The 6 Steps To Writing A Blog Post

Good morning you guys! How are you all doing today? How has your day been so far? Did you start reading a book? Make sure to let me know what you think of it so far! I’d love to know! But before I go off and ramble for a hundred more words or so, how about we get straight to today’s post? I was trying to come up with something to write about today and my mind just went absolutely blank – which is always a ton of fun. Luckily for me, this idea had been sitting at the back of my head for a little while and I figured it would be perfect for today!

So, for today’s post, we’re going to cover the entire process of how I write what you guys see on here. From my initial idea to the finished product you guys get to read at the end!

Step #1: The Idea

I’m sure all of you bloggers out there know how important ideas are and how important it is to write them down whenever you get them. Because even though we think we’ll remember it for sure later, usually we don’t. And I’m no different. I’ll forget what I was going to do during the 30 seconds it takes me to get from my bedroom to my kitchen. I need to write stuff down.

There are two ways that I write down my idea, one being in my bullet journal and the other a draft on WordPress. Usually, drafts directly saved on WordPress are the ones I will write soon while the ones in my bullet journal are more general ideas of what I could do at some point (some are related to a specific season, for example).

Sometimes, my ideas are just quick titles for a post that I will have to expand on once I get to actually writing and sometimes I’m lucky and I can actually write down a couple of quick notes with points I know I will want to cover in my post which is always really helpful! And sometimes a draft on WordPress is just a collection of GIFs that I’ll write a post on later. Right now, I have a bit of all three saved on here.


Step #2: Write Down The Post

If I’m lucky, I’m going into this step with at least a handful of notes that I’m including in the post and if not, I’ll start writing a post from scratch. I know when I sit down to write that I have all the time in the world, so I’m not stressing myself to come up with words just to fill the page (which, let’s be honest. Isn’t really the problem with me anyway. It’s cutting words that I have a problem with.).

I’ll often have been thinking about the post for a couple of days by now, so I’ve had various ideas floating around my mind and I’m just doing my best to put them to paper. During this step, I don’t really do any editing/formatting. My first priority is to get it all down on paper and then I’ll come back in at a later time for all of that.

Step #3: Editing The Post

Now that the post is all written and ready for the most part, I like to go back in with a fresh eye and both proofread the post but also get started on formatting. I like to make sure I don’t have too long paragraphs, I format my headings to fit with my usual style and I’ll include any images that don’t require editing (for example the images I always include towards the bottom of my posts).

daughter of the burning cityOnce all of that is done, I will head over to and edit any images I want to use in my post. If you guys saw my September wrap-up you might have noticed that I included a picture with some basic information on the books I read/bought  – the making of those images falls into this step. I don’t really do anything too fancy – I prefer simplicity! I just want the images to provide basic information without stealing attention from the written content.

This is usually also when I will make sure to bold any text I want to be highlighted.


Bonus: Add Fun GIFs

This is a very recent addition to my writing routine but it’s also so much fun! I love getting to include funny GIFs into my posts and mixing things up a little bit this way. Sometimes I’ll even write entire posts based off of GIFs and have a great time preparing those! There’s actually such a post currently sitting in my drafts that I can’t wait to get to – hopefully soon!

Step #4: Linking To Books/People

When I feel like my post is done for the most part (I usually read it over a million more times before it actually goes live), I will make sure to link to all the relevant Goodreads pages for the books I talk about and link to any people or posts I mentioned. Obviously, not every post is going to require me to do this, but I still wanted to make sure I included it in here.

Step #5: Categories/Tags/Feature Image

By this point, my post is usually mostly 100% ready to go live so it’s time for me to choose categories, tags and upload my feature image (which I will have created during step #3) to make sure the post shows up in the relevant categories (my tags are mostly a mess… so.) and it’s easier for readers to find similar content on the blog.


Step #6: Schedule The Post

I always do my very best to make sure I have my posts all ready and scheduled at least a couple of days in advance. So, any post you see on the blog has gone through the previous five steps before it’s finally time to schedule it and I get to quickly celebrate the fact that I just finished a new post for an upcoming day! It’s the best feeling looking at your calendar and seeing that the next few designated posting days are already taken care of!

lets chat 1

How do you guys usually go about writing your posts? Do you have a strict routine down to help you write your post more efficient? Or do you just write and hope for the best?

Am I a ridiculous person for writing a post on the process of how I write my own posts but then I don’t stick to said process? Because I swear I just changed things up so many times and kept mixing and matching some of those steps. #oops ? But sometimes I just want to do at least a bit of editing/formatting as I go. Especially the headers. It also helps me realize when I need to stop rambling and move on to the next point.

Just like right now! Because look at that paragraph of mainly just rambling… wow. Is there one step that you think is the most important in the way you write your post? Do you get a cup of tea? A snack? Before you start writing? Let me know in the comments!

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9 thoughts on “The 6 Steps To Writing A Blog Post

  1. this is so cool! thanks for taking us along with your process. i think this is so interesting. because my process is totally different. i write the post. i do the pictures and links. i read through it again and then schedule or publish it. all in one go pretty much.
    i have a list of tags and nominations, which i use, when i have nothing else, i can write about. but other than that, i do not think much about my posts. but since i am more a memes, tags and review blogger, i don’t collect ideas much, because there is always something i can write about.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed the post, Alex! 🙂

      Most of the time, a majority of the steps happen back to back too or sometimes I’ll mix and match them depending on what I feel like doing at that particular moment. It’s not always exactly as I said in the post – though I try to do all those steps at some point to make sure I don’t forget about something.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello Swetlana! Loved reading about your post-writing process! And I agree that we don’t have to be consistent each and every time- how I write posts also varies!

    I like to keep a list of ideas as well, though it is a list on my phone instead of a bullet journal. Sometimes it is just an idea or a title, but when I am inspired, I will add sub points to the post idea. I tend to do more in-depth preparation for some posts more than others (especially reviews and discussion posts which require some fore-thought). For tags, memes, etc I just start with a blank page haha :’)

    I tend to add in gifs and links as I go. When I finish my post I spend 15 minutes proofreading the heck out of it haha, since I am fearful of spelling and grammar mistakes.

    In short this is my process!
    1) jot down ideas
    2) write the post (including images and gifs)
    3) edit like crazy!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yeah, it’s the same for me too when it comes to reviews and/or discussions – depending on the topic. Some discussions are easier and quicker tow rite while other take quite a bit of time!

      LMAO proofreading is something I will do over and over again too – especially if I wrote the post late at night. But I also use a spellcheck to make sure my spelling is correct to make it easier for myself.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I usually sit down at the end of the month and plan out what I want to write for the whole of the following month, which can be tough because my brain can go extremely blank at times. Then once I’ve planned them all out on paper, I make a bunch of draft posts and give them titles so that I can remember what I want to write about. I try to not think too much about what exactly it is I write in a post, as long as it doesn’t go completely off topic, so I do ramble but I think it’s rambling that’s still relevant, haha. Which is totally on brand for me 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did that once and then kind of as a result of it I think I burned myself out with blogging and couldn’t write a single post for weeks which lead to me taking a hiatus during August because I just wasn’t enjoying it anymore. But it’s a great system none the less because you know what you want to write about which definitely takes some stress off of you!


  4. my process is: realize you should have posted 2 days ago, think really hard for an idea, write really fast, post immediately when done writing.

    yours sounds better.

    Liked by 1 person

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