11 Problems Every Bookworm Encounters At Least Once

Have you guys ever wondered why the life of a bookworm is so difficult? We all know about the most obvious problems we as bookworms go through almost daily: too big TBR piles, not enough time to read said TBR and not enough money to buy all the books we want. But there are more problems and today we’ll be talking about those!

Trying To Find The Perfect Reading Position

Obviously, when you want to get some good reading done, you need to find that perfect reading position – which honestly, isn’t that easy. You will have gone through a good dozen positions before you finally find one that is comfortable – for now. It’s probably not gonna last long though and then you’re right back to trying all the positions!

cant get comfortable

Book Hangovers

Hangovers are a horrible thing in general, but book hangovers??? Those are the worst! I’ve learned to deal with one kind of hangover, but I still don’t know what to do about book hangovers. Are you supposed to pick up a new book right after? But what if you end up hating the book because of your hangover? That would be horrible! I don’t want anything to influence my reading experience! So, do you just wait it out? But what if that turns into months of not reading a single book? That’s not something I want either! See where my problems are with this one???

Reading A Great Book/Scene And Having No One To Talk To About It

Do you ever read a super great scene or book and you just have no one to talk to? Because honestly, I need someone to scream all my feelings at and there’s no one there? And often tweeting about a book isn’t really an option either because of #spoilers – and who wants to spoil another bookworm??? So you just end up screaming into the void.

screams internally

Skipping Ahead To Find Out What Happens Next Only To Regret It Shortly After

Are you ever in the middle of reading a ridiculously intense scene and you just constantly find yourself asking what happens next and so you (stupidly) decide to just skip ahead a little bit to find out what’s in store for you? And suddenly things are a million times worse and you regret any and all decisions you just made. I mean, what happens if you skip ahead and read about the death of a character??? How are you supposed to read on after?

Looking Up Book Recommendations While Our TBR Piles Stare At Us

See, this scenario is usually when I’m really freaking happy that my bookshelves are a) in my living room and b) closed. We all know that we just can’t help ourselves when it comes to buying new books or just adding to our digital TBR and if your shelves and unread books are just staring at you? That’s scary! My books don’t even know that I keep adding new things to my TBR! They continue living thinking I’ll get to them soon.

after adding more books to my tbr

People Not Returning A Book You Lend Them Or Giving It Back In A Bad Condition

I feel like when people know that you are a big reader and book buyer, they are likely to ask you to borrow a book. Which is in itself completely fine but the kind of people who either don’t give you the book back – or horror! even worse: give it back but in a worse condition than it was before! People need to respect someone’s property and give it back in the same condition you got it in!

Your Eyes Shutting On Their Own But Being To Stubborn To Stop Reading

I feel like it’s a well-established fact that I am a night person. My sleeping pattern is usually quite messed up because I will have stayed up all night trying to finish a book. Sleep is overrated when it comes to reading anyways, right? But that feeling when you can actually feel your eyes closing on their own while you’re trying to read just one more paragraph? Yeah, that’s the worst. Especially because you have to go back over what you just read multiple times because you’re not properly taking it all in. Hate it. Still, happens all the time.


Being Face Slammed By Your Book

This problem will often go hand in hand with the just mentioned one because you’re already tired and still trying to hold up a book which is a recipe for disaster, really. We all know it. Surprisingly, this hasn’t happened to me yet? By some miracle? Let’s hope it stays that way! *crosses fingers*

Cliffhangers. They Are Evil.

Whoever decided that cliffhangers should be a thing in movies, tv shows or books was a horrible, horrible person! Every time I read a book and it ends in a cliffhanger I just want to scream at who ever invented cliffhangers. I am still very much angry with the way Lord Of Shadows ended. The last few pages shouldn’t be allowed to rip one’s heart out like that!

you are evil

No Release Date For The Next Book In A Series

Having to wait a year or more for a sequel to a book is hard but can you imagine not even knowing when the next book is supposed to come out? Especially if things ended on a very, very horrible cliffhanger. How are you supposed to deal with all of your emotions? I’m forever thankful that I know when the next books in my current series are being released.

Picking A Favorite Book

Can you believe people actually expect us to choose a book we love more than any other book we have read before??? People always say you can’t choose a favorite child which is exactly how I feel about my books. I can’t pick between them! That’s just cruel and I feel like I am disappointing the rest of my books by not picking them! Don’t be cruel, okay? Let me live with all of my books without having to choose between them. Thank you.

difficult hard decisions

As I was writing this post over the past couple of days and talking about all of these problems we face I kept asking myself why I do this to myself. Why did I choose the book worm life? Well, honestly? The book worm life chose me.

(And yes, I do regret just typing out those two sentences. But we’ll just deal with them, okay?)

lets chat 1

Do you guys ever think about all the things you deal with as a book worm and ask yourself why you would do that to yourself? All that pain and those sleepless nights. Bank accounts that are constantly emptying themselves. It’s a difficult life for sure!

But isn’t it a beautiful one too? We constantly get to experience new worlds and stories. Meet a variety of new and amazing characters that are hopefully going to inspire us. Words that have the power to change us. I have to say, I really am glad that I’m a book worm!

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16 thoughts on “11 Problems Every Bookworm Encounters At Least Once

    1. I hate it even more if I know that the next book isn’t out yet! I read a book earlier this year that ended horribly and we’d have had to wait two years for the finale of the series – luckily that’s not the case anymore. I need to know RIGHT NOW how things play out!


  1. Hi! I can definitely relate to these problems!
    Yes that book hangover- I never know what to do after finishing a book. Starting on another one feels kind of…. I don’t know, disrespectful to the book before it? And I want to let the experience of the book sink in for a moment? Lol sometimes I am like, screw it, and start on another book right away 🙂
    When you mentioned cliffhangers, I thought of Daughter of Smoke and Bone right away. As I turned the last page, I swear that I thought another chapter was coming haha…. :’)
    Great post and thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t read Daughter Of SMoke And Bone yet, but I definitely have it on my TBR and can’t wait to get to it at some point – at least I won’t have to wait for the next book as the entire trilogy is out already!

      Thank you so much, Sophie Li! I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Personally I didn’t enjoy that book but I know plenty of people who did. Hope you do like it 🙂
        I forgot to mention this earlier but yes!! waiting for the next book to come out is hard!! I finished reading The Name of the Wind and book #2, but #3 still doesn’t have a release date yet! I’m worried that I would forget about what happened in the first book before the third one comes out haha… XD
        Great post and it’s been fun chatting with you!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. *nods* *nods* *nods again* some of those problems are easier to deal with than others(It pains me not having someone to talk about a book, but I dont mind falling asleep while reading, I sleep better and with some luck I dream about the story, haha!) . I have another problem I would add to my list, I get emotionally invested with the story/characters and as the last pages approach I’m aware I will soon stop “hearing from them”, like a friend that you might never ever see or hear about again…so I stop reading. I glance at it but delay reading the end so that I can keep the story/characters “alive” a little longer. Geeezz….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The only way I like to fall asleep while reading is when I purposefully put on an audiobook to help myself fall asleep. But other than that I really hate it.

      Oh my god. Why did I not think of that??? I grow so attached to characters myself all the time and it’s always so weird when you have to say goodbye to them!


  3. I used to always go to the last page or last chapter whilst half way through a book, but reading on my kindle cured that in both e-book and paperback forms.
    I’ve not thought about it for years, it feels like a confession at a bookaholic therapy session.

    Liked by 1 person

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