Blogging Hiatus

Hey you guys! Today’s post is going to be on the shorter and quicker side of things as I want to let you guys know that I will be taking a hiatus from blogging. I don’t know how long it’ll be for but it’s at least going to be a week I think.

As you might have read in this post I’ve been a bit unhappy with my number recently because I’ve been giving them too much power and I want to make sure I work on that. Blogging is supposed to be something I look forward to doing and not something I dread because I worry about numbers and if a post will go over well or not. So yeah, I will be working on making sure blogging is more fun for me again but also try to figure out how I can combine wanting good stats with being happy and content with what I usually get. We’ll see how that goes!

But I also want to take some time and think about what I want to do with the blog in the future. Do I want to keep it 99% bookish or do I want to include some other things too? I mean, I am obviously more than just someone who loves reading. I love music and movies and tv and I feel like that should be represented here too. Would that be something you guys are interested in? Obviously, this is going to continue to be a bookish blog for the most part as that’s what I want it to be, but I want to include other things too hoping that it’ll help make sure blogging continues to be fun for me and you guys!

I’ve already rambled on for too long I think, so I’ll say goodbye for now and hopefully, we’ll see each other in about a week or two! I’m most definitely looking forward to it! ❤

14 thoughts on “Blogging Hiatus

  1. I’m sorry to hear you’re having a rough time love. I totally understand how you feel; some months I’m doing fantastic, then other months my stats are so bad. I hope to see you back soon though! I still think your blog is wonderful and that people care about what you write. I just figure for myself that this helps me keep up on reading, since that’s why I started blogging – and because I need more bookworm friends to talk about books with ha-ha!

    One thing that people seem to REALLY like are my 52 Weeks of Gratitude posts. I guess people like to know about my life…go figure. You could think of possibly doing something like that if you want! I also created “Let’s Talk Banned Books” posts to make my blog unique..and people loved them! Unfortunately I fell behind since I put a lot of research into them but I plan to start them up again in 2018.

    Again, I hope you realize how amazing your blog is and find something that makes you want to come back and blog again 🙂 ❤

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  2. I hope this break will help you and that you’ll come back soon, refreshed and happy to blog. I know it’s hard not to look at numbers – it’s something that’s eating me alive sometimes, just as well. Some time away and reminders of why you’re blogging, what you want to do while blogging, and most of it all, remembering the lovely conversations you can have, are what matters. Also, to answer your question here: make your blog… yours. That’s all I can say! If you feel like talking about movies once in a while, or tv shows, that’s perfectly okay, as long as it makes you happy 😀
    I’m always here – or over on twitter – if you need to talk about it! I’ll miss you on here! xxx

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  3. I completely understand how you feel! Before my hiatus, I would check my stats every single day and compare them to previous days/weeks/months and it drove me crazy! I’ve also put a lot of pressure on myself to continue blogging and to put out content just so I would get another 50 views on my blog or something—it was really bad.

    But during my hiatus (which happened to be a lot longer than I originally anticipated) I realised a lot of things about myself and my blog and it really helped me to take a step back and figure out what I want my blog to be!

    My advice is to post whatever you want—if you LOVE watching Marvel shows (which I know you do), write a post about them! If there’s new music that you love, share it with us! Yes, we’re all book bloggers but that doesn’t mean your blog has to be strictly bookish! It’s completely okay to stray away from your usual area and write about different things, as long as whatever you’re writing about makes you happy!

    Back in the days, I would write posts because I felt like other people would enjoy them and they’d be good for my stats, but /I/ wasn’t enjoying myself when writing them and blogging felt more and more like a chore!

    But guess what, now I don’t even check my stats anymore! I honestly can’t remember the last time I looked at them—and it feels so freeing! I also don’t stress myself out if I don’t have a post going up on one of my scheduled days! Everything feels a lot more relaxed right now because I’ve realised that first and foremost I am doing this for ME, and no one else! I hope that taking a break will help you and you’ll come back to blogging at your own time—doesn’t matter if it takes you longer than a week!

    Okay wow, sorry for making this comment so long but I had a lot to say because this topic is something that’s very close to me now since I experienced it firsthand! Enjoy your time off! ❤

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  4. Have fun on your hiatus! If you WANT to keep it all bookish, I’m fine with that! But if you want to change it, I completely support you and I love reading your blog anyways 🙂

    Yes, I completely understand how numbers can seem to take over blogging and the fun experience of it. I hope you love blogging once you come back! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  5. Taking a break to make blogging fun again is a FABULOUS idea!! If a hobby is becoming something you dread, then that’s when you know that you may need to take a step back from it for a bit. I love all your bookish posts but I’m sure everyone would support you just the same with non-bookish posts! ❤ Have a great hiatus!

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  6. I’m exactly at the same position as you are. That’s why, for my part, I am only posting 1-2 posts a month for a few months now. I don’t feel good about what I’m writing or where I want my blog to go. Where is the purpose for it? How is it not the exact same blog but with other content than the other blogs out there? Personally I think it’s good to see that I’m not the only blogger out there who struggles with blogging and maybe I’ll take you as an example and try an hiatus as well.
    I hope you come back feeling better! 🙂

    xo Annina

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  7. I’m sorry to hear that you’re not feeling good. I’m a fairly new blogger, so the stats haven’t caught up to me yet, but I know how these numbers are gnarly beats that worm their way into our thoughts, even if we don’t want them too. The most important thing is that you’re happy with what you’re doing and not stressing out about something that should bring you joy. I’m really hoping that your hiatus will help you figure things out!

    I – and I’m sure many others – will patiently await your return 🙂 I always love reading your post and I would be really excited to see non-bookish content as well. I’m very interested in what you think about other topics as well 🙂 If you really want to mix things up with bookish and non-bookish I’d say go for it. Like I said, the most important thing is that you’re having fun with your blog and content & post what you’re passionate about 🙂

    Sending lots of positive vibes your way 💕

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  8. Hello Swetlana,
    Yes blogging stats can be a bummer some times, and unfortunately they do have power over us bloggers. Of course we are happy when lots of people are reading our posts! And we are sad when there are less readers than we expect!
    Personally I love reading non-bookish posts because I get to learn more about the person behind the blog. Some of the bloggers I know talk about their travels or fashion. Its something that I hope to do on my blog in the future as well.
    Hope you have a happy and refreshing hiatus, and see you soon 🙂

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  9. I really love your blog and I hope that the time you take to breathe, think and reflect will be helpful to you! In any case, you deserve a break. You post nonstop high-quality content and I imagine how exhausting that must be. But don’t leave for too long, kay?


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