Tropes I Will Read Over And Again

tropes i never get tired ofDo you ever read a book or multiple books in a row and find yourself thinking ‘I will read this exact trope forever and not get tired of it!’? I know I often find myself thinking just that – especially with fanfiction!

There is no way for me to count how many different fanfictions I’ve read featuring the same exact trope and it just never gets old? I am a sucker for tropes. Truly, I am. And whenever I know that a certain trope is part of a book? I am even more excited about it! And if we mix pairings/ships into things? Boy, do I have a pattern – but that’s better suited for a post of its own. I can’t be trusted to stop at a reasonable post length if I get into ships. This is a favor to you guys as much as it’s a favor to myself. But anyways, let’s get back on track: tropes I love to read about!

Trope #1: The Non-Date

The amount of times that I have read about characters having gone out together and pretended it wasn’t a date is a bit ridiculous at this point. And yet, I am still not tired of it! I live for the moment in the conversation when the non-date comes up and our lovely characters are trying to figure out whether it was a date or not (in some instances) or they both straight out agree that it is not a date. Absolutely not. And as the reader I’m just sitting here like ‘Oh, you’ve got it coming!’. When Dimple and Rishi went out together and talked about how they weren’t going on a date I was so excited! It’s my type of content!

Trope #2: Promises Not To Fall In Love

Hands down, this is probably my favorite trope. There is nothing I love more than watching characters come to the realization that they are actually falling for the other person even though they were so certain that it wouldn’t happen. And if things are going really well, person A might’ve already been a bit in love with person B before person B asks person A not to fall in love and then it’s this whole thing of person A suppressing their feelings while person B realizes that they might actually be falling for person A which is horrible, because no way is person A feeling the same way about them! It’s so glorious. I will read a million books all about this.

Trope #3: One Room, One Bed, Two People

This is definitely a trope I come across more often in the fanfictions I read rather than books (unless they are written by Sarah J Maas) but I don’t mind. I live for this trope. Whenever a potential pair is traveling together and they finally come across an inn or something, you can almost bet money on the fact that there is only going to be one room available and that room will, of course, have a small bed that our two characters will have to share. And they will go to bed promising not to let things get #awkward which is exactly what happens come morning because one of them will find themselves all wrapped up in the other, trying to get away without waking the other and does just that and things definitely get #awkward. Give me ten different possible pairings and I will read about all of them. 

Trope #4: Hate To Love

I don’t know how many of you guys know about my love for the broody/’mysterious’ type of character (I know, I should probably be done with them by now but I just can’t seem to escape???) who meets their love interest and they just do not get along what so ever. They might even hate each other. And then slowly, very slowly (preferably, I love my angst too) they start realizing that they are developing feelings for each other and if everything goes according to plan this is going to be combined with any and all of the tropes mentioned above (in whatever combination) and it’s going to be an explosion of awesome!

If I read the romance heavier New Adult novels, I might have gotten a bit tired of reading all these tropes but since they aren’t as heavily featured (usually) in the books I do read, I find that I’m still really excited about stumbling across them.

How do you guys feel about any of these tropes? Do you really like or dislike any of them? Are they tropes you find yourself gravitating towards? What are some of the tropes you love to read about? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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