What To Get Your Bookish Friends For Christmas (Or As A General Show Of Appreciation)

Would you guys believe me that it took me way too long to actually properly write this post? I’ve had it sitting in my drafts with pretty detailed notes since before I went on hiatus but I just never actually wrote this post until now (I say, hoping I’ll actually finish writing it today)! What changed, you might ask? Well, first of all: I finally got my apartment all clean and tidy to start decorating for Christmas but more importantly (I think), I just started listening to some Christmas music for the first time this year! And isn’t that the perfect mindset to be in for this kind of post?

And don’t worry! I know my title talks about Christmas gifts, but honestly: these work for any kind of occasion! But with Christmas coming up in under a month (how on earth is it almost Christmas already???) I figured this would be a great time to share some gifting ideas!


Gift Idea #1: Special Editions / Collector Editions Of Books

It feels like there are so many special or collector editions of books being released recently and I’m sure if your bookish friend absolutely loves a certain book and likes owning multiple copies of their favorites they would absolutely love this as a gift! I often see people get really excited about the new Harry Potter Illustrated Editions because they a) get a new Harry Potter book, b) get to experience the story in a different type of media and c) they get to look forward to those yearly releases again.

But Harry Potter isn’t the only book series to get special editions! Oh no! We have the A Darker Shade Of Magic one, the Red Queen one, the 10th Anniversary Edition of City Of Bones and many more that are currently escaping me. You know your bookish friends and the books they love, I’m sure you’ll be able to find something in this line of gifts!

adsom collectors     red queen collectors     city of bones collectors

Gift Idea #2: Books

If you’re looking at this gift idea and thinking ‘Wow! Way to be obvious there, Swetlana!‘ – just give me a second! I feel like us bookworms love to talk about all of the books we can’t wait to read and as a friend you could get your bookish friends one of those books they just won’t shut up about! Obviously, you would have to make sure that they don’t decide to buy the book for themselves before you can give it to them. Maybe threaten them? Obviously not in a violent way. But like, how about you take their favorite books hostage if they try to buy that book for themselves? You know, just make sure you let your friend know in very clear words that they better not pick up book XY. For reasons.,

Gift Idea #3: Notebooks

Notebooks are without a doubt a gift I think you can’t go wrong with for the bookworm in your life – especially if they love to write down what they read and how they felt about the books! Maybe they love collecting all of their favorite quotes in a notebook? Or they want a way to track their reading and rating somewhere other than Goodreads (for example)! And you can even get your bookish friend a notebook themed around their favorite book(s)! These days, there are so many fantastic shops online that sell all kinds of fandom-related items!

acomaf notebook     hp notebook     soc notebook

Gift Idea #4: Gift Cards

Now, if you’re bookish friend is the type of reader who just simply cannot wait until they might get a book for Christmas (or any other occasion) and buy it themselves, you could still get them a gift card so they can spend that money on even more books they were planning on buying – but this way they won’t have to spend their own money on books. It’s a win-win really! You get to support a bookish friends book buying problem and they get to buy new books without spending their own money! I’m sure your friend will be forever grateful!

Gift Idea #5: Mugs

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee (or whatever else kind of drink you like!) and what better way to drink that than with a nice cup? I recently signed up to participate in a Christmas gift exchange with some German bloggers and one of the first things I knew I wanted to get (once I knew that the person I was creating a package for liked to drink tea) was a nice and festive mug. I might have gone a bit overboard with the mug (it is very, very festive) but I love it so much that I will be getting one for myself too.

mug 1     mug 2     mug 3

Gift Idea #6: Audible Subscription

I have talked about my love for audiobooks before right here, so this probably doesn’t come as a surprise for most of you guys. But yes, if you want to, you could gift your friend with an Audible subscription and since the first month is free – there’s no risk involved! And if your friend ends up loving it (which, if they need convincing, link them to my post! 😉 ) you could pay their next month’s fee or take advantage of the great deals Audible is bound to have leading up to Christmas where you can get a set amount of months for just half the price!

Gift Idea #7: Blankets

I am 100% someone who loves to be cozy when I’m reading (I wish I was also someone who could drink a cup of coffee or tea but I would just forget about them and they’d get cold which just #yuck) so a fluffy blanket is a perfect gift! And a blanket can be taken around the house too and used as a nice decorating element whenever your friend isn’t cuddled up underneath it! If you want to take it a step further, you could also get them a pair of fuzzy socks to make sure they are extra cozy while reading! You know, living that #grandmalife to the fullest (you should follow me on Twitter for anything #grandmalife related – it’s always a ton of fun!).

blanket 1     blanket 2     blanket 3

Gift Idea #8: Spending Time Together!

I know that I talked about a lot of material things on my list up until now but I think one of the best gifts you could give someone would be some quality time to spend together! You can do something you both enjoy a lot (like reading) while treating your friend to a coffee and spending an afternoon just hanging out and getting some reading done. Or you could browse a bookstore or library together and talk about all the books you cannot wait to read soon (which, let’s be real: probably isn’t actually going to be soon)!

Gift Idea #9: Candles

Speaking of being cozy! How about some nice candles for your bookish friend? They can be your regular candles that you can get at any kind of store or (once again) fandom related candles! These days, there are a million and one candle shops out there who sell all these fantastic candles and if your friend is a big fan of them (and, who isn’t, right???) you could always get them a candle that is related to their favorite book(s)!

I know I can’t wait to start lighting candles again once I’ve decorated my apartment for Christmas. And I’m even more important to just sit in a room that is filled with candlelight and Christmas lights!

candle 3     candle 1     candle 2

lets chat 1

Phew, okay this post definitely got away from me a little bit and it ended up being much longer than I anticipated, but I hope you guys don’t mind too much! But most importantly: I hope you got some inspiration for what you might get your bookish friends if you were stuck for ideas!

I’m sure I’ve forgotten about some fantastic ideas, so if you guys have any more, please share them and help out anyone who might be in need of even more ideas!

What is your favorite kind of gift to receive and to give? Let me know in the comments below!

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12 thoughts on “What To Get Your Bookish Friends For Christmas (Or As A General Show Of Appreciation)

  1. This is such a great post, I love all of your ideas here. Getting a special edition of a book I love would be so, so cool, and I have to admit that the ADSOM collector edition looks quite awesome. Notebooks and mugs are two things I LOVE receiving as well, even if I have WAY too many ahah and can’t and don’t use them all. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. These are some awesome ideas! I know a lot of people who feel bad getting gift card because they feel it’s too impersonal, but I always LOVE getting gift cards, because then I can get exactly the books (and formats) I want!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I guess I kind of understand where those people are coming from, but I’d rather gift someone a gift card and they can buy themselves something they really want rather than buying something they won’t enjoy. And with books I think gift cards are a fantastic gift because you might not know someone’s shelves that well.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love birthday because it’s a golden opportunity for me to rob my friends and get all the pretty collector edition books 😜

    On a side note, the Red Queen collector edition is gorgeous.

    Liked by 1 person

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