Wrap Up: December 2017

Evening you guys! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic start into the new year! I honestly have no idea what I should talk about for this ‘intro’ as I had originally planned to post this at the end of December rather than almost a week into January, but oh well! If you read my previous post about my 2017 reading statistics, you already know that I read a total of 5 books, so now it’s time to find out what exactly those books were and what I thought of them! Hope you enjoy this last 2017 wrap up! 🙂


the bear and the nightingaleIn some really fantastic turn of events, I got accepted to read an eARC of The Girl In The Tower (the sequel to this) early and I was super excited until I realized I hadn’t even read the first book yet. But I had that really positive experience with Now I Rise earlier this year so I figured ‘Oh, this is going to be alright!’. And then I kept pushing off actually reading The Bear And The Nightingale. I don’t even know why? But yeah.

And while I wanted to absolutely love this book (it is set in the Russian wilderness and is based on old Russian fairytales – this book basically screamed ‘READ ME. YOU’LL LOVE ME’) I ended up just liking it? It took me ages to actually get into it and I kept confusing characters with each other? Especially side characters like Vasya’s siblings who disappear to Moskow early-ish in the novel and only pop up here and there. I kept thinking someone was the brother when it was the nephew? Which definitely didn’t help towards me enjoying this book.

Another thing that I didn’t like was how the story kept jumping ahead in time without every really saying how much time has passed? I still have absolutely no idea how old Vasya is by the end of the story. No clue. And I couldn’t tell you much about the age of her other siblings either. Or their names, for that matter? The only ones that stuck with me are Alyosha and Irina.

And now that I’ve had this rather ‘meh’ experience with this particular book, I’m really worried that it’ll affect how I feel about the sequel too which makes me not want to pick it up in the first place. Which annoys me because I’ve been looking forward to it for so long now??? But I will pick it up and read it soon because I kind of still have hope that the second book is going to be better.


scarletAs I mentioned in my November wrap-up, I’m currently rereading The Lunar Chronicles to read Cress as part of a traveling book project I joined with a couple of Germans over on Goodreads and I am finally ready to get into Cress now that I’ve finished reading Scarlet!

The story definitely picks up more speed here and things are put into motion even more that are going to affect the next two novels and I am honestly so excited to get to them, especially because of the Cress and Thorne dynamic. It’s one of my favorites in the entire series, to be honest. And just Thorne in general! He’s such a fun character to read about and see interact with the rest of the crew!

I feel like I don’t really have much to say about this book because I just really loved it and think everyone else should read it too? But I also want to keep this one a bit shorter seeing how I’m already at 600 words and I’ve only talked about two books. This wrap-up might turn out to be much longer than I want it to be.


Up next, I read some review copies and reviewed them on the blog, so please do check out my review for Empress Of A Thousand Skies here and my review for The Library Of Fates here!

empress of a thousand skies      the library of fates


flame in the mistThe last book I finished reading this month was Renee Ahdieh’s Flame In The Mist which was once again an impulse decision because I needed something to listen to on my way to my parents’ house and I had this audiobook waiting for me on my phone.

And I have to say, I really enjoyed Renee’s writing style in this book! It almost felt like ‘coming home’ in the weirdest way after having read a German book previously which honestly baffles me quite a bit.

Renee also has a way of writing character/romantic dynamics that makes it impossible to stop reading? I kept finding myself wanting to listen to more of the audiobook and to find out how certain dynamics would work out and how the story would play out as I had heard this book being compared to Mulan before and knew (to an extent) what would have to happen at some point. And despite that, I still really enjoyed this book and with how the story ended, I can’t wait to read the next book in 2018!

And as I mentioned in an earlier post this month, I’m now also even more excited to read The Wrath & The Dawn because I liked Renee’s writing and storytelling so much here! And I just love whenever that happens with an author!

lets chat 1

How about you guys? Did you have a good reading month in December? What was your favorite book you read and what was your least favorite? Is there a book you wish you had been able to get to but didn’t? Let me know in the comments below!

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16 thoughts on “Wrap Up: December 2017

  1. The Lunar Chronicles are THE BEST!!!! I promise that the books will fly by! Also, she has her “Wires & Nerves” graphic novel and Volume 2 comes out at the end of this month. I hope you keep reading!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh, I’ve already read the entire series before, I’m currently rereading it. 🙂 And I am so excited for Wires & Nerve Volume 2! I read the first one during the summer and I need to know how the story wraps up! Iko is one of my favorite characters from the series so this graphic novel had definitely been on my radar since it was announced! 🙂


  2. Yay, Cress was such a fantastic book – I think Cress is my favorite character and I loved Cress and Thorne’s dynamic so, so much, they were amazing together ❤ ❤
    Hope you will have a great month! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow you read so many cool books in December (and by cool I mean literally ALL of them are on my TBR and I‘m quite jealous that you got around to reading them and I haven‘t 😂). I neeeeed to continue with the Lunar Chronicles omg I keep forgetting that I read the first book last year! It wasn‘t like the most amazing and unique book ever but it definitely made me want to read on (and because everyone is obsessed with Cresswell?? Or Thorne?? Ugh I don‘t remember who it was hahaha but there‘s SOMEONE and a SHIP and I‘m all about that!!!!!)

    And I still haven‘t picked up The Wrath and The Dawn even though I was SO CLOSE in October! I literally had the book on my nightstand which is a GOOD SIGN because that means one of the books on the pile will be picked to read next….. but, unfortunately, the book landed back on my regular shelves. I‘m SO interested in reading Flame in the Mist after reading your post though because I LIVE FOR great character dynamics!!!!!

    And I‘ve heard fairly good things about The Bear and the Nightingale and I love Russian inspired settings and stories so I‘d like to pick it up sometime, although I HATE when there‘s too many time jumps and characters and things get mixed up AND YOU GET CONFUSED AND DON‘T EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU‘RE READING AND….. i‘ll stop. Sorry XD I hope you‘ll still be able to enjoy the sequel though! I looooove the covers of these books 😍

    I hope you have another great reading month in January!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, both Cress and Thorne are awesome on their own but also as a ship! They are pure and fun and so loveable! And I have to say, the series does get better with each book too! SO YOU NEED TO READ ON.

      Oh, if you love great character dynamics READ THE CRUEL PRINCE. I am currently about 70% into it and OH MY GOD. They are also the type of character dynamic that HATE EACH OTHER but I have a feeling that we’re about to get some kind of REVELATION and I cannot wait. I might have to finish the book tonight so I finally find out what happens at the end! Also, I admire you for at least having books on your nightstand! Mine always live on my shelves until I decide to pick it up and then they live on my bed until I’ve read them. I currently have both Simon VS and Cress right next to me in bed but I haven’t touched either in a couple of days. I got too distracted by the rest of Whichwood and now The Cruel Prince!

      I really, really hope I’ll still enjoy the sequel because I also love all those things you mentioned and I was quite disappointed that I didn’t love the first book as much as I wanted.

      Thank you, Jackie! I hope so too and I have to say, so far so good! Hope you have a great reading month too and GET ON THAT BULLET JOURNAL SET UP.

      Also, can I just say how much I appreciate the fact that you literally comment on all my posts even if you’ve missed them when I first posted them? Means the world! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahhhh I’ve been hesitant about The Cruel Prince because ACOTAR ruined any and all fae stories for me hahaha but I’ve heard INCREDIBLE things about + it has good character dynamics??? Sign me upppp.

        Thank youuu! And aww, you’re very welcome! I try my best to go back to older posts when I’ve been MIA for…. a month lol and at least TRY to catch up on some of them! I’m glad you appreciate it haha 💖

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I really have to continue with The Lunar Chronicles this year, because so far I have only read Cinder 😄 If I wait to long I’ll just read other book, so it needs to happen this year 😅

    I definitely didn’t get to A Crown of Wishes (companion novel to The Star-Touched Queen), like I had originally wanted to, but maybe I’ll read it next month or in March 🙂 But I’ve also ordered myself a few books, so there are other tempting options 😱

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I really need to do that, but Scarlet is currently checked out of my library until February, but I shall immediately get it when it’s back 🙂

        It’s really unfair, so many new releases, not enough money 😅 Especially when so many people are talking about releases like The Cruel Prince and I’m over here crying xD

        Liked by 1 person

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