eARC Review: The Nearest Faraway Place by Hayley Long

review the nearest far away placeWhen I first saw the cover of The Nearest Faraway Place on NetGalley I just simply had to check out what the book was all about because it’s just so beautiful? Those colors drew me right in and then the overall design was so stunning too! And I honestly couldn’t be more excited that I was drawn in by the cover because the book was absolutely beautiful too? I think I’ve talked about how I don’t always connect to contemporary books as much before but this book? It had me in tears and crying multiple times. That hasn’t happened too often with this genre before! The only thing I wish I had done differently was to discover this book before I posted my July releases because this book 100% should have been on that list! If you haven’t heard of it before, please click the link above and check out the Goodreads synopsis and if you enjoy it, for the love of everything good: Get This Book! 

Should we talk about the things that I enjoyed about this book? Because I really hope those will convince you to give this book a chance too!

#1: The Narrator’s Voicethe nearest faraway place

The Nearest Faraway Place is told entirely from a first person POV and it gives the narrator the opportunity to connect with us as readers even more and to really pull us into the story. I think some of my favorite moments were when Dylan – our narrator – would speak directly to me. He would pull me in and tell me what to do (when he was trying to set the scene) and I absolutely loved it. This also made for some fantastic moments later on in the story!

#2: The Unique Use Of Formatting

Throughout the entire book, we are met with different types of formatting, be it text that is highlighted by being biggeror smaller, text in a different font or cursive text and while my first instinct was that something might be wrong with my eARC copy, I quickly realized that it was very intentional and I really started to love it – even though the smaller text was a bit difficult to read sometimes. I’ve not come across a book that takes advantage of formatting like this before (I’ve obviously heard about books using different types of media like Illuminae but I don’t think I’ve heard of contemporary books doing the same before) and it was really refreshing to see!

#3:  The Storytelling

Contemporary books very, very rarely make me cry or really get to me in any kind of way, this book? Had me going ‘Oh no!’ with a hand to my mouth, in tears and crying multiple times which honestly surprised me! The author was such a great storyteller that I just kept flipping page after page, needing to know what would happen next to these two kids who had just been through such a hard time!

#4: The Supporting Characters

Throughout this story, we are introduced to some truly amazing supporting characters that had such an impact on our characters and their growth and I really loved getting to know them more and seeing some of their backstories! And even though only one of them is actually called Blessing there are multiple people I would consider to be just that: a blessing to our characters! 

There were many more things I know I enjoyed about this book but I seem to have the most difficult time putting them to words and listing them for you guys? I’ve been thinking about this review for days now, and I just can’t put my thoughts to paper. Just know that I truly enjoyed this book and it’s already one of my 8 favorite books of this year so far! That should tell you something, especially since I’m close to having finished 28 books (once I finish my current audiobook) already this year!

I do want to make sure that you guys know that this book deals with grief and death and could be really difficult to read for some, so please be aware of that!

Rating & Release Date

This very clear 4-star book was released on 13th July and you guys really should get your hands on this as soon as possible! And please make sure you tweet/Instagram this book if you enjoy it and show the author some support! 

Have any of you guys heard about this book? Or read it yourself? Are you planning on reading it? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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