Book Series: 5 Reasons to Read them

Hey, Everyone! The idea for this post was actually kind of inspired by one of Swetlana’s posts called Spin-Off-Series: 5 Reasons why they’re great and that made me kind of think about Why do I love to read book series so much? What kind of reasons pop up in my head? 

#1 The whole world expands

The world you get introduced to in the first book, gets bigger and bigger with each book that gets added onto the series, whether that’s fantasy, dystopian or sci-fi, it gives the story more depth and you get to see more parts of that world you’re starting to love and that makes for so much fun and new characters interacting with each other. It’s such a good aspect of series.

#2 You get to see more character development

With every new book the characters are put in different situations they haven’t been in before – whom they thought they’d never be in, to begin with – and you get to see different sides of them that you haven’t seen before. I remember when I was reading the Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas (I actually read ACOTAR after TOG) and having arrived at almost the end of this wonderful series makes me so nostalgic because the main character Celaena (I’m using that name because of spoilers!) grows so much as a person because she’s being put into these situations where she has to make decisions quite quickly to ensure not only her own survival but that of the people she cares about. She’s grown into such a comfortable woman who is finally happy in her own skin and accepting who she truly is. Is the new book out yet? ;D

#3 You get to spend more time in that world

In comparison to a stand-alone, your time in that world is limited because there’s a definite ending and a story that is made for one book but with a series, you get so much more time to explore and read about that world and I personally really love that. It’s like an extended stay at your dream vacation!

#4 Marathons!

I think that is pretty self-explanatory, right? Marathons are so much fun. Making your way through a series book by book is really great because you get to experience the story as a whole (without waiting a year in-between) and see how things that have been hinted at in the first book come into play further down the road.

#5 You’ll always remember how much you enjoyed reading it (+rereading)

That’s probably one of my favorite things about reading series and the general concept of them. The fact that this story, the characters, every plot twist that made you either cry of scream – you’ll always remember that and you take it with you forever. It’s like another part of you that you’ll never lose.

Swetlana wrote a post about re-reading books which I couldn’t help but link you to at this point because it fits what I’m saying here so well!

Do you guys tend to read more series or stand-alones? Do you prefer going into a book knowing there’s a definite (set out) ending or a series where you get to guess a little bit more?



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8 thoughts on “Book Series: 5 Reasons to Read them

  1. Great post! I think I’m reading more standalones, but I really love how series allow us to really get to know a world and see such amazing character development, that’s for sure ❤ Great post, Sandra! 🙂

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  2. Definitely a series girl, I like the long drawn out experience of delving into one world and finding out more about it. I read some stand-alones but not many. I prefer series. You’ve put it perfectly! (:

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    1. Thank you! I just find with series your time with the characters isn’t as limited as it is with just 1 book.


  3. Ahh yes! Series are so great to have fleshed out characters and see their journey. I do have a love-hate relationship though with them, because waiting for the next book to be released is painfullll but when the books are all released, it totally is perfect for marathoning! 🙈 Love this post!

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    1. That’s true! I find myself often forgetting things about the previous book, when I have had to wait a long time for next installment, but that also gives more room for re-reading.


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