Blogmas Day 9: Top 9 2017 Covers You Adored

Good evening you guys! How has your day been? Can you believe we’re already up to day 9 of Blogmas??? Because I am honestly quite shocked how quickly December just flew by! But!!! There is one thing which has me excited about time flying by this fast: I participated in a Christmas gift exchange and my package has been here for 12 days already and I am just dying to open it already. I am too impatient for this kind of thing, okay? I need to know what’s in there already. But I’ll be strong. I can do it. Christmas Eve is on Sunday, after all!

And speaking of things I’m excited about, how about we talk about some of those ridiculously pretty covers we got this past publishing year? Because good lord, some authors were SO lucky.


strange the dreamer

Should we just start this list off with one of my favorite covers of 2017 because I feel that’s the appropriate thing to do here. First off, this cover is pretty as just a simple image right? Just looking at it, you can tell it’s beautiful. But then you get the actual physical copy and it’s even more beautiful? And super shiny? Yeah, this cover was a freaking jackpot as far as cover design goes! I actually went as far as keeping the dustjacket on my shelves while reading the book to make sure I don’t damage it, while I usually just take it off and keep it next to me while I read. I went the extra mile here.

caraval us cover

Oh man. The Caraval cover! When I first got this book in the mail, I kept staring at it and touching it because it was just so pretty? And I loved the texture and the colors go together so nicely and we shouldn’t even mention the prettiness that is the UK hardcover edition with the gorgeous images on the naked book itself. And the split black & white spine with the gold lettering. It’s a beauty. And I was quite tempted to buy another copy but decided to be reasonable instead.


I feel like this cover shouldn’t even come as a surprise??? Furthermore was ridiculously beautiful and colorful so the next cover had to be great too? And it is. Oh so beautiful. And the illustrations are so, so beautiful! I would like to know who Tahereh Mafi sold her soul to, to be blessed with covers as beautiful as most of hers are!


Here is something you might not know about me: I love rainbows. A lot. I am like a small child on Christmas morning when I spot a rainbow. The other day, my mom had to drive a bit slower so I could capture this insanely beautiful double rainbow for my Instagram stories. That’s how much I love them. And so when I saw this cover? Yeah, I was freaking sold. I love the rainbow colors and simplicity of the cover. 

the library of fates

Another cover that is a freaking work of art. I love the ombre effect going on here with the transition from pink to purple and the image in the center is so beautiful and I would also like to give a shoutout to the cover designers behind the German edition because that one is stunning too – even the naked book has a beautiful design all over it. This book wins on multiple levels.

forest of a thousand lanterns

This is yet another cover that got my attention rather quickly because of the color but also the image of a beautiful white flower that has a snake wrapped around it. I keep forgetting what this book is about but I find the imagery so interesting that I keep going back to being intrigued by this book. I need to read this already.

daughter of the burning city uk

I don’t always fall in love with book covers that are mainly just typography but this one just really hit the nail on the head for me – to the point that I waited two more months to buy this particular cover because I preferred it over the US version. And this was a book I had been looking forward to for quite a while, so that should tell you something.

wild beauty

This is a book I haven’t read or looked much into, but this cover is just absolutely stunning and whenever people have shown it off in hauls on YouTube I’ve just been sitting here with some serious heart-eyes going on. I don’t think I usually am drawn to flowers (especially as many as on this one) but they are raised on the dustjacket and that makes them about ten times more beautiful!

wonder woman

And lastly, let’s talk about Wonder Woman: Warbringer! I feel like it’s no secret that I love Leigh and her books (and their covers) and I have to say, this one fits right in! I love that Diana is in her Wonder Woman pose and the logo draws your eye right in too. So far, out of the three covers we’ve seen for the DC Icons series, I have to say this one is my favorite by quite a bit! Though I might be a bit biased because I really love Leigh & Diana!

Design ohne TitelYour Posts

And now it’s once again time to link to you guys’ posts for yesterday’s prompt of the day: Anticipated 2018 Releases! If you guys want to be featured for any of the upcoming prompts (including today’s) just make sure to write your own post and pingback to the corresponding post of mine so I don’t miss your posts! I can’t wait to see what some of you guys’ responses to the upcoming prompts are going to be!

lets chat 1

What were some of you guys’ favorite 2017 covers? Do you often find yourself drawn towards a certain kind of cover? If so, what is it?

And sorry about the fact that today’s post is quite quick and that nothing much is being said apart from how pretty all these covers are, but I needed something light in between yesterday’s post and Friday’s post, so you’re getting two quicker/easier posts today and Wednesday – I hope you don’t mind!

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31 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 9: Top 9 2017 Covers You Adored

  1. Oh great post – I am loving this Blogmas series of yours 🙂
    So many great covers here – I love the Strange the Dreamer one, as well as Caraval and Library of Fates is soo pretty. Did you read that last one already? I can’t remember if you did?
    And yes to FOTL, love that cover as well. I’d love for you to read that one to know what you think 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Marie! I’m really happy to hear it as it’s taking more and more time for each new post and hearing that people are enjoying it definitely helps to keep me motivated! 😀

      I am currently just about over halfway through Library Of Fates and I’m definitely enjoying it so far and I don’t even have a problem with the translation unlike with Empress Of The Thousand Skies were I felt like the writing/translation was aimed at a much younger age than me.

      I hope to get to FOTL at some point though who knows when that is going to be in the end as there are just too many books out there. xD

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m absolutely in love with cover for Strange the Dreamer! My friend bought it used, and IT DOESN’T HAVE A DUST JACKET!!! I’m personally hoping to get it for Christmas, because it was way out of my budget, but if not I might just have to buy it anyways.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes yes yes! I’m so happy you included Whichwood and Wild Beauty, both those covers are some SERIOUS eye candy!! The first time I saw both of them I’m pretty certain my jaw literally dropped at how gorgeous they are! I’m personally also a fan of the black covers for A Skinful of Shadows. Definitely my aesthetic!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Strange has SUCH a gorgeous cover!! I like the US edition better than the UK one tho. And omg so many people hate the Warcross cover but I think it’s fine??? Like I can see why they think it’s too bright or tacky, but I’ve seen worse. 😂 And omg NOOOO am I the only one who hates the FOTL cover?? It looks so Photoshopped imo, and the green is just… yikes!!

    But I LOVEEEE the cover for Wild Beauty, one of my favorites. And I also love the cover for An Enchantment of Ravens — tho I didn’t love the book much, the cover is BEAUTIFUL!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I looove the US Strange the Dreamer cover too, it looks so magical and interesting! I have heard so many people say that they prefer the UK cover (the dark blue one), which I did not really get, because the US cover is perfect 😀 The Warcross Cover is amazing as well and so fitting for the story!
    I personally loved the Frostblood US cover, it looks absolutely stunning, but sadly I had to get the UK cover 😢

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Caraval has an absolutely beautiful cover and I’m so glad it gets to grace my bookshelves. So does Strange the Dreamer, Warcross, and Wonder Woman! I also have Furthermore as well! I’m glad to say that I’ve read most of them (except Furthermore. That one is coming soon!) Most of them I loved (except Caraval. I liked that one but it’s not my favorite). So many beautiful covers! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I haven’t read any more circus themed books but as time passed by, I forgot the ending and what made it so crazy. All I remember is the writing and some characters. I’ll probably continue but I’m not going to be super hyped around it. Also side note the Warcross hardcover that has a rainbow underneath?? I am jealous. I wish I got that one. And also the paperback for Warcross looks really good. But I wouldn’t trade mine because mine is signed so therefore I’m still happy it graces my shelves.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. I legit found that one on Bookstagram and I thought it was edited but no it’s real and I’m super jealous. How come I’ve just heard about this now? But I hope you find it!

            Liked by 1 person

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