New Releases: October 2017

Good morning, you guys! I hope you are having a fantastic day so far – or had a fantastic day, depending on when you’re reading this post! I sure did! Well, it’s been more of a fantastic night because I made some serious progress in the last book on my ‘currently reading’ shelf on Goodreads and I am so pumped! Some of you may know that I haven’t done much reading yet this month and then I read one book and suddenly I was back in the mood to actually read! It has been fantastic.

And with my returned reading mood, also came the motivation to finally write this month’s new releases post! You might have noticed that it didn’t go up on the last Tuesday of the month (as this post usually does) and that’s because I really didn’t feel like writing it. I kept opening and closing this particular draft a couple of times a day and nothing wanting to come out of my fingertips. Until this morning!

So, before I ramble on for another couple of hundred words, here are my picks of October releases that I’m really excited about and think you guys should at least check out too!

Click the cover image to get to each book’s Goodreads page!

Release Date: 5th October

not your villainNot Your Villain by C.B. Lee

I’ve seen the cover for the first book in this series, Not Your Sidekick around quite a bit but never really felt like checking the book out any further. But with the upcoming release of the sequel the series got my attention and I finally checked it out. And I have to say: Why didn’t I check this out sooner??? The first book sounds super interesting and features a relationship between two women – which I haven’t read much about in the past, so I am most definitely interested! We follow Jess, our main protagonist, at her internship for the city’s supervillain where she’s working with Abby, a girl Jess has had a crush on for a while! Since I haven’t read the first book yet, I didn’t check out the synopsis for the sequel (I don’t want to spoil myself, obviously) but so far I’ve only heard great things about it from the people who have read it!

Release Date: 10th October

forest of a thousand lanternsForest Of A Thousand Lanterns by Julie C. Dao

This book has been on my radar for months now and I can’t believe it’s finally about to be released! If you are a fan of the Evil Queen, this might be just the book for you! It’s basically an East Asian reimagining of the Evil Queen legend with a synopsis that sounds absolutely fantastic (and I suck at summarizing). I haven’t really read any books about the Evil Queen legend before, so I’m going into this without any expectations other than to be entertained – which I’m sure I will be! Please click on the cover and head over to Goodreads to check out the synopsis and add this book to your TBR – or head out and buy it on release date!

all the crooked saintsAll The Crooked Saints by Maggie Stiefvater

Honestly, I don’t really need to know anything about this particular book apart from the fact that it’s written by Maggie Stiefvater. That’s the selling point for me. I can’t wait to read something new by her after absolutely loving her Raven Cycle series! I am 100% ready to dive into a new world that Maggie has created and to explore whatever she came up with for this – and yes, I am impatiently waiting for the Ronan centric trilogy. But until then, I will devour anything else Maggie releases!

a skinful of shadows usA Skinful Of Shadows by Frances Hardinge

This book first caught my attention because I absolutely adored the UK cover for it and then at some point the description also mentioned it being a dark YA historical fiction and I was pretty much sold. Ever since I finished the first two books in The Conqueror’s Saga by Kiersten White I’ve basically been in desperate need of more of the same – and this might just be it! In this world, spirits apparently hide inside human beings and our main protagonist usually guards herself really well against them – until something leads her to drop her guard and a spirit finds its way in. I’m most definitely curious to see how this story plays out!

the librarian of auschwitzThe Librarian Of Auschwitz by Antonio G. Iturbe

I’m pretty sure that Lia first made me aware of this book because she talked about it on Twitter a couple of months ago and I’ve been impatiently waiting for this release ever since. You guys might not know this, but I really love learning about German history and the events surrounding World War II – not because I think it’s fun or anything. It’s important.

This book follows the story of 14-year-old Dita who is asked to take care of eight books that people were able to smuggle past the guards and into Auschwitz and becomes the librarian of Auschwitz. This book is based on the real experience of Dita Kraus who was a prisoner in Auschwitz herself.

Release Date: 17th October

dear martinDear Martin by Nic Stone

Last, but by no means least, we have this fantastic book being released in October! By some miracle, I was approved for an eARC of this and by some even bigger miracle, I read this the same day I got the approval. Yep. Honestly, that never happens. I let weeks or months pass until I finally get around to an eARC and here I was, unable to stop thinking about the fact that I had this document sitting on my laptop. And I read it in a matter of a couple of hours and it was so worth it.

If you enjoyed The Hate U Give, you definitely need to pick this book up too! Similar to THUG, Dear Martin also deals with racial issues and how the police treat a young black man they come across on the streets. This book is partially set in a debate class which gave the characters the fantastic opportunity to discuss the events that unfolded throughout without it feeling forced. It happened really organically.

I should ‘warn’ you though, you might want to slap some of the characters over the head with a really heavy object for some of the things they are saying. I know I wanted to do it. Nic Stone really captured the various opinions you’ve heard a billion times if you’ve been active on Twitter in the past couple of years! I am currently still trying to write a proper review for this, but just let me tell you this again: You should 100% pick this book up. It’s fantastic. 

lets chat 1

There we have it, the six books releasing in October that I’m really excited about and hope I will be able to get to at some point. What are some books you guys are really excited about?

Is there anything being released in the last two weeks of October that I should absolutely check out? Because for some reason, I didn’t have any books shelved for the second half of October.

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11 thoughts on “New Releases: October 2017

  1. I am so curious about that new book, All the Crooked Kingdoms – I loved The Raven Boys series so much, I can’t wait to read something different from this author 🙂 Thank you for sharing these! 🙂

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  2. Hi Swetlana! I am interested in Forest of a Thousand Lanterns. Being from East Asia, I am always excited to read more books that take place in that setting. I’ve heard great things about Dear Martin and I liked THUG so I am looking forward to that one as well. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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