5 Blogging Confessions

Hey, Everyone! Here I am with a somewhat more daring post of mine, which I think is a good thing. We all have things we are weary of sharing with our followers but I feel like there are people out there who might feel the exact same way and knowing that makes me feel less like I’m the only one. On top of that, I like to challenge myself sometimes and there are a few things I do have to confess so let’s get into it, shall we?

  • #1 I have trouble brainstorming for a lot of post ideas

It really helps not doing this alone because if I was doing it alone, I don’t know if this blog would still be here. I’m also not a very creative person so a lot of ideas for posts are inspired by other people or me and Swetlana come up with them together because talking to her about it, helps me get some ideas. We work on this together and it is as much a cooperative thing between us as it is our own ideas coming into it.

  • #2 Writing Reviews for books is hard

It takes me a while to write them because I really want to cover all of my thoughts of each book I review and I try to do it justice but when you read a book you’re very focused on what’s happening that sometimes you overlook things and that can shine through in a review. I do try not to insult or be mean towards the author because I think that disregards the work they put into the book, if I didn’t enjoy a book as much as I hoped to, then I just simply say that, but not with animosity.

  • #3 I’ve considered going premium for our blog but I decided not to because I’m not very good at coding

When it comes to WordPress I literally have no idea how to use simple coding on here (please don’t laugh :D). I’ve always been on Tumblr and I find that whenever I need to customize something on there it’s way easier than on here because when you have a free account you only have so much you can do. I would love to be able to customize our Theme properly to make it totally our own (which it kind of is, but you know what I mean).

  • 4# I tend to overthink things in posts that require a lot of detail and my own thoughts/opinions

The problem with that is how I tend to think too much about everything and sometimes I get very into the topic I’m writing about and maybe you have seen that shine through a couple of times. Whilst writing these posts, I try to write down notes so I know how to expand on them because I know you guys don’t want to read a 2 sentence post. Those posts then often end up being over 1k words (sorry about that :D). As you might have noticed I’m quite the rambler.

  • 5# I do get jealous of people that live in countries where it’s easier to receive ARCs from Authors

To clarify, I live in Germany (we both do) and the shipping costs are just too high for Authors which I totally understand but it doesn’t mean I don’t envy people who get to go to book conventions and meet their favorite authors and also receive ARCs from publishers. So, I stick to buying books myself most of the time. I do have NetGalley but I didn’t really use it yet because I don’t want to go on a requesting spree and end up with 20 books on my back to review (in a certain amount of time). The pressure that comes with that leaves me feeling a bit uncomfortable. Besides, I really only want to read books that I want to read and we have talked about maybe no longer taking review requests.

I have to say, writing this makes me a feel a bit better about everything. It’s good to have a way to write it down and let you guys know how I feel about these things. Taking on this post, was a really good idea and taking a leap and challenging myself is something I want to do more of.

Do you have any confessions of your own? Let’s discuss them in the comments!


12 thoughts on “5 Blogging Confessions

  1. reviewing is hard. I always end up writing a review and then fully starting over. And have you looked into European publishing companies? They would be more willing to ship.

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  2. I so can sympathize with your thoughts on writing book reviews. It takes me forever to write book reviews and even after writing I always feel as though I’m missing something and didn’t do the book enough justice.

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  3. I can sooo relate to most of what you said!! (I’m very lucky because where I live, publishers can easily send me ARCs without much of a shipping fee.)

    I’m terrible at coming up with clever post ideas, but I’m even more terrible at coding. Seriously, the HTML thing just hurts my brain to look at!! I have no idea what all of it even means.

    Book reviews are actually pretty difficult to write. Personally, when I absolutely adored a book, I can’t seem to find the words that can really capture ALL MY FEELS without making it turn out as a long string of emotional gifs. And on the opposite end of a spectrum– when I absolutely HATED a book– I can’t seem to form a coherent review that doesn’t turn out as a long string of *angry* gifs.

    Plus, I always always overthink everything– I’m a major perfectionist, so I have a tendency to include excessive detail. D:

    (wow rant over complaining is so fun)

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  4. My confession is that I don’t want to read ARCs. The thing is, I gravitate towards books that already have great reviews, that people like. I’m already picky because I don’t even like a lot of the books that other people like. ARCs tend to not have that many reviews yet and there is a higher likelihood that they won’t be well liked, compared to books that have a proven track record. Therefore I will probably not like a lot of the ARCs that I receive. Life is too short to read bad books in my opinion 🙂
    Anyway I feel like I am being harsh here! There are probably good ARCs out there! I just feel like my chances of reading a good book are higher if I choose books that have a good rep already 🙂

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  5. Yeep, I can relate to #2 and #5, making reviews is hard… and yes, when I see all the yummy arcs others can get I’m a sad panda. I wouldn’t mind paying for the shipping to get arcs… and getting arcs from publishers in my country would probably mean they are not in english.

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  6. I definitely agree that writing reviews is hard. I actually stopped reviewing books because I couldn’t think of anything to say unless I had really strong feelings about them. I ended up having too many neutral reviews of books that I didn’t care for because I felt like I had to post reviews to be a real book blogger, so I just stopped.

    I’ve considered moving my blog over to self-hosted WordPress for years now, but I’m not great at coding and I can’t really afford to pay for hosting or a domain right now. I might go for it if I decide to be more serious about blogging in the future and can afford it, but for now I have to stay put with Blogger.

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  7. Writing reviews can be so difficult at times! Sometimes I don’t even want to write them but then I also feel obligated to because I have a book blog :/


  8. I’m totally with you on reviews! I’ve too many stacked up to write, I have lots of notes, it’s just changing them into something people would actually enjoy reading!

    Re: coding, I would say WordPress have some wonderful forums full of people who know what they’re talking about and are super kind and willing to help out, so don’t let it hold you back!


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