint, The Turtle Problem and Children of the Earth by J.M. Harte (Short stories)

The author requested for me to review these in exchange for an honest review. Thank you (again) to the author for being so kind! (*Note: We’re not accepting any review requests currently! You can find more information on our review policy!)

Twilight of a Saint



A child, desperate to help her ailing friend, seeks the aid of an old and mysterious healer. Little does she know that her arrival will plunge the healer into terrible memories of war, love, and loss. Can the healer overcome the horrors of her past? Will the child be able to save the one she’s sworn to protect? Read on to discover this and share in the beauty and tragedy of a saint at the end of her days.

It’s a story about what it means when you want to help so many people but you know you can’t help them all – that kind of feeling of helplessness is talked about a lot in this story. I loved how Colette was willing to do anything to make that pain of her friend go away. In the end, it’s making that decision of – should I let them have peace or do I (selfishly) want them to stay alive so they can continue to be in my life?

The Dynamics in this story were very interesting and made me kind of think about how brutal the war must have been and how many suffered not only from the war but also because all of these countries were so divided.

If you like short stories, I would recommend you check it out!

Rating: ★★★★

The Turtle Problem


A scientist, a priest, and a mechanic travel back in time to witness the birth of life on Earth.

Going into this, I didn’t expect it to have to do with science, but I’ve really enjoyed that aspect of the story. Those three men explored the idea of faith and God as a creator – They wanted to proof that he was/is real but in the end, they realized they didn’t need to. I really liked how this made me think of my own view of what Religion is to me and what I think in relation to the creation of life – essentially the earth.

The reason I only gave it 3 Stars is because while it was good – it should have been longer to explore that kind of setting a bit more because there is a lot that could have been explored. Like what the earth looked like, what kind of creatures were alive – if there were any at all. Short stories are meant to be short – I get that – but a little bit more detail would have made this even better. I haven’t read many short stories in my life but the appeal of long novels is how much you get to explore the world and the characters more than you’d be able to in a short story. Overall, I did really enjoy this!

Rating: ★★★

Children of the Earth


Four children, desperate to escape the terrible abuse of their foster father, embark on a journey through an alien and perilous world to find their home at last. Cora, though little more than a child herself, leads them, all the while carrying a terrible secret. Lies told in the dark evolve into truths.

When reading the title, I didn’t expect this story to be what it ended up being like. I really enjoyed reading about these children who just wanted to go back home, seeking revenge for someone they all loved. That line between reality and myth really blended together nicely. Cora keeping that secret was a nice element of the story and really brought more into the theme of lies and truth that is definitely prominent in this story.

Another thing I really liked was how it reminded me of the fairy tale “Red Riding Hood” with the red coat being mentioned quite a few times.

Rating: ★★★★

This was something I have never read before but I’m glad that I did, because I feel like, with reading something new we always learn and experience something we didn’t know before and that’s a good thing.


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