Tag: US vs. UK Covers – Part 2!

us vs uk coverWhen we first started this blog, I had asked my sister if she would be interested in participating in a blog post where she’d be deciding between US and UK covers and she agreed – you can check out that post here! For today’s post, I figured I would do a part two except for this time it’s just me choosing between covers but I definitely want you guys to get involved and vote too! I think that would be a lot of fun.

PS: For the entirety of this post, the US cover is on the left while the UK cover is on the right side!

A Skinful Of Shadows


With this one, I actually tweeted about how amazing the UK cover for Frances Hardinge’s A Skinful Of Shadows was and why anyone would want to go with the US cover when they could have the UK one. Because just look at that stunner of a cover! The colors, the illustrated animals. I am in love. The UK cover wins hands down!

Daughter Of Smoke And Bone


Here we have Laini Taylor’s Daughter Of Smoke And Bone and while I did originally really like the US cover after seeing the UK covers for the entire trilogy, I have been swayed and have fallen in love with them quite a lot! And I feel like with the tagline on the UK cover ‘Do you belong here or Elsewhere?‘ the image of the door fits rather perfectly!

Daughter Of The Burning City


The first time Amanda Foody’s Daughter Of The Burning City caught my attention it was the US cover because so many booktubers were showing the book of in their BEA/BookCon hauls and I was definitely intrigued. But then. Then I saw the UK cover and I have been in love with it ever since? For me, the UK wins this round hands down! 

PS: Daughter Of The Burning City releases on the 25th so make sure you are heading out there and grabbing this book!

Ink And Bone


Here we have a very recent addition to my TBR: Rachel Caine’s Ink And Bone! And again, the US edition is absolutely beautiful and wins for me! I have noticed recently that I really like the combination of blues, reds, oranges and yellows on covers – be it as prominent as it is on here or more of a background like on The Librarian Of Auschwitz. I am drawn to those colors like a moth to a flame!

Now I Rise


And last, but not least, we have Kiersten White’s Now I Rise! I read this book early last month and really loved it and ever since I read it, I started to see both these covers pop up more often and while I do like the way Lada looks on the UK cover (I am positively terrified), I much prefer the design of the US cover for this one!

Strange The Dreamer


Another Laini Taylor book! This time we’ve got the oh so stunning Strange The Dreamer! And honestly, I think in this case I really can’t decide because both editions have things going for them! I really love the shiny-ness of the US edition and I love the blue edged pages of the UK edition! I feel like I would be 100% happy with either of these copies! It’s a tie!

The Bear And The Nightingale


The Bear And The Nightingale by Katherine Arden has been sitting on my TBR for a few months now after seeing the UK cover for the first time, being really intrigued and checking the book out. I still haven’t read this book so I don’t know if any of the covers represent the story better but the UK cover design just really speaks to me on an aesthetic level! 

The Thousandth Floor


To be honest with you guys, if I walked by the UK edition of Katharine McGee’s The Thousandth Floor I would probably walk right by it after taking a quick glance. The cover kind of looks like it might be about this girl that is being thrown into life with the rich or something like that? I don’t know what it is, but it’s not appealing to me at all. I definitely prefer the US edition of this one!

The Wrath & The Dawn


Up next, we have Renee Ahdieh’s The Wrath & The Dawn and again, I just have to give it to the UK for this one as well! I am in love with the much bigger font showing off the title and the colors are stunning too and just grab your attention! The cover for the sequel is really pretty too!

I ended up giving 5 wins to the UK cover, 3 wins to the US cover and since I just absolutely couldn’t choose between the US and UK cover for Strange The Dreamer that one ended in a tie!

How would you have chosen? Leave your answers in the comments below and let’s see which covers end up winning for any of these books! And remember, head out there and get your hands on Daughter Of The Burning City on the 25th!

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5 thoughts on “Tag: US vs. UK Covers – Part 2!

  1. OMG THAT A SKINFUL OF SHADOWS COVER IS THE UK ONE??? I’m so pissed right now omg. XD Ink and Bone US definitely wins, and agh I LOVE the UK Strange the Dreamer cover, but I like the US one more! And oh gosh, The Thousandth Floor UK is so… cringy. XD

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