6 Places To Inspire Your Next Great Blog Post

6 places to inspire blog postIf you, like me, are living the blogging life (which I assume you do if you’re reading this post) you might have spent minutes or hours staring at a blank post template trying to figure out what on earth you should write about next (and if not, please share your tips with me?) and it might have driven you to a point of wanting to give up because where are you supposed to find inspiration? What if inspiration decided to ignore you for the foreseeable future? How are you supposed to write new things?

throwing papers

Fear not! As I know just how difficult it can be sometimes to find inspiration for a new blog post, I figured I would share some of my favorite places to be inspired by with you guys today! Hoping that it will help both of us in the future!


I am a big fan of YouTube and I’m pretty sure I spent too much time on there sometimes but! YouTube or BookTube (which is usually the case for me) can be a great place of inspiration for your blog! I know I’ve written posts because of something I saw on BookTube (like this) or even about how BookTube influenced the way I see myself as a blogger!


Twitter can be a fantastic place to find inspiration especially if you follow members of the book community and engage in the discussions that are happening! I am actually currently thinking about writing a post on a topic that came up in a quick exchange with someone on Twitter the other day! Or, you could write about what is happening in the book community (for example Handbook For Mortals buying their way onto New York Times list, like Amanda did)

Your Current Read

Earlier this year, while reading Love & Gelato I quickly found myself not enjoying the insta-love happening in the book. In fact, I got to the point where I needed to rant about it on the blog too because I was just really tired of that particular trope. And while I ended up not enjoying the book itself, I was really happy about the inspiration it gave me for that post! So, next time you find yourself really inspired by a book you’re reading – make sure to write down your thoughts so you can work on them further later on! There is nothing quite as annoying as suddenly not remembering what you were going to talk about!

throwing book out the window
What I wanted to do. But didn’t.

Interactions With Readers

Honestly, the best place to find inspiration is probably your own blog and the interactions you have with your readers daily! I recently wrote an entire post on how you could mark up your books because the topic came up in a conversation with Nikki in my comment section! I hadn’t planned on writing that post ever, but Nikki suggested I do and so I did. And it was a really fun post to write too and to read about how others mark up their books!

Your Own Experiences

If you’ve been reading my blog (can I just say that’s weird going from ‘our blog’ to ‘my blog’ now? I am so used to this being both mine and Sandra’s little space) for a while, you might know that I share my blogging experiences or struggles from time to time (about commenting, feeling stuckfinding my blogging voice and more) which is really helpful when you’re trying to deal with things or you need some perspective on different aspects of blogging.

Should you find yourself unable to come up with blogging topic, try talking about something that has been on your mind! Have you been feeling like things aren’t working out as well as you had hoped with your blog? Do you find yourself with no motivation to blog? Or no time? Talk about it! I’m sure your readers will have great tips and tricks and to help you out!

Google Gif Search

This might be the last place you expect to find inspiration (I sure did not expect it to happen!) but! It can happen. I was recently on the hunt for a bunch of reaction gifs I could use on the blog in the future when inspiration struck! I wrote an entire post about lies bookworms tell thanks to that Google gif search! It was a glorious moment, you guys. Glorious. 

and thats how its done

Let’s take that last one as a lesson for all of us! Inspiration might be lurking right around the corner and we just don’t know it yet. But it’s also important to realize exactly that: inspiration can be found anywhere. 

Don’t let the things I mentioned above limit you on your pursuit of inspiration! Go out there and take everything in. From the music you listen to, the movies and tv shows you watch, the books you read and to the people you talk to! Any and all might give you your next great idea!

What are some of you guys’ favorite places to find inspiration? Have you ever been inspired by a random Google search before? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “6 Places To Inspire Your Next Great Blog Post

    1. Thank you, I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed it! I was really good with inspiration for the longest time too and then it kind of hit me out of the blue! I hope it does help you if you ever need it! ❤

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  1. LMAOOO That ‘The Big Bang Theory’ gip is HILARIOUS! HAHAH. Thanks for these recommendations. Other than writing reviews I tend to have lots of issues coming up with fun, interesting, or blogging-helpful topics to discuss on my blog. I’ll definitely take a closer look into Booktube now, since I’ve been neglecting it a bit too much lately. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That first one? I saw it and immediately had to think of myself ready to just give up because nothing seemed to work and when I was looking for another gif to use I was like ‘That’s the one!’.

      I’m happy to hear I was able to give you some recommendations! I will often struggle with ideas too but consuming different kinds of media definitely helps a lot!

      Liked by 1 person

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