Review: Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare

review lord of shadowsIt has been almost a week since I finished reading Lord Of Shadows and I still don’t really know how to sum up how I feel about this book and everything that happened in it. I am still utterly heartbroken and terrified of the ramifications for all of the characters in the aftermath. How are we going to move forward from this without completely ruining the characters and us as readers? Someone, please invent a time machine so I can jump to the release date of Queen Of Air And Darkness and find out how all of this is going to play out. Please?

One of my absolute highlights about this book was that we got to revisit some of our previous characters and have them interact with our crew in Los Angeles and then to get back to the London Institute and get all the references to The Infernal Devices characters was so much fun too. I miss them all dearly and this just made me want to re-read TID even more.

And even though we had previous characters show up, they in no way overshadowed our main crew and what they were going through at any point. They were more of a nice addition and definitely a treat!

The only characters I didn’t like were some of the newly introduced Centurions. I didn’t appreciate they way they acted to the residents of the L. A. Institute or anyone, for that matter. I could have definitely done without them! We were also introduced to a bunch more characters and more of the history of them (or is it myths? I’m not sure.) and I am definitely curious if they are going to come back into play in QOAAD and if so, how they’ll play into things and where their alliances are going to be, etc.!

And since we’re already talking about characters can we please talk about Kit and Ty? They honestly were such a fun dynamic to read about and I loved seeing their relationship develop and change over time! I loved the fact that Kit, as someone who grew up in the human world, was aware of human medicine and mental illnesses and the perspective that gave him into Ty’s situation. I am so excited to see their dynamic explored further in The Wicked Powers (Cassie has confirmed this, I am not being mean and spoiling you).

Kind of on the topic of Kit, one thing I was a bit disappointed about is the fact that some characters seem to have no unique character traits or are mostly characterized the same way as some of their ancestors and I think that’s a bit lazy on the author’s part. Obviously, you might share a couple of characteristics with your family but you’re not entirely the same. This bothered me so much I actually marked it in my copy of Lord Of Shadows.

Continuing on the topic of relationships: something I didn’t expect to enjoy quite as much as I did were Mark, Cristina and Kieran! That is such a fascinating dynamic and if Cassie wants to explore it further (in whatever form) I am definitely here for it! Give me more!

The one thing that will make me really angry when I read about two characters that share any kind of relationship is when they don’t communicate. I get so angry and want to yell at my book or throw it across the room in frustration (which I’ll never actually do, I love my books too much for that) and so the whole Julian and Emma relationship in this book involved a lot of internal screaming and yelling at my book. (#funtimes) They do eventually get their stuff together and talk, so it was all good eventually, but still. TALK TO EACH OTHER.

We were also introduced to some new character dynamics that I didn’t see coming but really enjoyed (one in particular that I am not saying anything about because #spoilers) and which gave us a different look at some characters and how they were feeling. Which was highly appreciated!

Obviously, with a cast of characters as big as the Blackthorn family, there isn’t always enough time to spend with each character and learn more about them but we did make small steps in getting to know some characters more in this book for sure!

Lord Of Shadows nicely continues the threads that Cassie spun in Lady Midnight while also including new threads that are going to determine how QOAAD is going to play out and definitely sets up some serious conflicts for quite a few of our characters (both new and old ones). It also feels like Lord Of Shadows was setting up more than just QOAAD but also Cassie’s future trilogies (I’m not sure how much The Dark Artifices plays into The Last Hours, but it definitely seems to play into TWP and the Magnus centric trilogy!) and I am so ready for all of it!

This book was probably one of the easiest 5-star rating I have given this year even though I had some minor issues with it and I can’t believe I now have to wait two years to find out how this story ends. That is just simply too much time, Cassie!

PS: If you’re wondering if you can read Lord Of Shadows or the previous book in The Dark Artifices trilogy without having read any of Cassie’s previous works, please check out this post!

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5 thoughts on “Review: Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare

  1. Such a great review!

    I had no idea the third book wasn’t going to come out for 2 years – I’m going to go back to my corner and start crying again. 😦


    1. Thank you, I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed it! 😀 I wasn’t even going to post it to the blog and just leave it for Goodreads but then I figured if it’s written and formatted, why not post it on here too.

      Yeah, she’s releasing both the first book in the Magnus Bane trilogy and the first book in The Last Hour next year and then after that we’re getting the conclusion of TDA. Guess I’ll have to relive the ending of Lord Of Shadows all over again sometime next year!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. As long as she’s still writing lots of books, I guess I’ll survive. Haha.

        I’m glad you decided to post it here too! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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