Should You Do Weekly/Monthly Posts?

Do you guys ever log into WordPress (if you log out, that is. Because I never do) and go to write a new post just to realize that you have absolutely no idea what you should write about? You don’t have any reviews you should be posting or discussions ready to go. This might lead to a short (or long, depending on how much these things stress you out) period of you being really worried and trying to figure out what on earth you are supposed to do.

Well, this was basically me recently while trying to figure out what I wanted to post for the last week of September. As I looked at the little calendar in WordPress I realized that I had no idea what to post about. Luckily, I realized that it was the end of the month which meant that I should post both my monthly releases post and my wrap-up for September which covers two posting days for me. And as I was going through that thought process for myself, I got the idea for today’s post!

I’ve always been quite curious what people thought about regularly posting a certain type of post, be it Top 10 Tuesdays (and other similar types of memes) or monthly wrap-ups/releases, etc. so I figured I would write this post and discuss the idea with all of you guys! First,  let’s talk about some positives!

Less Stressful For You

To me, whenever I know that a particular post is supposed to go up (in my case it’s my monthly releases and wrap-up posts) it takes a good deal of stress off my shoulders to come up with content for a particular day or week. I know for a fact that I want to post my monthly posts during the last week of any given month. That’s part of my routine after nine months of blogging. And since I’m not worrying about an entire week worth of posts and instead just one more, I can tackle that easily.

Knowing which posts you do regularly also means you can work towards them throughout the month which reduces stress! I’ve started writing my monthly wrap-ups halfway through the month to make sure I didn’t have a massive post to write in a matter of a day or two.

Source Of Inspiration

One of the greatest things I have found in doing weekly memes (other than discovering awesome blogs!) is that they offer a great source of inspiration! I’m sure we’ve all been stuck for ideas on what to post at some point and weekly memes give you a prompt on what to post about for any particular day. I know that I have taken past prompts for a meme and turned it into a post for the blog before. Both Top 10 Tuesday and Top 5 Wednesday share upcoming topics weeks in advance, so you also have enough time to come up with unique spins on any given topic – which is something Cait does really well!

Your Readers Know To Expect A Particular Post

I don’t know how many of you guys know that I do certain posts monthly and if you expect to see them in your readers or not, but for certain blogs, I know that they will be posting certain weekly memes and I look forward to them! With Mikaela, for example, I know that she is going to have a ton of fun chats or discussions throughout the month and it’s most definitely something I find myself looking forward to and wondering about what is coming next!

Getting Into A Rhythm

When we first started out this blog, Sandra and I both often joined weekly memes and it really helped me get into a rhythm of writing new posts without doing too much at once. I’ve discovered that I need a rhythm when it comes to how often I write new posts for the blog because if I don’t do it regularly, I fall into a blogging slump. This happened in the middle of July when I had written and scheduled so many posts in advance, that I was writing for August already and I suddenly had absolutely no motivation to write anything anymore. I feel like I had burned myself out a little bit by writing that far in advance.


If you’ve been reading this post and wondering ‘Hey, surely there aren’t just positives about posting weekly/monthly posts?!’that’s exactly what I’m going to cover next! Because yes, there are definitely negatives too!

Possibility Of Things Getting Repetitive

This is something that I discovered rather quickly when I was actively posting a certain meme each week. I was including the same books over and over again and the process of writing each post became quite repetitive – which is no fun what so ever. Quickly, writing up posts for T10T or T5W became a chore that I dreaded. But it wasn’t just the writing and the featured books that became repetitive. I was also getting fed up with the fact that on a Tuesday or Wednesday (depending on when we were posting that week) a particular meme post had to go up.

And that’s the last feeling you want to have when it comes to your blog. Because even though it’s great that your readers can expect a certain post from you – if you aren’t enjoying writing that post? It comes through in your writing and your readers will be able to tell. Don’t force yourself to write content just because you think you should.

Less Original Content

I’m sure all of us bloggers want to offer some degree of original content on our blogs as often as possible. But by doing a lot of weekly memes, I feel like you lessen the amount of original content you post. Unless, of course, you put a unique spin any given topic! As I mentioned before, Cait is someone who really stands out for me as far as unique spins go. And her blogging voice definitely contributes towards it too!

Quite often, my reader on a Tuesday is filled with post upon post for that week’s Top 10 Tuesday and it can get a bit boring rather quickly. Especially when people just include a cover image and quick synopsis without sharing any of their opinions as to why they decided to feature that particular book. I always want to know why people choose something rather than just what they chose.

Pressure To Come Up With Weekly Ideas

If you’re reading that and thinking to yourself ‘Wait a second! Didn’t you just say weekly posts were less stressful?!’, yes. And they are less stressful in the sense that I know what I kind of posts are supposed to go up when. But coming up with ideas every week for a particular topic can be quite difficult and stressful. It’s why I decided to stop participating in memes a few months ago! I no longer enjoyed thinking of books to feature or trying to think of different books to feature. And as I just said, you should do what makes you happy!

lets chat 1

How do you guys feel about weekly and/or monthly posts? Are they something you include on your blog? Or do you prefer not to include them? Why or why not?

Has your opinion on these regular types of posts changed since you started blogging? Are there posts you enjoyed writing when you started out but no longer post? Or have you taken up posting particular type of posts more recently? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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9 thoughts on “Should You Do Weekly/Monthly Posts?

  1. Very interesting post! 🙂 I love your pros and cons here. I used to participate in weekly memes such as Top Ten Tuesdays and Waiting on Wednesday when I first started blogging, but they were starting to be repetitive and I thought they didn’t bring this something more that I wanted for my blog. They took all the space and, if they were great to bring new people over, they didn’t really start conversations, were very long for me to put together and basically, they started feeling like a chore. The only thing I am doing now, the regular, look-a-like feature, I’d say, is the monthly wrap-up, because it helps me figure myself out and I really love reading these kind of posts on others’ blogs as well 🙂 I think these kind of posts (memes, I mean, mostly) can be fun and really help whenever you’re lacking inspiration, though 🙂
    Lovely post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Marie!

      Yeah, that ‘something more’ is definitely something that I feel like misses from quite a few blogs especially if they mainly just post memes. And things feeling like chores is usually the first sign for me that I need to change something. I felt the same when I was doing the Down The TBR Hole posts because after almost three months I had gotten so tired of them and dreaded writing them! So I just stopped.

      Wrap-ups are always so much fun! Especially when people talk about more than just books (which I should seriously incorporate too – show a bit more of what I do other than reading) and stuff!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I feel like I’m really middle ground on this one. I do post weekly memes but only if the topic interests me, there’s been times where I’ve looked at the topic and thought ‘no, I don’t like that’ so I don’t do it. I also try to mix the themes up, so top 10 one week and then top 5 or something like that. Recently though I’ve been trying to write more discussion post because that’s what I find I get the most interaction with. Great post 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That was pretty much my experience with weekly posts too! I just started realizing that I wanted more original content and then I slowly transitioned out of them. But I will occasionally check and see what some upcoming topics are to see if I want to join any of them because they are fun in small dosages!

      Thank you, Kirsty!


  3. I only do one weekly post, which is Top 10 Tuesday, but sometimes if I can’t think of anything to talk about for the prompt then I’ll scrap the post and think of something else. I try not to do too many regular features because I feel like my content would get stale if I had the exact same kinds of posts every week, which is why I only stick to the one meme post a week. When I was still a new blogger I tried to participate in every single meme there was but that ended up with me having no original content at all because every slot would be taken up by a meme post.

    I do like participating in Top 10 Tuesday, though. It can really help me out when I’m struggling for ideas or inspiration 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yeah, I definitely remember that feeling from the beginning too! Especially when we were posting every day and tried to participate in a few memes – sometimes that ended up being 3 posts (times two because there were two people blogging) per week and not enough original content.


  4. Ah, this is such a great discussion! I personally don’t really do weekly or monthly posts anymore, since I got rid of them after my first month of blogging. I got bored with WWW Wednesday quickly, and writing monthly wrap-up posts wasn’t fun, so I just stopped. I usually just write discussions, and hopefully change it up with a list or a tag or such. I know there are certain Top 10 Tuesday topics that can really help me brainstorm, but there are some others that I just find really boring or I can’t think up any books for, so doing it weekly personally wouldn’t help me! 😝

    Liked by 1 person

    1. D’you know what? I feel like you telling me that it’s a great discussion is such a compliment because I always love the ones you post! Thank you very much, Mikaela! ❤

      I've definitely drawn inspiration from previous T10T posts in the past! They can be such great conversation starters, but I admit, you have to pick out the 'right' ones as not everything is going to invite readers to comment!

      Honestly, I have no idea how you come up with so many discussion topics – you post so many of them! I'd love to sneak a look inside your brain, hahaha!

      I actually quite enjoy writing wrap-ups because I often don't really talk about the books I read on the blog much and that way, I get to share at least a quick paragraph on my feelings and thoughts. Though I should probably get back on the reviewing wagon.. which reminds me that I need to write my Dear Martin review.,. DAMN. *sweats nervously*


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