Celebrating 6 Months of Blogging: Q&A

Hey, Everyone! We have officially reached our 6 Month anniversary on here! In January when Swetlana asked me if I’d be willing to join her in creating this blog about books I never thought that we would get to this point and like she said, keep it up for this long but it’s been amazing so far getting to discover the world of blogging about books and interacting with people about it!

It’s been a very good learning experience for me and I take all of that with me going forward and I hope some of you take a lot of enjoyment from our blog with you, too.

Let’s dive right into the questions, shall we?

Sarah @ Between The Pages asked: 

What was the book that sparked your love for reading YA?

I think I mentioned this in a few posts before but it’s definitely The Mortal Instruments books by Cassandra Clare cause that’s when I first started really reading books and what kind of got me into the genre in the first place! I love reading and it helps me in so many ways that I couldn’t imagine no longer learning from and taking with me for my life ahead.

Do you ever use a Kindle/Nook to read?

So far I’ve only used it for author requests because shipping to Germany is quite difficult and it’s just easier to get them on Kindle to read. I do like Kindle but I still prefer to read physical books because I read those way faster than an ebook because that requires a lot of staring at my screen for a long time and it hurts my eyes after a while.

Pamela @ Starring Pamela asked:

If you could pick any book to turn into a movie (and know it would be done right) which would you pick?

I’d love to see This Savage Song come to life and getting to experience that kind of dark story on screen would be such an interesting experience. Maybe someday, it might become a reality. For me, it would certainly be fun!

What’s your favorite color?

Purple is the one I go for often whenever I think about colors I really like. Warm colors are just my favorite although when it comes to clothes I wear, I tend to pick up a lot of dark colors as for other things Purple, Pink, and Red are very nice.

If you could have any animal for a pet, what would you pick?

I’d probably get a cat again. We used to have cats but had to give them away because we couldn’t afford the costs and everyone was starting to work a lot i.e. we didn’t have enough time to look after them and in my opinion, if that’s the case, they deserve a better home somewhere where the owner has the time and dedication they need.

Marie @ Drizzle And Hurricane Books asked:

Which book would you recommend to someone who’s not that much into YA books?

That would depend on what kind of books they like to read but I’d highly recommend “The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas because that book is for everyone and there’s no requirement to be reading it. This book has touched me in ways that I don’t think I’ll forget for a while. If you haven’t read it yet, you should consider doing it.

If you had to choose one place/city/country in the world you want to travel to the most, which one would it be?

Seeing how things are in the US at the moment, I might actually go somewhere in Europe. I’ve always wanted to go to London and experience that city and all of what makes it such a remarkable place. Visiting all of the important parts of the city like the Big Ben or the Palace would be so much fun! Hopefully one day I can fulfill that dream.

So far, how has blogging met up with your expectations/or not? And why?

Going into this, I don’t think I had any expectations because I’ve never done it before on this kind of scale so it was a very new experience for me and I was just testing the waters at the beginning but as time went by, I think I kind of found my rhythm and that’s really nice. Although, I don’t think I expected the amount of time I’d put into this blog but it’s been more than worth it, to be honest.

As you might know, the only Blog I ever really had was on Tumblr but doing this is completely different and takes a lot more thought and dedication than just reblogging posts all the time. Both things are fun for me and equally as worth it, because both these blogs reflect on something that I love and that’s really important to me.

May @ Forever And Everly asked:

What do you love about blogging? (Hate)

There’s not really anything big that I hate about blogging because if I didn’t enjoy it anymore, I wouldn’t see the point in continuing on with it. There are so many positive things that really outweigh anything negative.

The community on here has been nothing but nice and welcoming to us and we honestly can’t thank you guys enough for your support and kindness! It really means a lot to us to see people enjoy our content and interact with us about our favorite books. It’s just great to see people come together about something positive and spreading that message all around because I feel like, we already have so much negativity in this world, we need and deserve more love, right?

Who are some of your favorite people?

Depends on what you mean by that? Family members? Friends? Celebrities? I’m gonna go ahead and just talk about a few of all these.

I gotta start off with my family because they have been my rock all my life and without them, I’d honestly be lost. They mean so much to me and I couldn’t imagine not having these people support me through anything and to have them as my family.

As for Friends, I would be damned if I didn’t mention Swetlana because we actually go way back! We’ve known each other for a few years now. I find that she’s someone I can talk to about anything and I trust her with so much. She’s the best blog co-owner I could have ever wished for! Let’s give her some love!

There’s a lot of celebrities I either admire or just simply like but I gotta mention the Shadowhunters Cast because those people are such an inspiration for me! They’re so kind and caring towards the fandom, the show and the characters they play and that amazes me all the time. They deserve all the appreciation they get, tbh.


I do, I just don’t eat them very often. Fruit is kind of rare for me. Oops.

Jackie @ Too Much Of A Book Nerd asked:

What is your #1 favorite song?

That’s next to impossible for me to answer so I’m just gonna name a few and link to you a playlist I made of some of my all time favorite songs! When it comes to choosing my favorite music/song I just can’t do it because there are so many songs that I love for different reasons.

  • Bird Set Free by Sia
  • Seven Devils by Florence and the Machine
  • Ready to Run by One Direction
  • Best Thing I Never Had by Beyonce
  • Bitter Pill by Gavin James

Link to my playlist

If you could bring one fictional character to life, who would it be and why?

What a cool question! There are so many options because would I go for a human character or someone that’s immortal and has magical powers? I’d definitely be on board if Magnus Bane from Shadowhunters was actually real. I’d totally be friends with him and go on fun adventures all around the world with him. He’s so near and dear to my heart and I relate to him on so many levels, too.

What is your Hogwarts House? XD 

I’d probably be sorted into Gryffindor or Hufflepuff because both have qualities that I identify with and it would be really fun going to Hogwarts and learning about magic and practicing with other students. I’ve always been so fascinated by the wizarding world that I’d be 100% on board if it was an actual reality. Where’s my letter?

Juliana @ Blots Of Ink And Words asked:

What would you say to newbie bloggers? 

I would say to stick to a posting schedule because having a regular schedule helps with deciding what you want to post when and where. But also to do things your own way and not try to be like anything or anyone other than yourself because you’re unique and you can bring that something extra special to this community that someone else might not have. Embrace yourself and your preferences!

Interacting with people is also important to make your blog known amongst the community on here and once you find a few blogs you enjoy you get to talk about your favorite books with them! It all comes full circle.

How has your perspective on blogging changed?

I think it changed in ways that it makes me think about the books I read a bit more and consider what I don’t like versus what I actually enjoy in a book. Reading about other people’s experiences certainly, helps me to find my way around here as well. I think that we can all learn so much from each other and hopefully we will continue to do so!

What is your favorite food?

Honestly anything my Mom cooks. May it be something typically German or something Romanian (My mom is from Romania). I just love having those two nationalities come together even in the food we eat. I don’t really have any preferences because I eat pretty much everything. Another favorite of mine is Greek and/or Italian food. So good.

What do you usually spend your time doing?

Well, I do spend a lot of time writing posts for you guys, haha. However, outside of that, I read, watch some shows on Netflix (currently it’s Gotham) or I blog a bit on Tumblr. It really depends on what I’m in the mood for that day.

Spending time with my family is the most important for me of course. Without them, life wouldn’t be the same. I try to spend a lot of time with them. We often end up just talking for ages and those are some of my favorite memories.

Can you throw all of your favorite gifs at us? 

If I did that, this post would be never ending stretching on into infinity. I don’t think you guys would want that. You can go on my tumblr – it’s full of things and gifs that I love.

Analee @ booksnacksblog asked:

Would you rather be a Shadowhunter or an Antari?

I’m not sure what an Antari is? I’m guessing it’s a species from a book? I’m going to go with Shadowhunter on this one. Although if I had to choose a species for myself in the shadow world, I’d definitely be a Warlock. They are the most powerful and just very fascinating when it comes to their abilities.

What books do you want in your possession right now? (Released or unreleased)

I’d probably buy some new releases that have come out recently like The Names They Gave Us, The Love Interest and When Dimple met Rishi. Or a few books I’ve had my eyes on for a while now like You’re welcome Universe or And I Darken. But when it comes to buying books it’s often quite random and based on what I’m in the mood for.

What books do you wish you wrote?

That’s an interesting question but I don’t think I’d be good enough of a writer to write a book that I loved simply because I have no experience with writing and I don’t think I could write a certain book in the same way that the author had done.

Goals for blogging?

I can’t speak for Swetlana but for me, it’s that we keep this going and who knows what the future holds for us? I’m excited to find out though. We’ve been at it for 6 months now (hence why we’re doing this Q&A) and for me, this is something I have never done before so I’m still learning.

We haven’t really set ourselves any big goals when we started this blog and we just hope that people continue to enjoy our content and we really appreciate all of the support and comments you guys leave for us!



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4 thoughts on “Celebrating 6 Months of Blogging: Q&A

  1. Ah, This Savage Song would be a great movie! And AGH YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT AN ANTARI IS??? You must read the Shades of Magic trilogy then! YAS FOR LIKING MANGOES. And agh, Bird Set Free is amazing! I did a combo (dance) to it and it’s beautiful. ❤ And I prefer physical books too for that reason — reading from screens HURTS MY EYES. (I say as I read 30 online posts a day. XD) Congrats on six months! 🎉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would love to watch that movie tbh. Nope haven’t read adsom yet. I know right? I love sia she’s one of my favorite artists to listen to. Same. Also I tend to read more when it comes to physical books because it’s just easier to pick it up and settle in bed and it also doesn’t require to stare at a screen for a very long time.

      Liked by 1 person

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