Trying To Figure Out What I Want To Do

Hey, guys! Swetlana here! Long time no see, huh? Unless of course you follow me on Twitter and have witnessed my countless tweets over the past two weeks or so. I honestly went a bit overboard ever since I started this hiatus! Probably because I wasn’t leaving most of my words in blog posts over here and needed a different place to make sure I wasn’t overflowing with words – or something that sounds less weird. Anyways! The point of today’s post!

If you guys have been long time followers, you probably know that I love my New Releases posts a lot and this past week I kept trying to decide on what I should do because I knew today would come and I would probably want to have my September releases post go up. But I’m still not 100% sure I am ready to come back to blogging just yet? And I also need to figure out how often I will be able to post (realistically) without burning myself out because I will be blogging by myself in the future. Sandra is going to be really busy with school and has decided not to continue with this blog – but she’ll share more about her decision in a blog post for you guys.

So, I think what I’m going to do for now is write my monthly posts and see how I feel while doing that and then I’ll just take things from there. I’ve definitely gotten excited about writing posts in general lately and I want to take advantage of that. You guys can expect my September releases post later tonight – it’s gonna be a long one too. September is looking like a great month for new releases!

I really hope you guys will join me on this journey of figuring out how I want to run the blog in the future including any and all changes in content that will bring! I can’t wait to get back into blogging and commenting full time!

See you guys with a proper post later tonight! 🙂

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