Blogging Struggles: Numbers And The Power They Have

Over the past couple of weeks and months, I kept finding myself looking at my stats and comparing them to previous months and every time I would do it I would feel discouraged to continue blogging. You would think I would have learned my lesson and wouldn’t check my stats as often – well, I haven’t.


Whenever I go to check on my blog, I always land on the page that shows me my stats so it’s pretty much the first thing I see every time. Which obviously isn’t going to help me with feeling better about the blog and what I am doing here.

I constantly feel like I’m not doing enough or well enough because the numbers don’t seem to reflect the work I put into blogging. Especially compared to the summer months when the blog was getting a lot more visitors and sometimes comments & likes too. But at the end of the day what gets to me most is the number of people who visit this blog on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Obviously, I love all of you guys a lot and I am so appreciative of every single comment you have left me over the past 10 months! I wouldn’t give that up for anything!

But I also want to see my hard work pay off. Because I do invest quite a lot of time into blogging and it seems like it isn’t reflected. And I know I shouldn’t be putting so much pressure on myself to reach certain numbers or that interaction with your readers is more important than just the number of people who stop by your blog.


I mean, I’m sure we’d all rather have 10 people stop by daily and all leave us a comment or like on a new post than have a hundred people come by and leave without ‘having left their mark’, right?

And even though that is something I wholeheartedly believe in and want for my blog I still stress over numbers a lot. Maybe it’s because I want to be able to get accepted for those really popular ARCs or maybe it’s as superficial as being able to say that you have x-amount of people visit your blog each week. I haven’t quite figured that out yet. It might be both. 

We probably all have blogging insecurities and I think not being ‘good enough’ (mostly in my own eyes) might be my biggest insecurities. Comparing yourself to other bloggers is so easy to do. We constantly see all those awesome blogs out there and find ourselves wishing that our own little corner of the internet was more like theirs.

That we had their engagement with readers, their loyal following, their numbers, their opportunities, etc. It’s a really hurtful thing to do to yourself. Sometimes it’ll even suck the joy out of blogging because you constantly find yourself worrying about something.


I wish I was able to tell you guys how to fix this problem and how to get over worrying about numbers so much – but I don’t have an answer for it. I am still in the middle of it and can’t seem to quite see the light at the end of the tunnel just yet. All I know is that it’s something I want to and need to work on – especially if I want to continue blogging and have fun while doing it.

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How about you guys? Do you find yourself worrying about numbers and whether or not your’s are living up to some sort of standard you’ve either set for yourself or you think others have set?

Or is it something you’ve come to accept as something that just is. Something that you don’t give the same amount of power as me? If so, do you have any tips on how to care about numbers less? Please let me know in the comments below and share any and all worries you might have yourself! I find that’s usually the best way to deal with them!

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18 thoughts on “Blogging Struggles: Numbers And The Power They Have

  1. I feel ya. I find myself looking at my states ALL THE TIME and then I claim that I don’t care about it… I know I’m lying to myself and others when I say that. It’s not for a superficial reason but because I want to see my hard work pay off, y’know

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  2. My blog stats don’t bother me that much, I started my blog in April of this year ( I did have a internet issue in the beginning) but my most successful month was May, and I know that’s because I had a bunch of reviews from Goodreads that I posted throughout the month. People have more free time during the summer, and therefore I expected to have a little dip, I just decided that it’s for my enjoyment and I appreciate every follower and visitor that I get.

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    1. Yeah, I think I kind of didn’t take into consideration that my numbers might drop after the summer months because people would be back to school/uni and don’t have as much time! But seeing so many fellow bloggers having experienced the same dip in their numbers made me realize that it might be an overall thing and specific to just a few bloggers.

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  3. You are not alone thinking this way. I try not to worry about it all, but it’s hard. Even just leaving for a couple days and seeing stats going down, having the fear of being forgotten, having this silly fear of missing out or simply not be given opportunities other bloggers might have while they’ve been blogging for a couple months, just makes me… well, it makes me be the kind of person I hate, I’ll admit it ahah. I think it’s hard not to look at your stats, I try not to too often, but I know I end up doing it anyway – even if I don’t like what I’m seeing sometimes.
    I think that it’s normal, though, that the summer has a bit of a peak in everyone’s stats – I’ve seen it happened for the few years I’ve been doing this, people have more time, people are more online, while this time of the year usually is for back to school things and … people are busy and, I don’t know; Just a theory here, but I think there might be a little bit of that.
    We all want our hard work paying off on our blogs, that’s for sure. I think what we should remember here, is that we are trying to share our love the best we can. Stats are just numbers and numbers doesn’t define us. It’s what we actually write, the love we put into this, that matters. ❤
    Great post! ❤

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    1. I feel like I constantly tell you how awesome and sweet and caring your comments are, but it is the truth! This honestly made me feel much better! Thank you, Marie! ❤

      The fear of missing out on opportunities might really be the most annoying thing that happens to me when it comes to blogging! Because I would love to to participate in everything and do all these things because I love the community aspect of things but then I also have to realize that it's sometimes simply not possible to do all the things or to be invited to them all and that's okay.

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      1. Oh you’re so, so welcome, it makes me so happy ❤ ❤
        SAME here. I want to do more, but there's only so many hours in a day and between working full time and everything else… there's only so much I can do, haha.

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  4. I try not to worry at my stats but honestly it’s difficult. I was overjoyed this month as I finally got to appear on WP Reader!!!! I’ve seen a huge difference as people are now interacting with me and I’m happy with it. Blogging must stay fun and not obssessive. My regret right now: I blog so much that I read less and I miss it. Quite astonishing for a book blog! Now comparing my blog with others yes I do it and often think changing things but I guess I would always find another blog prettier. So right now I try to insert more pictures and vectors to make it pretty. I’m also thinking adding new fonts. Now what you said is true for most of us! Good post 😉

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    1. Congratulations on appearing on the WP Reader! That is a fantastic achievement! ❤

      That's so weird that you're reading less now that you blog more. I find the opposite has been true for me! I've read so many fantastic books this past month alone!

      Isn't that the truth! I find that making small changes to the blog here and there can be really helpful whenever you feel like your blog isn't as good as others! That's usually what I will try and do first before taking more drastic measures!

      And I have to say, your header image is so pretty and such a great pop of color and most definitely something I haven't seen before!

      Thank you, I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it!

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      1. Oh thank you for your praise 😉 I loved this female warrior with red hair. That’s me (even if I don’t have red hair and wear more than a kind of metallic bikini LOL). Writign and planning posts take much time as i want to illustrate with pictures and vectors that’s why I read less 😉

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  5. i don’t look at my stats at all to be honest. i started my blog for myself and i love each and every one who is reading and commenting and liking. but even if it would just be one person, it wouldn’t matter. i wanted an outlet to put my thoughts down and that’s what i am doing. of course everything that comes with it, is amazing and wonderful and makes my day. so yeah, i don’t look at my stats or worry about them…

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    1. That’s why I started my blog too! I have always loved sharing my love for things with people online (I mean, I was really, really active on Tumblr up until the beginning of this year and for years and years) which is where this blog came from. But I also found that I wasn’t as motivated to blog when there were just a few people reading it. As more and more people started reading the more motivated I got to share my posts with them.

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  6. I completely understand that. During the summer months my blog grew quite a lot, and then it sort of didn’t happen so much in the past few months anymore. At least not in the same rate. And as much as blogging should be done as a nice hobby, a fun activity and so on, we do put a lot of effort, time and even money into it, so it’d be nice of course to see some results. I don’t think I can give any new advice for you (or for me, for that matter…), except… if it isn’t fun anymore and more like a stressful chore, then give it a break. Blogging really shouldn’t be something you feel demotivated from doing. And yes, commenting is a great way to show support on people’s blogs, but I feel like people do that more on make up blogs, personal style, etc and not so much on book blogs.

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  7. I totally get where you’re comming from. This post is so honest and open. It’s refreshing to see someone be able to talk that way about their (blogging) insecureties. I feel this way a lot too and you’re right, it can be so demotivating!Sometimes it will just make me feel like theres no point in even running my blog. Because when no one is reading the things you put out, it just feels like you’re dumping your thoughts in an empty void. It’s easy to start defining your competence as a blogger by the numbers. And I don’t really have a solution either, because I’m in the same boat. Just know that even though it might not always show, you are reaching people with every post you make and what you say matters. We all have these insecurities, even the people who look like everything is running smooth. I enjoy your blog so much and I see how much work you put in. Keep rocking it! You’re doing great. Keep looking for the things you enjoy writing about and just go for it! I will always be there to read what you post 😊

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