Blogmas Day 8: Top 8 Anticipated 2018 Releases

Good evening you guys and welcome to Blogmas Day 8! Can you believe we’re almost done with Blogmas because my mind might have just been blown a little bit at how quickly this past month flew by us!

So, for today’s post, we’re finally going to be talking about 2018 releases that we’re super freaking excited about. And I actually want to make sure you guys check out this post I did a few weeks ago because I talked about 10 other 2018 releases that you guys should keep an eye out. So, once we’re done with this post you guys have almost TWENTY books you can hopefully add to your TBRs! Wouldn’t that be fun???

jan 18

the cruel princeUp first, with a release date of January 2nd (which has me freaking out because I still need to read this eARC – send help? or motivation? anything, really) we have Holly Black’s The Cruel Prince! I’ve seen this book all over the place ever since BookCon/BEA (which was in the SUMMER). People have been hyping this book up ever since and I figured it was about time I read my first Holly Black novel, right? And it’s about Faerie and I feel like ever since I read Sarah’s ACOTAR series I am basically on board with this!

We’re following Jude who was stolen away to the High Court Of Faerie when she was seven years old and now, ten years later, she just wants to belong. But to prove that she belongs she must defy Prince Carden, the wickedest and youngest son of the king.

And apparently defying the prince includes realizing Jude’s capacity for bloodshed. I honestly feel like this might be a rather dark and twisty spin on faeries and I can’t wait for it!


markswomanUp next, with a release date of January 23rd, we have Rati Mehrotra’s Markswoman! I feel like I heard about this book before or that I had at least seen the cover at an earlier point in time, but I must have forgotten about it until earlier today. I was looking through a list of upcoming 2018 releases (that ended up influencing this post too) and stumbled upon this release and I just had to add it too.

We follow a sisterhood of elite warriors, who our main character Kyra wants to join – but to do so, she must separate herself from everything connecting her to her old life. Kyra pledges to do so while still secretly hoping to avenge her dead family. When Kyra’s mentor is killed and the Mistress of Mental Arts comes to power, Kyra is forced on the run. Kyra tries to find proof that her mentor was killed to prevent the other members of the sisterhood from going down a dark path under the new leadership.

I know my synopsis is kind of choppy (there is nothing I hate more than having to summarize a book, to be honest) so please check out the Goodreads page (which is linked on the cover) but does that not sound like the book has potential to be kickass??? An entire group of elite female warriors? I have to say, I am getting Amazonian vibes here and I am here for it. Give me all the kickass females, please!

may 18


Up first, for the month of May, with a release date of May 1st, we have Angie Thomas’ new book On The Come Up! Unfortunately, we don’t have a cover yet, so we’ll have to stare at that placeholder for now. But I bet the cover is going to be as stunning as The Hate U Give’s.

All we know about this particular book is that we’re returning to Garden Heights (the setting of THUG) and we’re now following a teenage rapper who finds out what happens when you get everything you’ve ever wanted.

That’s it. That’s all the information Goodreads has up right now. But to be honest with you guys, I don’t need to know anything other than the fact that Angie is writing this book. That’s the selling point for me!


furybornWith a release date of May 22nd, we have Claire Legrand’s Furyborn. And you guys, I feel like I have seen this book everywhere recently? Especially on bookstagram, it seems, as it was featured as an additional book in one of the subscription boxes. But I wasn’t really drawn towards it then because the cover didn’t really intrigue me. And then we got the cover reveal and I was hooked. Honestly, this is so pretty??? I had to check out what the book was about (finally) and I have to say, I am really looking forward to this!

We follow the story of two female characters, Rielle and Eliana, whose story is separated by a millennium but still somehow connected. Rielle, in order to protect her best friend and crown prince, exposes the fact that she can perform all seven forms of elemental magic – something that only two prophecised queens should be able to do: a queen of light and salvation and a queen of blood and destruction. Rielle must undergo a trial to prove that she is the Sun Queen. Eliana, on the other hand, goes on a mission to find her mother who suddenly disappeared and in doing so, discovers how her story intersects with that of Rielle and the consequences this has for her and her world.

I am honestly so intrigued by the fact that these two stories, separated by a millennium, are connected to each other and I can’t wait to find out how this plays out and how these two are connected to each other!

june 18

smoke in the sunOh, look, another placeholder! But we haven’t gotten the cover for Renee Ahdieh’s June 5th release Smoke In The Sun yet, so we’ll have to make do for now. Smoke In The Sun is the sequel to Flame In The Mist which means that I can’t talk about the plot without spoiling book #1 for everyone else, so let me tell you what that one is about (in case you’ve been living under a rock the past couple of months)!

We follow Mariko, a teenage girl on her way to be wed off to an emperor’s son when she gets attacked in the woods. While everyone else is killed, Mariko survives and disguises herself as a boy to infiltrate the Black Clan who is responsible for the attack on her in order to find out who tried to have her killed. We’re joining Mariko as she grows closer to the members of the Black Clan, finds her place within their ranks and discovers exactly what happened in those woods.

I actually just recently finished reading this book and I’m already really looking forward to the sequel because I’m quite hooked on Renee’s way of writing and storytelling! I need more of this world!

september 2018

tog 7Up next, with a current release date of September 4th, we have the seventh and final book in Sarah J. Maas’ Throne Of Glass series which doesn’t have a cover or title yet. But at least you guys don’t have to stare at a blank cover this time? That’s something, right?

And as this is the seventh and final book in a series, I obviously can’t tell you guys anything about it. Not a single thing. Throne Of Glass, the first book, tells the story of Celaena who is chosen to participate in a series of challenges to become the King Of Adarlan’s assassin and while that’s what sets this entire series in motion, it’s also (in my opinion) nothing like what the rest of the series is about. Sarah expands the world, introduces a ton of fascinating characters and makes you care about all of them over the course of the seven books (including a novella bind-up) released so far. I highly recommend you pick this series up and please do continue past at least the first book, I promise it gets much better after!

october 2018


Next, let’s talk about what might be a team up of authors that is going to rip out reader hearts all over the world: Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera’s October 2nd release What If It’s Us! You guys probably know that I am a huge fan of Becky’s Simon VS so when I heard that I would be getting a second book from her in 2018? I freaked out. This is fantastic! I love these kinds of news!

What If It’s Us tells the story of Arthur and Ben as they meet at the post office and know that there was a missed connection there before the universe pushes them back together for a series of failed ‘first’ dates.

That’s everything Goodreads has on there right now, but as with Angie’s book earlier, all I need to know is that it has Becky attached to it and I want to read it. You really don’t have to try that hard with some authors.

december 2018

queen of air and darknessLast, but by no means least, with a release date of December 4th we have the third and final book in Cassandra Clare’s The Dark Artifices: Queen Of Air And Darkness! If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you probably know that I am a huge fan of the Shadowhunter Chronicles and you might even know that Lord Of Shadows ripped my heart out earlier this year with that god damn ending (yes, I am still not over it)! I’ve basically been in denial ever since and I just need to know what on earth is going to happen next and how this story wraps up. I need to know, okay???

In Lady Midnight, we follow Emma Carstairs and the Blackthorn family as they investigate the appearance of dead human and faerie bodies over Los Angelos in order to get the oldest Blackthorn brother, Mark, back. This investigation also ends up revealing why Emma’s parents were killed five years ago and who is responsible for their deaths.

I feel like I never shut up about this series, but I want to make sure you guys read this post I did months ago about why you can’t just jump into this trilogy without having read all of Cassandra Clare’s earlier work (at least everything other than the novella bindups) to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Design ohne TitelYour Posts

And now it’s once again time to link to you guys’ posts for yesterday’s prompt of the day: Books You Want To Read In 2018! If you guys want to be featured for any of the upcoming prompts (including today’s) just make sure to write your own post and pingback to the corresponding post of mine so I don’t miss your posts! I can’t wait to see what some of you guys’ responses to the upcoming prompts are going to be!

lets chat 1

You guys, I want to apologize for just making you read all of that (if you did!) because this post kind of got away from me? And I already know that I need to think of a different way to talk about my favorite books of 2017 because we’ll be here for hours if I talk about each book in the same amount of detail. We’re at almost 1.9k words right now. 1.9k. And I ‘only’ talked about 8 books. Now imagine what I can do with 11 books.

Anyways! Let’s get back to what this post was actually all about: 2018 releases! What are some of you guys’ 2018 releases that you just absolutely cannot wait to get to? Are any of the ones I talked about (in both posts) on your list too?

Do you guys make an effort to not look at too many 2018 releases posts to make sure your TBR doesn’t just explode? Because I already have so many books on my 2018 list and no idea when I’ll read them all. *takes a deep breath*

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21 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 8: Top 8 Anticipated 2018 Releases

  1. I am SO excited for ALL of these books. I swear that 2018 wants to leave me broken and really really poor because literally ALL my favorite authors have new books coming out! Smoke in the Sun is a great title, but honestly not as great as Flame in the Mist. Furyborn has been getting SO. MUCH. HYPE. It’s exciting, but I don’t have an ARC and that makes me so sad.

    The Cruel Prince TOO! I cannot wait for this release! Is Holly Black the author that people call The Faerie Queen? Adam Silvera and Becky Albertalli writing a book together is like a dream come true, and I still have to read THUG but I hope that cover kicks ass. I will write my anticipated novels of 2018 soon! Fabulous post!


  2. Ahahah I have the same issue, so many 2018 books are on my TBR at the moment and I don’t know when or how I’m going to read them all… given that there are so many 2017 releases I want to read and haven’t had the chance to, haha. Being a bookworm is haaaaaard.On your list, I’m really excited by Angie Thomas’ new book, as well as, What is it’s us, both of these sound amazing 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahaha, we need about 5 more hours each day to make sure we can get some actual reading done! I try not to think too much about all those 2017 releases that I wanted to get to but never did. But then again, I think I’ve done surprisingly well – at least with the books I was really invested in, so it’s not too bad!

      I feel like Angie Thomas is gonna have another huge success on her hands with that novel! I bet EVERYONE will be at least curious to see if her next novel can hold up to THUG!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh yes, I CANNOT wait for The Cruel Prince, On the Come Up, and What If It’s Us!! Oh, and of course, Leah on the Offbeat. (Hopefully I’ll like Leah a little more haha.) I’m also looking forward to Tyler Johnson Was Here, The Astonishing Color of After, The Belles, and Warcross Book 2! UGH. SO MANY GOOD 2018 RELEASES.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m so excited for 2018 and all it’s releases (even though my TBR is killing me and I am behind 2017 releases and this is me screaming)!! My most anticipated is definitely Queen of Air and Darkness asgjakl I can’t with Los cliffhanger 😭!! Great list ❤!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. SOOOOOOOO many authors are coming out with INCREDIBLE books next month and I don’t even know where to start!!! I’m definitely excited for What If It’s Us as well because I LOVE Becky so much and even though I’ve never read a book by Mr. Silvera, I know enough to know that it’s gonna be HEARTBREAKING.



    Oh jeez. 2018 is going to be an AWESOME year filled with the most amazing book releases EVER but also… the most horrible year for my poor bank account. I’d already like to apologize in advance XD


    1. I was watching a YouTube video earlier and the person was talking about how there are barely any winter releases they are excited about and I just sat there like ‘I wish it was the same for me! I have like NINETEEN between January and February.’ XD Out of the books you’ve mentioned the only two not on my list are *whispers* Restore Me*/whisper* and Obsidio because I am not caught up with those two series, but YES to the rest of them! I’ve got Heart Of Iron on my Goodreads ‘not yet released’ shelf too, if I remember correctly!

      Yeah, I feel like I should apologize to my bank account too!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. The Cruel Prince sounds so good and I have heard amazing things, so I really want to get it, but there are sooo many releases this year. I’m probably going to end up buying Angie’s new book right away, because I cannot wait to read more from her 🙂 I also have quite a few sequels on my 2018 list like Warstorm, Sightwitch, The Invasion or The Burning Maze. Then there are about a billion more books … my 2018 anticipated releases post is going to be long 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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