Celebrating 6 Months Of Blogging: Let’s Talk Goals!

lets talk goalsThis is going to be our third and final post in this little series to celebrate six months of blogging! And what’s more fun than looking toward the future and setting ourselves some goals? Even more so, I think there is nothing quite like setting your goals publicly to get yourself to follow through with them! Isn’t that why people share their New Year Resolutions every year? So let’s talk about some of my goals for the upcoming months!


Blog Related Goals

Reaching 250 Followers By The End Of Summer

If you’re looking at this goal and wondering ‘Why is this chick constantly talking about followers?’, well. I do care about how many people follow this blog and I do know that just because a lot of people follow a blog it’s not going to translate into a lot of feedback from our readers. I see the difference in how many people follow us and how many interact with us on our posts (or outside of our blog)! But those are still fun milestones to reach and I would be lying to you guys if I said I didn’t want to reach them in the future!

Staying On Top Of Our Posting Schedule

I feel like by switching to this posting schedule, Sandra and I did a really good thing because it’s been much easier to handle and stay on top of – even when we post twice most days. I would love to continue doing that but also try and go back to more of a plan like we had during February and March. It was really great having a variety of posts go up each week and knowing what kinds of posts we would need to work on for the future. Sometimes I really miss that!

Work On More Blogging Related Posts

One of the things that’s been a lot of fun to do recently has been writing about blogging related issues – be it my struggle to find my blogging voice or asking you guys about commenting slumps and there are more posts coming soon that I’m really excited about! And while we’re still a mostly book related blog I think it’s fun to share some blogging related topics too. I mean, it’s something we do regularly and I’m sure we all come across some things we would love to discuss with other bloggers! I know I love reading blog related posts a lot!

Making Sure Blogging Continues To Be Something I Love Doing

I really, really hope that book blogging continues to be as much fun as it has been up until now and hopefully, it’s going to be even more fun as the months go by and we figure out where we want this blog to go even more! I don’t want to one day go on WordPress and realize that I am hating what I’m doing and that I dread writing new content or that I’m not looking forward to reading new books anymore. That would be really sad. But I think since Sandra and myself are doing this together, we’ve got a great system to make sure we don’t burn ourselves out which is something I really appreciate! 

Reading Related Goals

Read At Least 3 Popular Releases Out Already

Recently, I took a look back at all of the releases I talked about on this blog and narrowed down a list of five popular releases that I haven’t gotten to yet but want to in the upcoming months and I’m making it my goal to read at least three of them by the end of 2017. Obviously, I would love to read all five of them, but I also know that there are so many more great books being released in the second half of 2017 that I probably won’t be able to read all five of them. And in case you’re wondering what those books are – you’ll have to wait a little bit longer as I wrote an entire post about it that is coming in a few weeks! But please, feel free to guess which five books have made it onto my list!

Review More Books

This goal is aimed more towards books that aren’t ARC copies as I am going to review those anyways and instead I want to review more of the books that I pick up myself! This year alone I’ve read some really great books and while I didn’t review them all (because I am a bit lazy sometimes), I feel like I got to a good amount of them. At the same time I feel like I could do more, so that’s my goal for the rest of the year: review at least one book each month that isn’t an ARC copy. 

Get On Top Of My eARCS

As I am writing this post, I currently have five eARCs to read (most of them release in the fall, so I’ve still got time) plus three physical copies (two of which are still in the mail at this point) and I definitely want to make sure to get on top of them and definitely work on a system that allows me to stay on top of them! I will find myself requesting too many eARCs some days and then I’m just worrying about ‘What if I get approved for multiple copies at once?’ (I’m still trying to read the copies I was approved for months ago all at once) because that is really going to mess with my feedback ratio – even though it doesn’t always seem to matter how high it is. Publishers on NetGalley all seem to have their own preferences as far as stats go.

Update: My smartass apparently completely forgot to actually finish writing this post? I was just reading it over on the blog and I was like ‘Where is the end? What happened?!’. But yeah, let’s just do it now!

Do you guys like to set goals for yourself as far as blogging and reading goes? And if you do, do you share them publicly or do you prefer to keep them private? 

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10 thoughts on “Celebrating 6 Months Of Blogging: Let’s Talk Goals!

  1. I LOVE SETTING GOALS FOR MYSELF IN ANYTHING!!! Goals are amazing. I love your new design, btw! I’m sure you’ll reach 250, and I love to read and write blogging related posts as well! And uuuugggghh I would TOTALLY read all the popular releases I want to read if I could — but I’m broke and my library never has them when I’m there. (Or they don’t have those books at all!!! Yay.)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Best of luck for all of these goals, I hope you’ll both reach them, though I’m not worried about the followers at all,you have a fantastic blog 🙂
    What’s most important here is for sure, to keep on loving blogging as much as you do now, and the rest, inspiration, blog posts and all, will follow for sure 😀


    1. Aww, thank you, Marie! That’s very kind of you to say!

      Oh, definitely! I’ve kind of been in this weird place lately when it comes to our blog, so I really hope he changes we’ve made will help make this more fun again!

      Liked by 1 person

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