A Rant On Danny Rand And Iron Fist // Why I Was Bored To Death Watching This Show

I know I don’t usually talk about the shows I watch on here and I don’t even know why because they are actually quite a big part of what I do in my free time. Some of you may know that I’ve recently been watching Netflix’ Marvel shows and I finally got around to Iron Fist which pretty much everyone has said is really boring and that I should just skip it. Well, I’ve finally finished it and I really wish I hadn’t.

Lazy/Boring Story Telling

This was probably what annoyed me the most about Iron Fist. I was honestly so bored most the time while watching and the hour-long episodes seemed to drag on forever. The writers weren’t able to capture my full attention for the majority of the series and I constantly found myself either playing games on my phone or checking social media. That rarely happened with the other shows before. I would always pause to post a quick reaction to Twitter and then continue watching. Never did I pay more attention to my phone than what was happening on screen.

One moment that really stood out to me as lazy writing was when the security codes on the door to a major company were still the freaking same 13 years later. That’s how a character was able to enter without any trouble. They hadn’t changed the codes. Like, what the hell??? It’s been 13 years. No way would those codes still be the same. Think of a more creative way, please.


Unbelievable Characters

Good lord. So, I can’t even count the amount of times where I would see a scene and just absolutely not buy what they were trying to sell me. Especially when it came to Danny Rand and anything and everything related to him being the Iron Fist. His fighting seemed so off – especially compared to other characters. The characters would also just be plain stupid at times and not realize the most obvious of things and that’s just no fun to watch. Honestly.

Unoriginal Fight Scenes

I’m pretty sure that so far, Iron Fist has had the most boring and sleep-inducing fight scenes. They don’t excite me and I am never rooting for Danny or anyone else fighting to get out of whatever situation they’ve gotten themselves into. With Daredevil, I was always at the edge of my seat whenever Matt Murdock was fighting. And the way they filmed those fights. GOOD LORD. Never did I take my eyes off the screen!

But I also have to say that the way they film this show, in general, isn’t very interesting. I came out of Daredevil with this ridiculous appreciation for how they were filming the show and none of the other shows have gotten close to that since. And they continue to use that fun and exciting type of filming for Matt Murdock scenes on The Defenders and I am 100% hyped and ready to see more. 

this is boring

Barely Any Standout Characters/Moments

Again, I’m going to compare this to Daredevil because that’s like my high point for these shows. But, Iron Fist didn’t really have any characters (newly introduced, that is. Claire Temple is still freaking awesome and I love her) that I would root for 95% of the time. With Daredevil, I was on Matt’s side pretty much from the get-go. He was a character I naturally found appealing and wanted to protect. And then we have interesting side-characters in Foggy and Karen and a plot that makes you root for these people. And let’s not even talk about season 2 of Daredevil. It was just as awesome and gave us more great characters and moments!

The only highlights in Iron Fist for me where the actor who played Ward because he was so, so good at what he was doing? Him? I believed every second of what he was doing on screen. And I sometimes found myself rooting for Joy simply because I knew the actress. But yeah, overall there just wasn’t enough there for me to hold onto and root for. Which sucks.


Seeing how I’m already getting really angry again just writing out this post, I’ll stop here. I don’t want to write myself into a rage. That’s no fun at all. Just know that I did not enjoy this show whatsoever and if I could, I would go back in time and make myself not watch it. I don’t even care that I would have missed out on some information that may or may not be important for the Defenders plot. It just simply wasn’t worth my time.

lets chat 1

Have any of you guys watched the Marvel shows on Netflix? If so, what were your thoughts on them and what did you think of Iron Fist compared to the other shows? Which one was your favorite?

And if you haven’t watched any of them, how do you guys deal with shows that are part of a bigger universe but you find yourself not enjoying your time watching them? Do you just drop them? Or do you power through to get to the good stuff? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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9 thoughts on “A Rant On Danny Rand And Iron Fist // Why I Was Bored To Death Watching This Show

  1. hiii!
    so i HATED iron fist.
    i didn’t even finish it!!!
    i think i got 4 episodes in and i was like nope, not for me.
    i also did the same to luke cage as i didn’t enjoy that
    i LOVED daredevil so much and jessica jones was equally amazing (i liked luke cage in that)
    i’m on the last episode of the defenders and i like everyone but danny xD
    he is crap in that too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha, you made a good decision at least! I’m someone who HAS TO finish what they started when it comes to tv shows – especially if they are set in these type of bigger universes!

      I actually liked Danny more in Defenders because the other characters made sure to put him in his place and didn’t take any of his shit!


    I didn’t realize that about the fighting scenes until you pointed it out actually! I was always waiting for Danny to mess up and get punched or stabbed or something (and secretly rooting for it too – oops) but when Matt/Daredevil even just got punched I flinched and wanted the bad guy dead haha.

    Liked by 1 person

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