16 GIFs (and lots of words) Describing The Bookworm Life

Good morning, you guys! How are you all doing today? Please don’t be fooled by the fact that you’re getting a second post this week that has been written in the morning. This post is the result of me waking up at 1AM and being up ever since. I just finally decided to do something other than fall down the YouTube rabbit hole!

On a positive note though: I finally finished Luke Cage and can now jump into Daredevil season 2! I am 100% excited. And all that Netflix is also the reason why I haven’t finished a single book yet this month. Priorities. I’ve obviously got mine straight.

Anyways, I’ve been rambling too much again already! I figured to shake things up a little bit this week, I would be doing a super fun (in my opinion) post about all of the feelings a reader might go through while reading a book! This post is going to contain a lot of gifs. What better way to describe how one is feeling than by using GIFs right???


why am i crying i'm sick of crying.gif

Do you guys ever read a book and find yourself either tearing up or full on crying multiple times throughout and wonder what on earth is going on? Who have you become? Usually, you aren’t prone to showing emotions and here you are crying again and again because of a god damn book. What has this bookworm life done to you???

we're just gonna ignore that.gif

Sometimes, you just gotta move right along and just ignore what you just read. Stupid dialogue? Yeah, let’s just… move on. A plot point that is just absolutely ridiculous? Yeah, again. Let’s move on. We’ve got no time for any of that.

screams internally.gif

You are one of the super lucky people to already have your hands on a highly anticipated new release and you just stumbled upon a scene that you just 100% need to share and talk about but no one else has read as far as you yet and so you just sit there and scream internally. That GIF might just be your status update to let everyone know just how you are feeling. Shared pain is good, right?

please come back to me.gif

Two things will provoke this reaction in me: I just finished a series and I have to say goodbye to all those characters I have come to really love. Or, much worse: a character I love just died. Like, why??? Dear authors, why do you insist on putting your readers through so much pain? It’s not fair.

no no no did i mention no.gif

This very well might be your reaction to a character death. Or, to something stupid AF happening in the book. Like, a plan that is guaranteed to not work out. The kind of plan that you are willing to bet money on not working out.

me when matt does a thing.gif

This GIF of Adam either describes me whenever I think of Matthew Daddario (I love the man, in case you guys didn’t know) or when my favorite character appears on the page. And if it’s been a while since I’ve seen them, that’s me x100!

You should’ve seen my actual reaction to Cassian and Azriel’s entrance in ACOWAR. It was just a tiny bit embarrassing. Someone my age shouldn’t make those noises because two fictional characters just appeared on the page.

lmao same matt come here.gif

LMAO. Basically me with my favorite characters. And me with Matthew Daddario. I have multiple GIFs saved to my computer of Adam that are titled after my feelings regarding Matt. It’s just a tiny bit extra. But I love it. And Matt. I love Matt.

i was rooting for you.gif

Don’t you just hate when a character you truly loved does something really despicable and you find yourself going Tyra on them? Because how could they possibly betray us like that? It’s unacceptable.

i think im falling in love with him.gif

Me once I got to know Cassian better and realized that he is so right up my alley as a character and that I would be doomed if anything happened to him. And then that ACOWAR scene happened and I knew I was 100% sold on the guy and that there was no returning for me.

i love you guys.gif

Whenever a book features a great cast of characters and you just love them all so, so much. And when they start bickering? Yeah, you’re done. This makes me think of Jesper, Kaz and Mathias bickering about the afterlife and what their ghosts will do to the others (it’s a hilarious scene) or the Inner Circle in ACOMAF.

i got bored and drifted off.gif

Honestly, this is the worst thing to happen to a reader. But it happens more often than it should. You’re just reading and everything is nice and dandy and suddenly you realize that your thoughts have drifted off entirely and you’re out there going on an epic heist with a different group of characters rather than actually taking in what is happening on the pages before you.

i dont care about anything anymore.gif

Do you ever finish a book and just think to yourself ‘Yep, I am so done.’ and then you find yourself turning into Stefan Salvatore because life is so much easier when you don’t care about anything or anyone? Because: same. Sometimes you just really need to turn off any and all feelings.


Sheldon’s honestly such a good representation of me while reading so many books this year. In both the good and bad kind of hyperventilating. I might’ve been doing the same thing in the above-mentioned incident of Cassian and Azriel’s entrance in ACOWAR. Yes, I am that person.

hasnt slept in days.gif

This GIF is just too real, you guys. This is me too many times to count. And not just because I have been reading through the night. Nope. Usually, I’ll also have been watching YouTube or Netflix all night. Sleep isn’t important, right? *is in denial*


And since I am so bad about sleep, this is also often me while reading – especially at night. But to keep this 100% real, more often than not, I will take a few sips and then once I’m really into my book I completely forget about my coffee and it turns cold (is there anything more disgusting than cold coffee???).Β Which is really sad because I just wasted an almost full cup of coffee!!! But yeah.

fuck this shit.gif

That glorious feeling when you have been kind of forcing yourself to continue reading a book and finally realize that, you know what? This isn’t worth your time! You’re not enjoying yourself and isn’t that what reading is all about? So you finally decide to just DNF the book. Fuck that shit! You should be spending your precious reading time on something that gives you all the joy in the world!

lets chat 1

Honestly, I hope you guys don’t mind these kinds of posts! But whenever I find myself writing more serious types of posts one after the other (no matter if you guys get to see them right away or a bit later), I feel like I need to switch things up to keep it interesting and fun for myself, which is exactly where these posts come in!

Which one of the GIFs used above best describes your reading experience with the last book you read and your current read?

Do you ever save reaction GIFs in relation to a character or person you love? And if you do save reaction GIFs to your computers, how many do you currently have? I’m at 260+ GIFs. But I also have a second folder of just Matthew Daddario GIFs.

How often does Netflix or YouTube cut into your reading time? And, have you guys watched any of the Marvel Netflix shows? If, so: which was your favorite so far? Who is your favorite character? And, obviously: please no spoilers!

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21 thoughts on “16 GIFs (and lots of words) Describing The Bookworm Life

  1. hahahaha, this post is amazing!!! πŸ˜€ i laughed so much!
    so my recent read “godsgrave” would have the “screaming internally” gif covered pretty well πŸ˜€
    i’m not sure about my current read yet…

    i don’t watch a lot of netflix, or tv in general anymore. i just cut that off. sometimes i watch a movie but that’s it. but i am pretty sure, the tv series phase will come back. youtube on the other hand? well, i watch booktube every day. i could be reading, but sometimes i just need to come down and do nothing and just watch and then i watch booktube to relax πŸ™‚

    great post! this was so much fun! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Alex! I had so much fun writing this post and actually had to cut out quite a few GIFs because this post was already getting too long and if I’d included those other 10 GIFs, I would’ve gotten to at least 2000 words – and who has time for that???

      With it being summer, I don’t really watch too many shows either because they are all on their season breaks, but they’ll slowly come back to me soon which I’m quite excited about! Booktube is so awesome though! And I’ll often find myself being motivated to read a book after watching a few videos, so there’s that too! πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve been soooo bad at keeping up with posts lately but I just had to check out this one! I lovelovelove gifs and I’d use them all the time if I could! And I could literally relate to every single situation you mentioned hahaha πŸ˜‚

    Oh and I LOVED all the TVD gifs even though they hurt my heart just a little because some of them were from super emotional scenes 😭 And I also miss the show in general 😭

    I don’t have Netflix (kms) but I L O V E Marvel movies! I’m literally as obsessed with them as you are with Matt XD And I’ve seen the first season of Agent Carter which is a Marvel show as well (I’m not sure if it’s on Netflix) but it was AWESOME. Peggy is such a kickass woman, I love her! 10/10 would recommend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thank you Jackie! I’m so glad you decided to check this one out and that you ended up enjoying it! GIFs are AWESOME. I have a new found love for them and want to use them in every single post. And they are a great source of inspiration too!

      Those Elena GIFs basically all ripped my heart out at one point! But I’ve removed myself from the show quite a bit a couple of years ago (somewhere around the middle of season 6) so they didn’t hurt as much anymore.

      Marvel is EVERYTHING. I had been watching the movies before I ever watched any of the shows! Peggy Carter is freaking AWESOME. I was so upset that ABC decided to cancel it after two seasons…. they don’t know a good thing when it’s right in front of them!

      I have to know, who is your favorite Avenger?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww no I’ve heard that a lot of people stopped watching TVD after season 6! It’s true that it really wasn’t as good as it used to be, but there were still a few characters that made watching the show worthwhile! I’m so glad I stuck with it til the end because it ended up being really good – and emotional too!

        OOOH YES. I’m so glad to know you love Marvel too 😍 I wish they’d bring back Agent Carter, that show was amazing!

        My favourite superhero of all time is Spiderman!!! He’s now officially a part of the Avengers (although on the wrong team in my opinion 😜) so I guess he’s my favourite! My second fav is Bucky Barnes for sure!!!!!! ❀️ what about you?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Seriously, Spiderman just completely stole my heart! I watched Homecoming the other night and I am just in love with Tom’s version of Peter! He is such a precious human being!

          Spidey needs to come on over to Cap’s side! But I guess since Tony mentored him, that might not happen any time soon.

          My favorite? Cap! I’m not even sure if its just purely the character or also my love for Evans. Because I love him a lot. He’s the best Chris in the Marvel universe.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Yes yes yesssss!!! Homecoming has easily become one of my favourite Marvel movies, if not THE #1 favourite! The second I walked into of the cinema, I just knew I’d love it! And Tom is sooooo great at it omg I love him so much πŸ˜πŸ˜­πŸ’ž

            I know I’m so sad! Peter deserves to be on Cap’s side! I love his cute lil relationship with Tony but I think he’d be better with Cap. And I’d love to see more scenes of him and Bucky! We only got the fight scene in Civil War 😭

            I love Chris Evans! He’s so cute and pure and precious and I love Cap because of him! And that is true, although I do love Pratt and HEMSWORTH πŸ’– I can never really decide…

            Liked by 1 person

          2. I’ve seen all the movies except for the newest ones that were in cinema last/this year like Doctor Strange or the second Guardian’s movie! I love Hemsworth thoughβ€”his Australian accent is so dreamy and he’s absolutely hilarious! Pratt is pretty funny too! I always think I’ve finally chosen my favourite Chris but I always change my mind! For me it’s a “battle” between Evans and Hemsworth XD

            Liked by 1 person

  3. I totally understand all of these feelings! These are such great gifs! ❀️

    And for favorite Marvel show…I honestly can’t decide, but I think it’s Jessica Jones that’s my favorite! And Claire is my favorite character because she’s just badass and pops up in every single one of the shows! I feel like she should get her own at this point. πŸ˜‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love Claire so much too! Which is kind of a problem because I was set on not watching Iron Fist as it’s apparently not as good as the rest and then I saw that it has Claire too and I would feel bad if I didn’t watch the show now that I know she’s on it!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’ve realized that they are SO much fun to write and I have no idea why I never did them before??? Daredevil is SO awesome. I’m already up to episode 7 since writing that post! I can’t wait to be all caught up!

      Liked by 1 person

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