16 Lies Every Bookworm Tells Themselves And Others

16 lies bookworms tellEarlier today, I was looking through a bunch of reaction type of gifs on Google to include in future posts (originally, I was just going to use Matthew Daddario gifs because I love him and his face so much, but I figured you guys might not be as into it, so) when I stumbled upon a bunch of gifs around the subject of lying and suddenly inspiration struck! I should write about all the lies we, as bookworms, either tell ourselves or others. And as you can tell by the title, that’s exactly what today’s post is going to be all about!

I’ll Just Read One More Page. Paragraph. Chapter.

Should we start off this list of lies with the biggest lie we as bookworms have ever told? And probably told the most often? Because I feel like this the one thing I always tell myself and then suddenly it’s hours later and I have just read the acknowledgments of the book even though I had every intention of just reading a bit more and then going to bed. Oh, well.

you sit on a throne of lies

I Don’t Mind Having To Wait A Year For The Sequel.

If you’re a bookworm who loves to read duologies/trilogies/series/etc you probably know exactly how much having to wait for the next book sucks. Who actually wants to wait at least another year until they find out what happens next? Especially if the book ends on a cliffhanger and you just need to know what the author is gonna do next and if you should start preparing yourself for more heartbreak (Lord Of Shadows, I am looking at you.).

telling lies

No, I Don’t Care That You Just Spoiled This Book For Me.

Any time a really popular new book comes out the internet turns into this mine field of possible spoilers and you have to be super freaking careful not to accidentally spoil yourself. I had to be a ninja earlier this year after the release of both Lord Of Shadows and A Court Of Wings And Ruin to avoid any and all kinds of spoilers. And I’m really glad that I was able to do it. I hate being spoiled for books (other than Harry Potter, because I feel like you can’t really avoid that).

i wont hear anymore lies

The Pain Isn’t Real.

I’m sure most of us know the feeling of utter destruction when a book really and truly gets to you and just stomps all over your heart and feelings. And the last thing we would want to hear is that the pain isn’t real because it’s just a book, for god’s sake! But the pain is oh so real. Trust me. If you’ve been sobbing your eyes out at 4 AM because of something that happened in a book, you know it’s real. I’m still not over that particular scene.

the lies end now

I Can Choose A Favorite Book!

Hahahahaha, what? No. I might be able to choose a top 5 or something (and I would even struggle with that) but even that wouldn’t be final in any kind of way. I just can’t decide on one book that I love more than any other. I have favorites. Sure. And I talk about said favorites a lot (Clockwork Princess and ACOMAF being just two) but I could never pick one.

shut up i dont want to hear your lies

25€ For A Hardcover? Great!

Come on, now! That’s just ridiculous, okay? I can buy a week’s worth of groceries for that kind of money! Or buy multiple paperbacks for that kind of money! I mean, I get that producing hardcovers is more expensive and the book price has to reflect that, but man. That’s a lot of money for a single book.

the lies

I Don’t Mind My Series Not Matching.

Yeah, right. I am still angry about the fact that my copies of Shadow And Bone and Siege And Storm don’t match in height because they are from different publishers and it’s been years. Years. I have come to a place where I will grab a ruler and measure my books to make sure the next one in the series matches in height. And usually I also want my series to match in covers, but I can get over that if there’s a reason for the cover change.

lies 24 7

I’m Just Going To Look At Books.

Hahahaha! If I had the self-control to just look at books online my bank account would be much happier! But usually what happens is that I order a couple of books and then regret my choices shortly after before coming to the realization that I should treat myself (and my shelves) from time to time.

all the lies and all the bullshit

No, I Wouldn’t Love A Giftcard For More Books.

Who would actually say no to that? You want to pay money so I can get more books? Can I hug you? And how can I return the favor? Do you need help with anything? Moving house? Babysitting? Anything? Hit me up! I’ll be there in no time.

more lies

Yes, Please Interrupt Me While I’m Reading A Book.

Oh, you thought talking to me while I’m clearly trying to read this book was a good idea? No, it wasn’t. I’m just trying to enjoy my book over here, so please leave me alone. Don’t ask a bunch of questions about the book while I’m trying to get back to my reading – it’s rude and I don’t appreciate it right now. Thank you very much.

lies lies and more lies

I Don’t Dog-Ear My Pages.

While I would love to say that I use bookmarks of any sort to mark the page I am currently reading in a book, most of the time I’ll end up dog-earing my pages. I know. How dare I?! But they are my books and I will treat them the way I want to. Sometimes I’ll even dog-ear pages to make sure I remember important scenes within a book because sometimes tabs just aren’t enough.


I Still Have Room For One More Book On My Shelves.

Is a shelf ever really full? Because I’m sure by moving things around a little bit and piling books on top of each other I’ll have room for more books on my shelves! Not that it’s going to last for too long (for obvious reasons) but I can just try and move books around again in a few days! I’ll probably try doing this until my shelves collapse and I finally have to get a new one.

youre a goddamn liar

I’m Going To Read This New Release Soon!

How many times have you said that you were going to read a new release soon only for weeks or months to pass and you haven’t even touched that release yet? I know it has happened too many times for me already and it’s probably gonna happen many more times.

im gonna lie to you

I Don’t Have Too Many Unread Books On My Shelves.

Is there really such a thing as too many unread books? Because all that means is that you have so many more books to choose from when you go to pick up your next read! Your own personal library right at home! Isn’t that every bookworm’s dream?

why the fuck you lying

I Don’t Need Any More Books, I Have Enough Already.

See, this is something we tell ourselves in the middle of feeling guilty about all those unread books on our shelves and after buying a bunch of new books but once those feelings pass? Suddenly we realize that you know what? I need more books. Because what if I don’t feel like reading any of the books I already own? I need more options! To the bookstore (or online retailer) we go!

its the truth calling wants to know why you never tell it

I’m Going To Read Every Book On My TBR.

Hahahahaha, yes sure, Swetlana. You have trouble reading the unread physical books you own and think you’ll ever make your way through your digital TBR – that’s cute. No, but seriously. Does anyone think they’ll ever be able to read all of the books on their TBR (be it digital or physical)? Because I keep adding new books to mine before taking others off because I’ve read them. It’s a never ending cycle.

thats not even a little bit true

I just almost started this paragraph with ‘Phew’ again (because good lord that was quite a post to write, edit and insert graphics into!) but then I realized that it’s pretty much how I ended my last two posts and that’s just not okay. Gotta work on some more fun ways to sign out of my posts for the future! But what do you guys think about me using gifs? Are you enjoying it? Should I keep it up?

Now, we all know that we have probably told a few of the lies I just mentioned and I want to know what your top three lies are! Do you ever tell yourself lies to help you feel better about your book buying problems? Or the fact that you can’t seem to catch up with your TBR? Let’s discuss in the comments down below!

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11 thoughts on “16 Lies Every Bookworm Tells Themselves And Others

  1. THese are all so real! I once had a Clash of Kings book that did not match with the rest of the series and I gave it to a friend and bought myself a new one (got a book in exchange from her). Pretty much all the things here are something I’ve gone through multiple times 🙂

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